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My Beachbody Coaching Experience!

A little over a year ago, I made the decision to purchase P90X after watching an infomercial that was on at about midnight one night. Yes, I was skeptical at first, but after going online and seeing some of the transformations people were making, my skepticism changed over to optimism, and I knew that I was going to change my life! Little did I know that this program was going to change everything about how I lived, including my career!

During my 2nd month into the program, when I was seeing excellent changes in my body, my coach (Barbie) approached me and said that I should consider being a coach. She saw that I was very active on her thread and had a positive attitude about changing my own life as well as helping others. At first I said no because I didn’t think I needed the extra responsibility, and again, was very skeptical about how the process worked. I thought it was another scheme for some company to get my money, but dang was I wrong!

After I finished P90X, I then gave coaching another thought, and told Barbie that I would think about signing up once I got back from my own little personal vacation. You’re probably now thinking, “Wait, you went on vacation alone?” Haha yes I did, and it was to Myrtle Beach for a week! OK, now to get back on track. On vacation, I had some time to think about whether I wanted to coach or not, and decided to weigh the pros and cons, but there was a problem, I couldn’t find anything wrong! The day after I got back is the day I decided to be a coach.

I thoroughly enjoy helping others, and to be able to help others with something that I am very passionate about was a dream come true! I started my own thread and many people joined me, and those people decided to add me as their coach. After the first month, I got my first commission check and was very excited! I thought to myself, “Dang, I am helping others and getting paid for it! Is there anything better than this!?

As each month passed, I started making more and more money, and at about month 4 is when I decided that I was going to really try to grow the business and eventually make this a full time job. I knew that this was an opportunity of a lifetime! Now, 10 months into it, I am spending just about an hour a day and making enough money to pay all of my bills and still have some left over! With the way things are going, I should be able to make coaching a full time job by the Fall of this year!

As I said above, this is an opportunity of a lifetime, and if you are interested in making some extra money, maybe to pay some bills or get back on your feet, and enjoy helping yourself and others get into amazing shape, then coaching is for you. This is a way for you to do something that you love, while making extra money at the same time. Believe me, I love doing this, and it is very fulfilling knowing that I am helping others change their lives! The only regret I have is not doing this earlier!

If you are interesting at all in coaching, email me and i will give you the details! I would love to tell you more about this awesome opportunity! Or just CLICK HERE to become a coach now!

Coach Josh


  1. Josh,

    I am very impressed with your website and with the results you have gotten from the program! I saw a post from you earlier that said it was possible to switch coaches. I have not have any contact with my coach and think that some of your advice could really help me out, especially in the area of nutrition. I would like to get the information on how to switch coaches if you can send it to me.
    I am also interested in becoming a coach soon as well. I am currently in week 10 of my first round of P90X, and after I can gain a bit more knowledge, I would like to give it a shot too! Maybe you can give me some advice on this? I never realized that it was possible to coach and make a living at it! I really would like to investigate that! Any information and help that you can give me would be greatly appreciated.



  2. Do me a favor and send me an email, and I will send you the coach switch information back and give you some information on becoming a coach!

  3. Jay Cisneros /

    I was wondering, is this system good for someone who plays a ton of basketball?

    I love the results and transformations I have seen, but my 100% priority is getting stronger and quicker for basketball. I am very interested in this, I have been doing the Rippetoes routine for quite some time and I have double the amount of time put in, in the gym than anyone on p90x with not even 1/4 of the results.

    If you can provide me with some additional information I would appreciate it.

  4. This is an excellent program for anyone who plays sports. I played college baseball and wish I knew about the program back then. The reason for the great success with P90X is from the “muscle confusion” concept, in which it helps you from hitting a plateau, something that you will usually experience from working out in the gym. It also has to do with the proper diet as well. You can read more about P90X in my blog posts and reviews. You can purchase it from this site as well.

  5. To make me your coach, click on this link:

  6. Josh,

    I signed up at but it automatically assigned me a coach. I would love to have you as my coach. The coach they gave me hasnt replied to a single message of mine. I dont think he even logs on anymore.

    I bought the P90X and Insanity. I have a ton of questions and could really use guidence and advice. If you are still coaching and are able/interested in being my coach please let me know. My name on beachbodies is littlepug.


  7. If you would like to make a coach switch, you simply have to send a one line email to telling them that you want JOSH SPENCER at to be your coach. Make sure to include your FULL NAME and email address and to copy me on the email so I can follow up.

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