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Dealing With Adversity

I wanted to take a little bit of time and talk about something that I have personally been going through recently, and that is dealing with adversity. Each and every one of us have gone through times that have tested our ability to overcome obstacles that seem to block our path to success. Some of us respond differently than others: we either crumble and allow the adversity take us over, or we stand up, accept that adversity is a part of life, and we fight it.

So what am I talking about? Recently, I had a serious problem at work that I have had to deal with. There are two options: I can either give up and be down on myself, or I can stay strong and adapt to the situation. This is where most people fail, they don’t know how to deal with these kinds of things and give up on themselves. But most of you know the kind of person I am: one that NEVER quits and works hard to accomplish every goal. I WILL get through this, but it will take some serious hard work and dedication on my part, which, again, is something I am accustomed to. All of my coachees know how much hard work and dedication I put towards my workouts, and I am the exact same way with my job.

How does this relate to working out? Every day, there is something that each of us go through that might hinder or even stop us from completing our workouts or stray from our healthy eating. What might they be? It could be time constraints, temptations, family functions, all sorts of different things. I know there has been many times that I don’t even get home from work until about 10 pm, and do you think I want to workout? Heck no, but I will find the time to do it anyways. I deal with the obstacles that seem to be in my path. I have the determination to succeed, and that’s why I have had the success I have had so far in my life. What are some other things? I know every one have you have already reached at least one day that you are completely exhausted, and just don’t have the energy to push yourselves through an hour and a half of Yoga or a brutal Chest/Back/ARX workout, but those of you who did will find great success at the end of 90 days, and those who just said, “I’ll just take a break today,” won’t find themselves as successful as the others. A sudden injury that might knock you out of commission for a while with your workouts is another example. Those who continue to eat healthy and maintain a positive attitude will recover quickly and get right back on track, but those who get down on themselves and let themselves go with their diet struggle, and most of the time, never return to the workouts. Learn to adapt to and overcome adversity, and you will succeed not only with your workouts, but also with your personal lives and jobs as well.

Remember, BELIEVE you will succeed, and your mind will pave the way for you to do it!



  1. Dustin /

    This is really good stuff, you should think about writing a book, i would definitly buy it. You inspire me man.

  2. Thanks man! I have thought about it, but just can’t find the time to get anything started. I’ll keep posting things like this though.

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