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My Beachbody Coach Story

Many of you have probably heard my story, but for those of you who haven’t, it’s time that I let you in to my life and what has been happening for the past 4 years. Now, understand that I’ve only been a Beachbody coach for the past 2 and a half years, but 4 years ago was when my life really began to change. Here’s my story on how watching an infomercial changed my life forever..

I graduated college four years ago. I played 4 years of baseball and was very good, very athletic, in great shape from lifting in the gym every single day and all the activity, but as soon as I graduated, my life began to change. Of course, right? I had a rude awakening to the real world, and quickly got a job as a Financial Advisor. Now why a Financial Advisor? I have to back up just a few more years to when I was in high school to explain this. When I was a freshman in high school, I got involved with a program called Big Brothers Big Sisters, which I’m sure most of you have heard of. I’ve always had a passion for helping people, and I figured that there wasn’t a better way to have an impact on someone’s life than to help a young child who has grown up with no support, no direction, and has nothing. After working with him for about 3 years, I felt that I had been able to have a positive impact in his life, and after that I knew that I wanted to have a career where I could help others, and I put my passion of helping others and passion of math together, and figured that there wasn’t a much better career out there than a Financial Advisor. I quickly found out that I was wrong.

Being a Financial Advisor was far from enjoyable. In fact, I could even go as far to say that I couldn’t stand the job,  not because I didn’t feel that anyone could benefit from what I had to offer, but rather because I wasn’t passionate about what I was doing. Stress from my job quickly added up, and my relationships, health, confidence, all seemed to go downhill. I reached a point where I needed a change, and I knew that the first thing I needed to do was boost my confidence back up by getting back into shape. There was an issue, though. I didn’t know exactly how I was going to get into shape! I wanted to find something that was proven to work, but unfortunately, I heard so many conflicting stories on what worked and didn’t work, but that changed late one night while watching TV. Don’t ask me why, but I was sitting there, glued to the TV, watching this infomercial about some program called P90X, and just couldn’t change the channel. I was fascinated by what I saw, and for some reason just felt that this program was for me. Man was I right..

I ordered P90X off the internet, received it about 5 days later along with the pull-up bar, and to make a long story short, went through 90 days of TOTAL commitment, lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat, and literally got into the best shape of my entire life. THIS is what I was passionate about! There is no doubt, I changed my life, and everything that I did, talked about, researched, had to do with fitness. My days in the office as a Financial Advisor became consumed with helping others and talking about P90X, and believe it or not, this was before I became a Beachbody Coach! At that point, I knew that becoming a coach was something that I really wanted to do, but I was so busy with work and surviving financially, that I wasn’t sure if I could manage it. After thinking hard about it, I decided to give it a go because it was something I was extremely passionate about. I didn’t know where it would go, what was involved, or if anything could even come out of it, but there was one thing I was sure of, and that’s that I would be able to impact lives. Little did I know that I was about to make a career change.

Things were really, really tough for me at that point. I was doing Beachbody Coaching as a part time thing, working 12-14 hours with my day job, not having any time to do anything else. On top of that, I was having a tough time finding new clients as a Financial Advisor and I have never told anyone this before, but my pay got suspended because I didn’t reach my quota. For 3 months I didn’t get paid, and it took a major toll on me. I wasn’t sure how I was going to pay my rent, let alone afford groceries and other necessities. When you’re put in that situation, you’re forced to discover a way out, and that’s when I became more serious with the Beachbody Business. From reading personal development books, I knew that I had to find a career that I loved doing if I wanted to become successful, and suddenly I realized that my passion wasn’t with Financial Advising, but rather fitness and helping others change their lives through fitness. I didn’t know how I was going to do it, but I was determined to become a successful Beachbody Coach.

In October of 2008 I quit my Financial Advising job. It just wasn’t for me, and I knew that, so I decided to work part time with my dad and his company called U-Junk-It. When I went to him, I told him that I was trying to build a separate business (Beachbody), and just wanted to work with him part time to get me through so I could pay my bills. 2 months later I met my now fiance, Melinda, and my life changed once again.

Melinda and I became serious very quickly and moved in together after a few months. Things were still extremely tough financially, but we managed to make our way through it by making sacrifices, staying home and eating instead of eating out, and not spending any money on anything that wasn’t a necessity. We really had to watch what we spent, because if not, there is no way we would have been able to pay our bills. At the time, dad’s business really began to pick up, and he needed more and more hours out of me. I needed the money, so I was there when he needed me, which made it tough to focus too much time on Beachbody. In the summer of that year, things started getting a little rough again. I was working a lot of hours with dad and then coming home to work a lot of hours on Beachbody, but we still were having a hard time paying our bills. I was beginning to get frustrated because I knew that there had to be something I wasn’t doing right with the Beachbody Business to still be making the same money I was 8 months earlier. It was a test of our relationship and my belief in the business, but instead of giving up on either, I knew that things needed to change, and I was ready to do anything possible to make that happen. Not too long after, a big turning point came in my life.

We got a one bedroom apartment because that’s all we could afford at the time, and slept on the couch while our daughter slept in our room. There is no doubt that times were tough. I remember sitting on the couch one night, and finally having a serious talk with Melinda about my goals, dreams, and where I thought the Beachbody Business would go, where I felt I could take it, and what I felt I could do financially for the family. I told her I needed her full support because it was going to take many sacrifices, hours, and it could be very stressful on our relationship since I would be spending so much time building it. If she would have told me no, I wouldn’t have continued with the business, but instead, she gave me her full support, and I pushed down the gas pedal and put in 100% effort working towards my goals!

Things began to really change. I was starting to make decent money as a Beachbody Coach, and dad’s business slowed down because of the winter time, so I was able to spend more and more time focusing on the business. Income increased gradually, but nothing substantial because I still was working Beachbody as a part time thing, and then something happened. A freak accident occurred and I broke my hand. It was a compound fracture, I had to have surgery and pins inserted, which put me out of commission from working with my dad for about 4 months. It was a blessing in disguise because during those 4 months I was able to focus all of my attention on being a Beachbody Coach, learning about the business and how to be a successful network marketer and leader. Once those 4 months went by, my business had exploded, and then dad came to me with a question, one that would change the course of my life forever.

U-Junk-It was exploding and dad decided to begin another venture, a document shredding company that was doing great as well, and needed me to make a decision. Before he came to me, I was making enough money as a Beachbody Coach to support my family and I financially, and was going to go to him and tell him that I was going to make that my full time job, but before I could do so, he told me he wanted to me run the U-Junk-It business. He knows my work ethic, determination, drive to succeed, and trusts me enough to take control of the business, and to be honest, he really needed me at the time because he was overloaded with work. He was stressed and I could see that, and I knew how tough it would be without me, his second hand man, there to help. By making the decision to go with him, I knew that I could always do what I always wanted to do, and that’s go into business with my family, or I could go in another direction and do Beachbody full time, and pretty much abandon him and the family business. It was a catch 22 because if I went with dad, I would have to give up the Beachbody business, but if I went with Beachbody, I would have to abandon my family. This was by far one of the toughest decisions in my life, but after sitting down with dad and talking to him for hours, he discovered how passionate I was about Beachbody and helping others and told me to follow my dream. I don’t know of many of people would have said that to their son, but I know that I’m one lucky guy to have such a supportive family.

That was the turning point in my Beachbody career. Now that I was doing it full time, I created new goals, mainly become Top Beachbody Coach 2010 and provide complete financial security to my family and I. Through a year of working many hours, complete commitment to the Game Plan and building my team, learning from other people, being humble and focusing on self improvement, I reached my goal and became Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of over 50,000 coaches here in the United States! On top of that, I had increased my income by about 12X since the previous October, and finally was able to relax financially and enjoy life a little.

Now, Melinda is also a very successful Beachbody Coach, and we are living the life! We both stay home every day with our daughter, have the freedom to do what we want when we want, and are financially independent. Melinda is very close to going into 1 Star Diamond Qualification, and I just entered into 8 Star Diamond Qualification, meaning that I have 8 people on my team that are Diamond coaches! Our goal is to help others change their lives physically with Beachbody programs and financially with the Beachbody Business. We love life, love people, and are so passionate about what we do as Beachbody coaches!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Beachbody Business and joining my team of coaches, email me at


  1. that’s really a great story Josh. It’s people like you and success stories like yours that got me involved with Beachbody. It shows that not everybody starts at the top, but the top is reachable. You’ve got a lot to be proud of and your family has a lot to be proud of

  2. Thank you for not giving up. I can’t and don’t want to imagine where I’d be if you had.

  3. Sara /

    Great story!! I know it has been a true inspiration to me!

  4. Dude this is awesome… there’s nothing else I can say about it. I didn’t know you were entirely put through all that when it comes to your success with the program and coaching, but now I know how much you really have to work as a coach, and for fitness to succeed.

    I hope I can achieve half as much as you have.

    Hats off to you brotha!

  5. @Josh. Thanks bro!

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