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Chris’ P90X Transformation!

For all of you on the fence about purchasing P90X, there is no need to be on the fence any longer because this is a program that is proven to work! Where’s the proof? If I’m not enough proof, let’s look at Chris’ P90X transformation. Chris, who started P90X completely out of shape, committed himself do both the diet and workouts and completely changed the way he looked in just 90 days. Chris is a prime example of what this program can do for you! It’s transformations like his that show just how great Beachbody workout programs really are. Take a look at his P90X before and after pictures..

Chris P90X Transformation

Yeah, that’s the same person! I can just imagine the reactions of friends and family members of his if they haven’t seen him in 6 months, if they even recognize him at all! He has become a walking billboard for P90X! Chris, congrats man on all your success!

Click here to learn more about Chris’ P90X transformation story!


  1. way to go chris, that is the way to bring it. I am on my third day of p90x i am similar to how you looked before p90x. what are some things you did to get there. Obviously diet, classic or double, additional cardio? once again way to go! BRING IT P90XXXXXX

  2. Gonzalo /

    Fantastic Job!!! Truly inspirational

  3. @Galen
    Thank you, I did the P90X Classic for a total of 180 days. I didn’t incorporate any additional cardio or heavy lifting in my routine. Just P90X and a perfect diet.

  4. Hey Chris,

    What was your weight/height/body fat on day 1 compared to day 90 and 180?

  5. Nice work man..just curious, this pic from 180 days after starting? How big was your transformation from the 90 to the 180?

  6. @ Marc
    I was 176 Lbs on day 1
    I was 153 Lbs on day 90
    After an increase from 2000 to 3000 calories for the last 60 days my my second round of P90X (wanted to add size), I was 156 Lbs on day 180

    I’m 5’7″. I have never been very accurate at determining my body fat percentage. My best guess would be around 18% at the start of P90X and somewhere around 10% on day 180. Again, that’s just a rough estimate

    @ Jeff
    My YouTube video shows my day 90 compared to my day 180 picture. You can access it by clicking my name or this link

  7. Peter /

    45and out of shape.Just ordered P90X on line. I’ve seen lots of utube
    and info on tv, but meet someone on the weekend. Can’t wait till it
    gets here.

  8. Did you order the program from this site?

  9. Cody A /

    Way to go Chris, I started April 5th and I am in my first recovery week. I started at 232 lbs I now weight 227 however I look like I have lost a good 15lbs or more, gained tons of muscle in my legs, back, and chest. I plan on doing 90 days, then 2 weeks of regular weight training then starting P90X again and subbing in the P90X + videos. I am doing the P90X program with all bonus rounds, and all cardio programs, with also adding 5 days a week of 30 mins on my Precor elliptical machine, and of coarse following the diet to a T.( my only vise is a cup of Coffee in the morning with fat free dab of milk and Splenda and a Tea spoon of coco, other then that everything is by the book text book. I just do not function well without my coffee or sugar free tea since I cut sodas out a month ago.

  10. Rudy /

    Hey bro your results are amazing and I wanted to know if you did the classic because that’s what I want to do but I can’t even do a single push up or pull up

  11. Rudy,

    Don’t worry about not doing being able to do a pull-up or even a push-up for that matter. Just show up every day and try. “do your best, forget the rest”

    Three years ago I was forty and 230lbs at 25+% body fat. I lost two inches off my neck in the first two weeks. I watched what I ate but didn’t do the diet. I would recommend you do!

    Toward the last 30 days I did doubles (sort of) I did 20 minutes of some kind of cardio extra either in the morning or at night with at least a few hours in between doing P90X.

    I ended up around 180 but more importantly around 12% body fat.

    It kept me in shape for a long time by just doing partial workouts 3 times a week.

    I sort of got away from doing the right things and I am starting another 90 day go around. I recommend getting a gym membership when down and mix P90X into go old fashion weight lifting and Interval training.

    BTW: I can literally do hundreds of push-ups and not too bad at pull-ups either now!

    Show up and stick with it, no matter how little you feel you are doing.

    Other pointers: You may want to take glucosamine and maybe an alieve every day. Sometimes your joints and connective tissues take a little longer to catch up to your muscles. I Recommend the recovery drink too.

    Start slow with AbripperX… you need to be able to get out of bed the next day.

    Modify the program if needed (but not too much). Example: If you are so sore from Plyometrics on Legs/back day you may want to do XStretch.

  12. Can someone tell me how does this program cost and if it does how much is it?.I want to change in like 90 days and by seeing this the transformation I’m more expired in fact properly going to start tomorow.

  13. @Tom. The program is $119.85.

  14. Thank you I don’t mind paying that if it changes like bloke in the picture but thanks man anyway I’ll think about it does work is it like a DVD or something can someone tell me more pleaseeee.

  15. Where can u buy this two ? Can u buy it from this website or what can someone tell me more pleaseeee.

  16. I still can get other the body transformation worked ur ass on good job man.

  17. @Tom. It’s a DVD, and you can purchase it from this site if you’re from the U.S. or Canada.

  18. did you take any additional supplements (whey, creatine, etc.)?????

  19. @Ethan – I believe Chris took whey protein.

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