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Joining Team Next Level

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Most of you who go through a Beachbody program and have gotten results often find that you constantly talk to others about the program you used. Once you know that something works, you automatically want to recommend it to others. The same goes with finding a good doctor, lawyer, dentist, etc. Think about how you found out about your family doctor. More and likely it’s because one of your family or friends recommended him/her to you because of their great service. When I finished my first round of P90X and got awesome results, I wanted to share the program with everyone I knew! I was confident in the product and knew that it could work for anyone, so I felt great recommending it to others. Many people purchased the program because of my recommendation, but I never earned anything for it. That’s when I decided to become a Beachbody Coach. Why not get paid for recommending a product that I’m passionate about? It just made sense. I’m sure many of you have experienced the same thing as well. Why not become a coach?

It’s very cheap to become a coach, with an initial sign up fee of $39.95 and then only $14.95 per month thereafter. If you recommend 1 P90X to someone, you earn 25% commission, which is about $30! You actually earn 25% commission from every single Beachbody product, not just P90X. So, if you sell 1 P90X a month, you just earned $15! Most people who become coaches on my team end up selling much more than 1 P90X anyways. I have been very successful selling P90X and Shakeology because they are both products I have used and am very passionate about, so I recommend them both all the time to people!

Because so many of you have been getting great results with Beachbody products, many of you have gotten on board with the Beachbody Coaching Opportunity and have joined my team, which is Team Next Level. Team Next Level is one of the fastest growing teams in the nation! I’m currently a 2 Star Diamond Coach and #1 in the Top Coach contest out of about 24,000 coaches, and know exactly what it takes to be successful with the coaching opportunity. I have an excellent training program that I put all new coaches through once they sign up, and it contains everything that I have done to be successful to this point in my coaching career. It also contains Beachbody’s Game Plan training, which is excellent as well! Plus, you will have my ongoing support. Once you sign up on my team, you will not be just thrown out there. I will be here to help you through your entire coaching career. You will not find a better opportunity to be successful in this business than with Team Next Level!

If you’re interested in becoming a coach on my team, send me an email to We can either set up a call for me to explain more about the coaching opportunity in detail or I can give you the instructions on how to sign up!


  1. Eddy /

    I wan to be in your team 😀 i gonna move in state ! -_-

  2. Josh /

    I know! I’m frustrated that they haven’t opened it up yet to you guys.

  3. michael /

    what did eddy mean when he said that he could not be an your team.
    what does state have to do with?

  4. Josh /

    Michael, Eddy is from Canada, and the Coaching Opportunity hasn’t opened up to them yet. Currently, it’s only open to people in the US.

  5. Josh /

    Michael, Eddy is from Canana, and the Coaching Opportunity has not opened up to Canadians yet. It’s only open to the US.

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