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Changing Negative Thinking

There’s no hiding it, I’m a huge believer in positive thinking. I’m constantly talking about it, posting about it on my Facebook page and writing posts about it here on my website. I haven’t always believed in it, though, mainly because I never understood the importance of it. However, that all changed when the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz was introduced to me by my father back when I was a teenager. The book flat out changed my life, and since then I have dug into personal development and recommended it like it’s my job. I understand the importance, and I feel a responsibility to help others understand the importance as well. I went from someone who had nothing but negative thoughts run through my head to someone who thinks nothing but positive thoughts. Looking back, it’s the main reason why I had the success I did during my last 2 years of college baseball and why I’ve been tremendously successful with my Beachbody business. How did I do it? How did I change around that negative way of thinking? That’s what I’m going to share.

When it came to mentally beating myself up, I was the king at it. Negative thinking consumed my life from about age 12 to around 16, and then gradually got better until I was about 21, when I had completely changed my way of thinking. Why would I get so down on myself? Baseball had a lot to do with it. As you all know, baseball is a failure sport. If you get a hit 3 out of 10 times you are considered a great player. The tough thing to swallow, though, is that in order to be a great player you will fail 7 times. How you are able to deal with that 70% failure rate determines just how great of a player you will be. I was the guy who couldn’t deal with the failure, and for about 4 years I gradually saw my batting average drop to the point where I eventually got benched, and that was where I hit rock bottom. Why did it affect me so much? Here’s an example. Whenever I would strike out, instead of forgetting about it and moving on to the next at bat, I let the negative thought of possibly striking out again fill my mind. I let it get to me so much that I would literally fear striking out, which caused me to tense up and then guess what happened? Yeah, I struck out again, and the process continued. I then started believing that I just wasn’t a good player, and when all that adds up, you get a player who constantly beats himself up and begins to not enjoy the game.

The other part of my negative thinking came from being bullied and not having many friends. Interestingly enough, though, when looking back, one of the main reasons why I don’t think I had many friends was because of my negative thinking. Nobody wants to be around someone who’s down on themselves all the time. Anyways, kids at school were brutal. I would sit by myself at lunch, get picked on during intramurals, but nobody ever picked a fight with me because they knew I could hold my own. I had learned karate when I younger from my dad, and I was pretty confident I could hold my own if I ever did get into a fight. Anyways, this constantly happening to me had caused me to sort of wage a war with myself. Was I not attractive? Was I not good enough? Nothing but negative thoughts went through my head. Fortunately, I had a few great friends that were always there for me and helped, but I never really talked about it with them either.

The day I got benched for the first time ever I was crushed and hit rock bottom. I went home, didn’t talk to anyone, and just went upstairs and held my head in my hands. I was miserable and at an all time low. My dad knew what was going on, and came up to my room and tossed a book on my bed and demanded that I read it. It was “The Magic of Thinking Big.” I picked it up and started reading the first few pages, and did that immediately change my way of thinking? Of course not, but I started to understand WHY all these things were happening to me. I read that book every day and started applying some of the exercises it recommends and wouldn’t you know, each day I got better and better with my negative thinking. Whenever a negative thought would pop in my head, instead of letting it consume me, I remembered the book and turned that negative thought into a positive one. For example, when I would tell myself I “can’t” do something, I immediately turned that into “can.” Every day I sort of trained my mind, so to speak, to switch these negative thoughts into positive ones, and wouldn’t you know, my life began to improve little by little. My relationships got better, the bullying stopped, I started making a lot more friends, and my baseball game started improving.

Over the course of years of doing this, I had eventually trained my mind to only think positively. No longer did negative thoughts rule my life! I was happier, a LOT less stressed, and actually enjoying playing baseball again. I ended up getting a scholarship to play ball at a local college and wound up winning top regional and national awards my junior and senior years in college. After college, I literally had insurance firms battling back and forth to get me to join their company, and I did join one, but discovered quickly that I was selling myself short and that’s not where my passion was. I decided to start my own fitness business (Beachbody Coaching) and build it from the ground up. I knew that I could make it successful, and that’s exactly what I have been able to do. Now, I live with complete freedom and ENJOY LIFE!

People underestimate the importance and POWER of positive thinking, and hopefully I was able to get the point across in this post. Remember, changing your negative thoughts to all positive ones are not going to happen over night, and it will take years and years of good habits and digging into personal development every single day. If you struggle with negative thinking, feel free to reach out to me and talk to me about it. I am MORE THAN WILLING to help you out however I can! Just email me at


  1. Mason Irby /

    Hey Josh,
    Just wanted to say that I love this post, I never see much activity on this site anymore. Maybe everyone looks at your new site now, idk. But I still check this site for any new posts and love them. I have been struggling with negative thinking lately and needed a “Pick Me Up” or “Pep Talk” so to speak. Just wanted to say thank you for all that you do and have done and congratulations on all of your success with Team Beachbody.

  2. @Mason. Yeah, I’m trying to build up my new site and am posting over there a few times per week. As always, let me know if there is anything you need help with!

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