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Beachbody Business Trips

cayman islandsI’ve talked quite a bit lately about how I have become Top Beachbody Coach 2010 and how I am passionate about the business, but the one thing that I haven’t talked too much about is all the great trips that we have the chance to go on by being a part of the Beachbody Business.

To briefly explain my story, before I became one of the top beachbody coaches in the country, I was one of those guys who lived paycheck to paycheck, not knowing where I was going to get enough money to pay our rent. Melinda and I struggled every day, but I had a vision to emerge as a the Top Beachbody Coach in the nation, and I even remember sitting down with Melinda and telling her that nothing was going to stop me from reaching my goal. Two and a half years later, through consistent effort and taking positive steps forward every single day, I became the Top Beachbody Coach 2010.

During those two and a half years, I’ve been fortunate enough to win many trips all around the world. The first trip I Pics 063won was from a contest one of my upline coaches held. It was a 7 night stay at the Ritz Carlton in the Grand Cayman Islands, and I won it because of my high sales and amount of personally sponsored coaches I signed up. Let me tell you, it was an absolute dream vacation, and one of the best experiences I’ve ever had! Crazy enough, I won the EXACT SAME trip the following year, but this time took Melinda with me, and I ended up proposing to her while having a private candlelit cabana dinner on the beach. Now that’s one moment that I will never forget, but one that would have never been possible without winning the trip from being a Beachbody Coach.

Dallas Event 017The next trip that I won was a trip to Dallas, and that was for the Success Club Leadership Event. While on that trip, Melinda and I got to experience our first luxury dinner, and for the first time NEVER had to worry about the price! I will never forget the way we both felt, sitting in the restaurant overlooking the city, relaxing, and eating food that we didn’t even know how to pronounce! It was amazing, and something I will never forget.

The next trip that I won that we haven’t even gone on yet is a 7 day cruise to St. Maarten, the Bahamas, and St. Thomas. Because of me being one of the top Beachbody coaches for Success Club, we got a luxury cabin, and our entire trip is paid for by Beachbody. We leave for that trip on March 12th. Not too long after we get back, we head on another trip that I won to Cabo! I just learned that I was in the Top 3 Beachbody Coaches for the month of January, and because of that, Melinda and I get to go to Cabo for a 3 night 4 day stay at Marquis Los Cabos, a 5 star luxury resort. We will make sure we take MANY pictures and video of both these trips and post them when we get back!

There are many perks for becoming a Beachbody Coach, and winning all these amazing trips is just one of them. You just have to have the desire to succeed, help people, be passionate, and be willing to put in consistent effort every single day to reach your goals! If you do these things, there is no reason why you can’t join me on all these trips!

If you’re interested in learning more about becoming a beachbody coach, email me at, and we will set up a call to see if you would make a good fit for our team.

Josh Spencer

Top Beachbody Coach 2010

josh spencer

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