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Dream Destroyers

Most of you know I’m a firm believer in personal development books. In fact, I feel that everyone should spend at least 20 minutes reading a personal development book every single day. When I think about how far I’ve come in life in terms of success with my relationships, career, my health, one of the biggest factors in helping me get to this point has been personal development books. The first personal development book that I ever read was called “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David Schwartz, and it allowed me to start accepting failure, dream big, and believe that I can accomplish anything that I set my mind to. Because of that book I was able to win numerous awards during my last few years of college baseball, was able to graduate college with a great degree and begin a  job immediately as a Financial Advisor, and then eventually go on to accomplish tremendous achievements as a Beachbody Coach, such as Top Beachbody Coach 2010. I dreamed big, and wasn’t going to let anything get in the way of achieving my dreams. However, that doesn’t mean that there weren’t people always trying to crush my dreams, because believe me, they were surrounding me and buzzing in my ear like annoying little gnats! Everywhere I looked and turned, there were people telling me I can’t do this, can’t do that, but fortunately I learned why these people do that they do, and was able to ignore them and move forward.

Today I just started reading another book by David Schwartz called “The Magic of Getting What You Want,” and in the first chapter he focused quite a bit of time on what he calls “dream destroyers.” What are “dream destroyers?” They are negative thinking people who laugh at others for thinking big, tearing down their dreams, and claim to have “proof” that the dream is unattainable. These type of people make me sick, and people I have no respect for. For example, I occasionally have teenagers emailing me, asking for advice on how to lose weight and become healthy. They are extremely excited about it, but as I come to find out, they are in it alone because the parents don’t want to support any of it. In fact, they laugh at the child for wanting to change his/her diet, wanting to work out every day, and try to do everything possible to make it impossible for the child to succeed. I’ve even heard stories of friends and family ordering large pizzas on purpose and eating it right in the child’s face just to ridicule him or her. Shame on them. Lucky for them, they don’t live close to me because if they did, I’d be paying them a visit and letting them know just how sad and childish it is to do what they are doing to their child, shooting down their goals and dreams of living a healthy lifestyle and improving their way of life. Way to be great parents! Luckily there are children out there who are able to be independent and think on their own, but it’s very rare, and whenever I do get emails like that, I do everything I can to explain why their parents are doing what they are doing.

And then there are those who say to others that they lack education, are too young, or don’t have the necessary capital it takes to begin their own business and be successful at it. Are you serious? When I think back to when I first became interested in the Beachbody Coach Business, I can’t tell you how many people told me that I was too young, didn’t know what I was doing, didn’t have enough experience to build a successful business, didn’t have enough money, and how I was getting involved with a “pyramid scheme.” These people were going to do everything possible to “prove” that my dreams of owning my own business and becoming a highly successful network marketer were in fact just that, dreams, unattainable dreams. Luckily, there were still some people who did support me, like my parents, and because I had the proper mindset from reading “The Magic of Thinking Big” and because of how they raised me, I knew how these people functioned and was able to stay on the right path to success. I joined up as a Beachbody Coach back in July of 2008, starting with barely any money in my bank account, at age 23, with absolutely no education in the area of health and fitness, and I was able to win Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of over 50,000 coaches in the U.S., and was able to increase my income over 11X in the course of 3 years. Why? Because I believed, stayed focused, ignored the “dream destroyers,” and worked hard every single day to accomplish my goals and dreams for my family and I. I wasn’t going to allow these people to bring me down.

I could go on and on with this post, but the most important thing to understand is that there are always going to be people who will try to destroy your dreams and goals. The best thing you can do is ignore them and do your best to surround yourself with people who do support everything that you do, whether it’s with your fitness, career, or relationships. I’m a firm believer that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to, just as long as you believe you can accomplish it! Some of the most common things you’ll hear from these “dream destroyers” are “You don’t have enough education,” “you’re too old,” “you’re too young,” “you don’t have enough money,” and “you haven’t got the time.” It’s all bull crap! Ignore everything that these people say, smile, and always believe that you can reach for the stars.

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  1. Very inspiring words Josh. I edited those negative people out of my life and it frees you. You don’t realize how much they are dragging you down until you dont have them around anymore.

  2. I live by this! I have deleted negative people from my life and try my best to have a positive attitude always. The best defense to criticism (when told you CAN’T do something) is to say “just watch me”. There is satisfaction in success : ) Great article Josh!

  3. “Lucky for them, they don’t live close to me because if they did, I’d be paying them a visit”…well I’d be afraid if I were them! Great post, and reminds me of when I first started and my mom was so cynical…now she does P90X too! Along with my 4 brothers, my dad, and about 30 of my friends! The ultimate victory is turning the dream destroyers into dreamers!

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