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Beachbody Coaching Business

P90X Coach Josh and MelindaMost people who know me through Beachbody know me as Coach Josh, and the reason is because I’m a full-time Independent Beachbody Coach. My job is to help as many people as possible have the kind of results with Beachbody programs as I did, and I do that by staying in constant contact with the people I coach and answering any questions/concerns that they might have, along with provide support and motivation. I honestly have a dream job because I work where I want, when I want, and don’t have to worry about financial issues! The great thing is that you have just the same opportunity to be as successful as I have with the Beachbody Coaching Business.

Why should you become a Beachbody Coach? Most people don’t quite understand how the Beachbody Coaching Business works or believe that it’s a scam, which is why they never end up joining. First things first, let’s talk about the very low cost of becoming a coach. It costs just an initial $39.95 and then $14.95 per month thereafter. If you’re worried about this being too risky or costing too much, well you don’t have to worry because the only costs associated with the business are the ones I just mentioned above. The $14.95 per month is for the Back Office that Beachbody provides, which keeps track of your sales, personal volume, team volume, and also has a ton of excellent training and archived webinars. You will also get two websites that you can direct people to once they are interested in purchasing a Beachbody product so that you will get the credit.

The greatest thing about this business is that you get the chance to help hundreds or even thousands of people change their lives! From being a coach for a year and 8 months, I have had many people come back to me and thank me for not only helping them get into shape, but also to understand the importance of positive attitude and self-confidence. There is nothing better than knowing you have had a positive impact on someone! Being a Beachbody Coach is very full-filling, and something that you need to experience.

The one concern that I commonly get about the Beachbody Coaching Business is that you will have to go out and sell products. I tell all the people on my team that this is not a sales job, but a business of recommendations. If you want to be successful, you shouldn’t try to sell anything, but rather recommend things that you have tried and have worked for you. The reason I’m so successful is because I have never tried to sell anything since becoming a coach. I talk to hundreds of people each week about products like P90X, Shakeology, Insanity, One on One, the Recovery Formula, etc. because those are the ones I have used and am very passionate about. I have no problem telling these people to try out these products because I already know they work! People sense my confidence in the product and purchase from me.

How do you benefit from being a coach? As a coach, you will earn 25% commission on all Beachbody products, 50% on all Club Membership dues, and cycle bonuses from team sales. That is a very high commission rate, which provides you with an excellent chance to be successful!

Why should you join my team? Like I have mentioned, I am a full-time Beachbody Coach and one of the top coaches in the entire nation. Currently, I’m #1 in the Top Coach contest, and know what it takes to be successful with the Beachbody Coaching Business. By joining my team, you will get excellent training and also have a much better chance at succeeding than joining a less experienced coach. I’m in constant contact with my coaches, and am always sharing different business ideas/philosophies that will help them stay motivated and moving in the right direction.

If you have any questions about starting your own home fitness business and become a Beachbody Coach, then email me at If you’re ready to get signed up on my team now, and you don’t already have a Beachbody account, then click on the button below! If you already have a Beachbody account, make sure you email me first so that we can make sure that I’m your coach and you join my team.

Become a Beachbody Coach


  1. I would love to join the coaching business but it is not available in Europe yet. Once it is ok for europeans to join it (maybe never but I still hope), I’ll join your team.

  2. I will make a post and let you know if and when the coaching opportunity becomes available to Europeans!

  3. I wanna be a coach 😀

  4. Roberto /

    Si hablas español y tienes dudas sobre P90X, Coaching, Nutricion, Ejercicios etc.. puedes comunicarte conmigo al siguiente email;
    (Josh’s Coach Team Member)

  5. Hey man! I just started my 3 round of p90x, I’m loving it so much!!!
    I was thinking of becoming a coach in 1 year when i’ll be more experienced or something like that, but the problem is that I’m from Europe! I heard beachbody was thinking about expanding to Europe, but when can we get some info about this? Do you know when will be able to join beachbody as well?

  6. @Manuel. There are working on expanding internationally, but it’s going to be some time before they do. Keep coming back to this site for updates.

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