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Beachbody Coaching in Canada

Beachbody Coaching in Canada

About 3 years ago there was rumors going around that Beachbody Coaching would come to Canada, and even though it’s taken QUITE A WHILE, that time has FINALLY COME! During the Leadership event I attended last weekend, I learned that Beachbody Coaching in Canada will open OCT. 1st! And yes, that’s this year. There have been SO MANY of you messaging me about this over the course of the past few years, and it’s great to finally give you all some good news. Before you get all excited, though, there’s some VERY important things you should know before you get signed up.

(1) You will be owning a U.S. business, not a Canadian Beachbody business. This is called a “pre-launch,” and the official Canadian launch won’t be until next year sometime. However, you will still be a Beachbody Coach, but operating under the U.S. terms. You can still sell products on your website (you CAN’T purchase product and resell it in Canada) and you can recruit other Canadians to be U.S. coaches. Make sense? Also, once the time does come where the official launch of the Beachbody Business in Canada, there will be an automatic transfer of your current U.S. coaching account to a Canadian account, meaning you won’t have to do anything.

(2) Don’t just sign up with any team. You want to make sure you sign up with a Beachbody team that’s established and has great leaders, a great training/support system, along with years of proven success. My team, Team Next Level, has all of those and some! We are one of the most, if not THE most, successful Beachbody Teams in the country, having coaches on our team winning Top Beachbody Coach 2010 (I won this) and Top Beachbody Coach 2011. We are even on pace of having someone from the team win the Top Coach award this year as well! Also, we have our own training site that you will immediately be plugged into, along with a group page on Facebook for support, accountability, motivation, and communication. Literally you will have everything that you need to succeed, support, training, etc., but of course your success depends on the effort you put into it!

(3) This is a business about HELPING PEOPLE, not selling! This is very important for you to understand immediately. This is such a unique and different opportunity because your success is based on your ability to build relationships with people and truly be in it to make a difference in their lives. The moment you stop focusing on helping others and start focusing on making money, your business will come to a halt. If you’re focused on the right things, and that’s helping people, then you can build a very successful Canadian Beachbody Business!

If you’re ready to become a Canadian Beachbody Coach and build a success Canadian Beachbody Team, or have any questions about the Beachbody Business coming to Canada, email me at I hope you all are excited because I know I am! This is just one more step forward in ending the trend of obesity! Remember, the day it opens is Oct. 1st 2012.

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