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How I Benefit

josh spencer and melindaYou all probably already know who I am, but if not, I’m Josh Spencer, and also go by P90X Coach Josh. Most of you might not know this, but Beachbody Coaching is my full time job! It’s Melinda’s as well, which is great because we both get to stay home and spend time with one another, and also be here to watch our baby girl grow up. I feel that this is the best job in the world, but even many of the people that we coach have no idea how we benefit. We answer hundreds of emails every day, helping you all through your fitness journeys, also providing as much support and motivation as possible, because we want you all succeed with getting into the best shape of your lives. That’s our main goal! We enjoy helping you out, but we want you all to understand how we benefit as well.

Since we are your coaches, we earn a commission from any Beachbody products that you purchase through either our sites or by logging into We always appreciate it whenever you all purchase through us, and if you’re one of those people, we want to sincerely thank you! Unfortunately, there are still many people that take advantage of us and want free advice, which is fine because we will still help you, but that doesn’t help us earn a living.

The one thing that most people know about Melinda and I is that we never recommend Beachbody products that we haven’t personally tried or that hasn’t worked for us. The ones that we talk about all the time, like Shakeology, P90X, P90X Plus, Insanity, P90X One on One, the Recovery Formula, Multi-Vitamins, Whey Protein, are all products that we have used and have gotten results with. These products work, and that’s why we try to post other people’s reviews about these products as well. We are truly here to help you all out, and that’s the reason we became coaches!

So if you’re someone that we coach and are thinking about purchasing a substitute product, don’t forget about how we benefit from being your coaches. Like I said above, we really appreciate it when you purchase from us! Also, if I’m not your coach yet, if you purchase anything from this site, I will automatically become your coach and help you through the program. If I’m not your coach yet and you want to make me your coach, you can also click on this link below. It’s free to make me your coach!

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  1. Braden Traub /

    I think this post goes hand in hand with the post you made a few days ago about getting p90x for cheap, or for free.

    I know I personally already have a copy of p90x that was downloaded by a friend illegally and sent to me. I won’t be using this copy though. I intend to purchase p90x through this website.

    I’m taking my weight loss and muscle gain seriously, and I don’t want to cheat in ANY way, be that on my diet, workouts, OR how I aquire my programs and supplements. It makes me glad to know that when I buy my shakeology and p90x from this site, that you’ll be benefiting Josh.


  2. Josh /

    @Braden. I really appreciate that man! Let me know when you have any questions.

  3. A.R. /

    I agree. It feels like cheating if I am not buying beachbody products through this site because already on day 32 in P90X I am seeing great results. And I honestly believe that it is because of Josh’s coaching that I have gotten the results I have thus far, and will continue to day 90 and beyond because I have his support – Someone who is there to answer my questions (and quickly!) and guide me in the right direction to truly achieve my fitness goals. I feel it is the least I can do to purchase my beachbody products through this site so Josh can benefit from it!!! It’s just as easy to purchase on here (easier actually) and the best way I know I can thank Josh for all the work he does for me personally as well as others.

  4. Josh /

    @A.R. Thanks man I appreciate it!

  5. Carl /

    If i make u my coach by clicking the link but i dont purchase a product from the site what happen?

    For you to help us trough the P90x program we have to purchase something? (anything?)

    Just asking, i now its your job and im not trying to sound like u take advantage of us or something like that


  6. Josh /

    @Carl. I will still become your coach. To sign up from the link is free.

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