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P90X Review

Get RIPPED with P90X!

What is P90X? P90X is an extreme 90 day home fitness program created by famous fitness trainer Tony Horton. Read my P90X Review below.

My P90X Review:

I was one of those guys who was stubborn and believed that I could only get results by lifting heavy in the gym. In fact, I used to go to the gym every day for 4 years during my college baseball years. Even though I quickly hit a plateau, I always believed that I would eventually get beyond it and finally get that amazing 6-pack I had always hoped for. Well, it never came along, and it always left me puzzled why I couldn’t get to that point, and you actually might be experiencing the same thing. That was until I discovered P90X.

When you receive the program, you will get the 12 DVD’s and 1 explanatory DVD, along with a nutrition and fitness guide. The fitness guide shows you when to use each DVD and goes into great detail (100 pages of detail) about each exercise, showing you proper form in both pictures and words. This guide will help you tremendously if you want to go to the gym and do the workouts there. The Nutrition Guide explains thoroughly how, what, and when you are supposed to eat. It’s set up in 3 Phases, starting off with the Fat Shredder Phase, then increasing the carbs for the next two phases to help you build some muscle. I knew I had to commit myself 110% to the diet, and if you want great results, I encourage you to do the same!

You will quickly discover that the first few weeks are brutal!  The workouts are super intense, especially Chest & Back, Plyometrics, and Legs & Back. If you are like everyone else that first begins the program, you’re going to be the most sore you have ever been in your entire life! I know I was!  Even though you will be sore, it’s important that you don’t give up and keep pushing yourself to complete each workout from Day 1 to Day 90. If you’re able to complete all the workouts and follow the proper diet, there is no doubt in my mind that you will see great changes by Day 90!

Now that you have read my p90x review, below is my Day 1 and Day 400 comparison! If you are ready to take the P90X challenge and want to get into the best shape of your life, then click below to try P90X today!

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Who can use P90X? The great thing about this amazing program is that it can suit for multiple needs, whether you are looking to shed that excess fat or add on some mass. There are 3 different versions: Classic, Lean, or Doubles. The Classic version balances cardio and resistance workouts to add on some muscle and get you ripped! The Lean focuses more on cardio, and the favorite among women. Doubles is for you crazy people who want to see extreme results fast! Doubles is the same as the Classic version, but with an added cardio workout on all resistance days! Whether you are skinny and looking to gain mass or overweight and ready to shed the pounds, this program can work for you!

What seperates P90X from other workouts? The secret is an advanced technique called “Muscle Confusion,” which doesn’t allow you to plateau during the entire 90 days! This program puts you through 3 intense phases, focusing on a different set of workouts for each phase, not allowing your body to plateau and for you to get bored! It comes with 12 extreme DVD’s, each working together to get you into the best shape of your life!

Not only will you receive 12 DVD’s, but also a 3-phase nutrition program, a fitness guide, and the “BRING IT” video, allowing you to maximize your results and reach all your fitness goals!

The Complete P90X System Includes..


  • 3 Phase Nutrition Plan designed to help you lose fat while maintaining high energy levels.
  • P90X Fitness Guide packed with valuable fitness information to help you get the most out of your program.
  • “How to BRING IT” video for a quick overview of the complete P90X Extreme Home Fitness training system.

Our Price: $119.85


  1. Josh /

    Not that I’m aware of!

  2. Edward /

    hey josh,
    ive been following the p90x program for 3 weeks now and im seeing results already, but theres one problem, i sleep during the day and work at night. Its tough following a diet for me because i dont know exactly what to eat at night. Usually I have my meal 1 1/2 hour prior to workout, but then once heading to work at 11p.m its mainly water and sometimes fruits. Should i be eating at night time as well? (keep in mind job consist of nightwatch Security nothing stressful)

  3. You need to eat just like you would if you worked during the day. Also, you should look into Shakeology, which is a meal replacement, and can make it easier on you since you don’t have foods to prepare! Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  4. Whatsup man, preciate the info I just had a question, I used to box so I never gained weight, Im 125 and cut but no abs
    What programs and supplements would you reccomend to throw on the xtra muscle fast and shred the abs up?
    Also, have you ever tried force factor?

  5. Josh /

    @jp. What you need to do is check out the “Workouts” section, where you will find 2 posts about gaining mass with P90X. The supplements you will need to look into are creatine, Recovery Formula, and a pre-workout supplement like Jack3d. I have never actually tried Force Factor. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, you can do so by clicking on this link and I’ll be here to help you through the program:

  6. billy /

    whatsup man, what would you say do
    I dont have a huge belly but theres like that baby fat
    basically no abs what program should I use for some crazy abs

  7. Jason /

    Hello Josh,

    What is a good starting resiatnceband level. On the website there is a super kit (20-40lbs) and an extreme kit (40-50lbs) which would you recommend?

  8. Josh /

    @Jason. Really, it depends on how strong you are. If you’re already in pretty good shape, then go with the Extreme Kit. If you’re a workout beginner, then go with the Super Kit.

  9. Josh /

    @Billy. I recommend doing P90X, which is the program that I started off with. If you can commit yourself to both the diet and the workouts, then you will lose the body fat and see results! If you purchase P90X from this site, I will become your coach and be here to help you through the program. Let me know if you have other questions!

  10. mark /

    Hello Josh
    What kind of protein shake do i need if i’m going to start p90x??
    Please let me know about more diet supplements

  11. Jason /

    Thanks for the info. Also is it true you can never plateau from P90X?

  12. Josh /

    @Jason. I wish that was true, but if you do a workout long enough you will hit a plateau. That happened to me on about my 3rd round of P90X. That’s when you add in other programs like P90X Plus, Insanity, and One on One.

  13. Josh /

    @Mark. You can find a list of supplements that I use and recommend in the “Q&A” section. Also, if you haven’t made me your coach yet, you can do so by clicking on this link:

  14. Jason /

    I figured so. I have a set of insanity. In your opinion is P90x Plus a good workout after two rounds of P90x?

  15. Josh /

    @Jason. I like P90X Plus and it’s good to add in with P90X. However, Insanity is a little more intense when it comes to the cardio.

  16. andrew /

    i was just wondering how you gained your mass like a weight gainer or just natural foods??

  17. Josh /

    @Andrew. You can find out how I gained mass with the program by going to the home page and typing in “gain mass with P90X” in the search box.

  18. Jason /

    Hello Josh, have you ever tried Chalean Extreme? It looks like an altered version of P90x targeted moreso for women, is this the case? Would you recommend it?

  19. Josh /

    @Jason. I’ve never tried Chalean Extreme, but I’ve heard it’s a good workout for both men and women.

  20. Jason /

    Hello Josh, I just saw an advertisement for P90X:MC2, do you know when this will be released? Also i know that the development of this program is being done via p90x one on one series, have you tried this?

  21. Josh /

    @Jason. There haven’t told us when the release date will be yet and yes, I have tried the One on Ones and they are awesome!

  22. Steve L /

    Hey Josh,

    I wanted to know which program is best for me. Insanity or P90X? I am out of shape and would like to get rid of the beer belly that I have. I am not looking to gain mass, just get ripped and lose some weight. I don’t have a lot of discipline when it comes to diets or working out, but am willing to spend the money on a program that will help raise my discipline level slightly as well as not bore me with dull, repetitive workout routines.

  23. @Steve. I feel that P90X is the best program because it has a balance of both cardio and resistance workouts, which is important if you’re looking to burn body fat and lose weight. I’ve got all of the programs available on this site, and purchasing from here will make me your coach and I’ll be here to help you through the program.

  24. Hey Josh,

    I’m in Air Force ROTC and we have to work out together as a detachment on monday and wednesday mornings. we usually do lots calisthenics and then running. will doing this in combination with x be bad or throw off the program?

  25. @Dave. No, it won’t be bad. How healthy can you eat in the ROTC?

  26. i mean…thats all up to me. ROTC isnt a stationed branch of the military…its just a program you do when youre at college. its just basically a couple extra classes and work outs.

  27. Travis /

    Josh, am I able to buy the one on one videos through you?

  28. @Travis. You sure can!

  29. Josh, I’ve heard if you buy P90X through a coach you get a couple extra disks that don’t come in the set from beachbody. Is that true?

  30. @Ken. Yeah, that’s true.

  31. Right on, Placing order.

  32. Mr.K /

    Hey josh, i’m interested in p90x and thinking to get one. but the shipping just takes too long to get here. I’m in Melbourne, Australia. I’m going away soon, like in a week. So do you think i can get it in 2 days or so? thank bro.

  33. Josh /

    @Mr. K. I don’t control the shipping bro.

  34. Mike /

    How did you gain so much muscle mass while doing p90X. In fact, when I did p90 I lost muscle mass. How did you do that? Did you have a high protein diet?

    Thank you

  35. @Mike. I gained 15 lbs during my second round of the program, but I made some adjustments to both the diet and workouts as well. Head to the “gaining mass” category on this site and it will show you what I did to gain mass.

  36. Matthew /

    Okay so Josh i have a question. I’m a swimmer and I’m in great shape and I eat healthy as well but right now my team is on our break which is only about 2 weeks but i want to stay in shape for this coming season do you think P90X would be good for me to do?

  37. @Matthew. ABSOLUTELY! If you’re already in real good shape, you might even want to look into P90X2, which is sports focused. Let me know if you have any questions!

  38. Shiv /

    weights are kinda pricey where i’m from, i only got a pair of 10lbs, how can i get the most from p90X with them? i already tried increasing reps,

  39. Josh /

    @Shiv. Have you thought about getting resistance bands? Probably your best route.

  40. Hey Josh. Beachbody gave me a coach already. How do I make you my coach? I’m 5’10, 140 lbs.I want to gain MASS!!

  41. @Wade. To make a coach switch, email and tell them that you want to switch coaches to Josh Spencer, Coach ID 47458. Make sure you include your first and last name! Let me know once you get that taken care of.

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