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Beachbody Coaching Opportunity: Part 2!

About 3 weeks ago I made a post about the benefits of becoming a Beachbody Coach and how to build a successful MLM business, and since then I have signed up 14 new coaches! WOW! The best part about it is that every one of those people are great people with a super positive attitude and are going to do everything it takes to succeed. THOSE are the type of people that I enjoy having on my team! Anyways, I’m spreading the word about this great opportunity to others, and many people are jumping on board.

Beachbody Coaching is a dream job. Why? I am making excellent money while working at home, spending time with my family, taking as many breaks as I want, helping others, and doing something I absolutely love doing! What is better than that? To think it all started because of me watching a P90X infomercial one night is unbelievable. At that point, I was unhappy with my job, out of shape, and just looking for something to build back up my confidence. Little did I know that 2 years later I would be one of the top coaches in the company and helping thousands of other people get into shape! CRAZY! The great thing is that you have the exact same opportunity as I did. Whether you’re looking for something to earn you a little extra money, or possibly make this a full time job like I did, the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is perfect for you! If you’re looking to help others get into shape and earn some money, I would love for you to join my team!

Why should you join my team? When you are looking to become a Beachbody Coach or start any MLM business for that matter, it’s very important for you to have a successful upline. Why? By joining a team of someone who is very successful, you will be able to learn from that person and he/she will help you grow at a quicker rate than if you would join someone who is just starting out. As a very successful Diamond Beachbody Coach, I know exactly what it takes to succeed, and I will help you learn what it takes to grow your business at a steady rate. I have created my own training program that I put all new coaches through immediately after they sign up, and then follow up with a phone meeting to talk about how to get started. I then try to keep in contact with each coach through phone calls each week or every other week to help them stay motivated and guide them in the right direction, along with provide excellent support to help them succeed. I have a very good relationship with each of my coaches, which I think is very important if you want to build a successful team.

If you are going through or have completed a Beachbody program, and want to continue to take your fitness to the next level, along with helping others get into shape and make some money while doing it, contact me because you are the type of person that I want on my team. You can email me at or send me a message through this site. The Beachbody Coaching Opportunity is an AMAZING one!


  1. Ryan /

    Coach, I don’t wanna be too nosy or anything, but about how much do you make from this?

  2. Josh /

    I’m not going to disclose the exact amount, but this is my full time job and I live very comfortably.

  3. He Josh. How long have you been doing this?

  4. Josh /

    I’ve been coaching for a little over a year and a half. Are you interested?

  5. In about 6 months. I need to get ripped first. Nobody wants to take nutrition and workout advice from a fat guy 🙂

  6. Jonathan /

    Josh, I’m 60 days into p90x and I’ve stubbled across your site. Can you tell me more about the requiremnets to be a coach. I feel everyone should have an opportunity to ” bring it” with p90x.

  7. Josh /

    Hey man! The first thing I want you to do is read over these 3 posts:

    Once you get through those, send me an email at and we can set up a call for me to explain more about the opportunity in detail.

  8. Hi i’m i wanna see the video about earn and also i’m very interested and exited to be a coach can you give some information bye the way i’m french and i from Quebec ! so sorry its my english its not to good :D.


    FrenchMode !

  9. Hey man! Unfortunately, the coaching opportunity has not opened to Canadians yet. However, Beachbody is in the process of doing so. When they do, I will make a post on this site about it!

  10. Man i’m sad 🙁 i really wanna be a coach ! and get active to bring people ! Do you know when , like.. is it soon or its still work on it for the next few year ?

    good bless !


    FrenchMode !

  11. It could be soon, but it also could be more than a year unfortunately. Nobody really knows!

  12. Roberto /

    Si hablas español y tienes dudas sobre P90X, Coaching, Nutricion, Ejercicios etc.. puedes comunicarte conmigo al siguiente email;
    (Josh’s Coach Team Member)

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