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Beachbody Success Club Cruise: Part 2

St. Thomas is a beautiful place, no doubt, but man the cab drivers there are nuts! When we first pulled into the cruise port, the view was astounding. It was a nice, warm, sunny day out, and the sun was hidden behind the mountains because we arrived pretty early in the morning. We were planning on just getting off the boat and booking a snorkeling excursion, but apparently we were supposed to book everything on the boat, so we were stuck, standing there, trying to figure out what the heck we were going to do for the day. Then we heard a few people talk about Magen’s Bay, we hopped on a taxi and headed in that direction.

The taxi drivers there are nuts, I mean really I think they are crazy (almost like St. Maarten cab drivers, but I’ll get to that later)! St. Thomas is this island that has a large mountain smack in the middle of it, and in order to get to the other side, of course you had to drive over the mountain on these twisty, steep roads that had dinky guard rails. These cab drivers like their money, and the faster they can get to the other side and drop us off, the quicker they can pick up someone else and get paid. Remember, we are in this trolly type vehicle that didn’t have doors, but did have a rail you could hold on to. I felt bad for whoever happened to be in the last seat because there were a few times when I thought some people were just going to fly out. After speeding our way up the mountain and back down, taking corners like we were in a formula one race, we arrived to our destination, Magen’s Bay. Precious, sweet land!

Magen’s Bay is a pretty nice beach, if you arrive early enough that is. It’s this stunning bay with palm trees, clear blue water, and a soft sandy golden beach surrounded by mountains on each side. The water was so clear that you can swim pretty far out and still feel comfortable, so Joey Petri and I decided to go for a long swim when we first got there. The water was warm, and the view was nothing short of amazing, so we took our time and swam down the beach. When we got to the other end, we discovered that there were these awesome rock formations that extended all the way down to the tip of the bay entrance, and decided to walk through the shallow water along it and just take in the moment. WOW! It was amazingly peaceful, and the view looking back was something you would see on a postcard. We decided that we had to go back and get the rest of the group (Lindsay Matway, her husband Billy, and Melinda) so they could come back out there with us.

When we got back to the main part of the beach, we couldn’t believe the amount of people that had showed up! Apparently this was the hot spot, and half of the people from every cruise that docked agreed. It was packed! We actually heard that there were over 9,000 people on this small beach. Now whether or not it was true I don’t know, but it wouldn’t surprise me. When we got back to the towels where the women were laying, we decided to go to the beach bar and grab some drinks before we headed back out to where Joey and I were. The guys all got Corona Light’s and the women got either a fruity drink or rum and diet. We chilled in the water for a while, talking about how great the trip was going, and then started walking.

When we got back to where Joey and I were hanging out earlier, we all decided to take some crazy pictures on the rocks and then video us doing the “Jump on It” dance. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to post the video here, but it is on Facebook (, so you’re going to want to make sure you check it out. After hanging out there for a little while, we headed back to the beach and decided to take off back to the ship because the beach was getting a little too crowded.

Later that night Melinda and I got the privilege to eat dinner with the CEO and President of Beachbody, Carl Daikeler and Jon Congdon. We talked about the success of the company and some great things that are going to be coming out here in the new future. After having quite a few glasses of wine, a great meal, and a few good desserts, we decided to head to the casino for a while before we went out dancing for the evening.

Destination #2 completed, #3 St. Maarten coming up next..

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