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Adjusting to Success

Last night was Melinda and my date night, and usually we go to a movie, so we decided to go see Mission Impossible: Ghost Recon. First of all, it was an excellent movie, but for some reason my mind started going in a hundred different directions (like it normally does) towards the end of the movie. There was a part in the end where one of the actors said that there is no way they should have been able to complete the mission and be where they were at that point. Then Tom Cruise said something back about the reason for their success was because they all stuck together and made it happen, even it was ugly at times. They started off with a plan to complete the mission, but that plan changed constantly because obstacles were thrown in their way, things failed that shouldn’t have failed, and situations changed. I really began thinking about how this relates so much to what I have personally gone through in the past 3 years and how this is the formula to success.

There is no possible way that I could have predicted 3 and a half years ago that I would be where I am today. No way. I started off with a plan, but that plan has changed over and over again, allowing me to find success. Like the movie, there were constantly obstacles in my way, people saying I could never succeed, time restrictions, certain situations arising, but no matter what I did, I always focused on moving forward. NOTHING was going to stop me from achieving my goals! Did I know exactly how I was going to get there? No, but I knew I would get there, so I put in 100% effort day in day out, learned from my failures, made adjustments, made sacrifices, changed my plan almost daily. There is a great illustration I came across that someone posted on Facebook a few months back that had 2 lines drawn on it. The first was a straight line that had the word “beginning” on the left of the line and “success” on the right. The next line had the same things written, but instead of a straight line, it was a line that zig zagged, went up and down, even went backwards, but it still ended up at “success.” Below the illustration it said that the first line is what people envision the road to success to be, and that the second line was the actual path to success. This illustration is SO TRUE! The path to success is not a straight line, but more like a line that looks like a bunch of scribble.

I forget what book I was reading a few months back, probably “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson, but there was a section that talked about this as well. Every situation, every circumstance, every person I have met, every failure that I have experienced is what has led me to where I am today. When I started as a Beachbody Coach and was formulating a plan, I didn’t say that on such and such date I was going to meet Jim who would lead me to Polly, a business owner, who would eventually introduce me to Sam who would become the Top Beachbody Coach in the nation (these are all just fictional names) on my team and build a massive team on his own. And I didn’t know that 8 months into the business I would earn a $6 check and be very disappointed in myself, but that was one of the things that forced me to make adjustments and change what I was doing. I also didn’t know that I was going to break my hand back in October of 2009, leaving me with no job and no income, forcing me to focus more attention and time on the business just so that I could support my family (these last 2 are REAL examples, btw). Those 3 months kick started my business and I didn’t even return to my old job because I had created a full time income with Beachbody. I became a full time Beachbody Coach in January of 2010, and ended up winning Top Beachbody Coach out of over 50,000 coaches that year. It wasn’t easy, but I got there.

When you start off with a new business venture, a new workout program, you may think that you know how you are going accomplish your goals, but in reality you have no idea. The important thing is that you constantly focus on achieving and moving towards that goal! You’re going to go through many ups and downs, become unmotivated, become disappointed in yourself, come across people who tear you down, come across others who provide you with new opportunities and new ideas, but going through each of these and making adjustments every day is why you will be able to get to where you want to go. It’s not a straight line, it’s not easy, it’s not something that will happen overnight, but if you keep pushing forward every single day, you will eventually find your way to success! Like in Mission Impossible, it may be ugly at times, but the ugly allowed them to complete the mission.


  1. Josh,
    I really appreciate this article! In my business, I’m currently experiencing exactly what you’ve described. If you look at my line between ‘beginning’ and ‘success’ it currently goes mostly down and backwards. It’s been a much different path than I envisioned. However, in my failures I’ve learned more than I could have possibly imagined.
    Also, it’s nice to see that after six months you were earning a whopping $6. It helps me see that the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t necessarily an oncoming train. Thanks for the guidance!


  2. Reuben Cartagena /

    I totally agree with this post. I am on this road to succeed and many things come up. I started out thinking nothing could get in my way, then found out things could but you just have to find a way around them. Being determined, focused, restless, and committed to your goal gets you there. It’s all a test of strength.

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