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Effort Determines Success

Lately I’ve come across many people who complain about not being successful, but yet don’t want to put in the necessary effort to achieve success. Success will never be handed to you, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. If you talk to any millionaire, with the RARE exception of a tiny percentage who were born into it, they will tell you that hard work is one of the keys to success, and in the beginning they were putting in countless hours, making sacrifices, so that they could get to where they are today. Success is not EASY, but attained by putting in HARD WORK on a consistent basis.

You will never find true success in life by doing just what needs to be done. You have to go above and beyond that, pushing yourself far outside your comfort zone if you want to be able to get to that next level. Understand that success can mean many different things. It could be financial success, relationship success, health success, etc., but when it all comes down to it, you have to work hard on a consistent basis to achieve each of these. With financial success, if you are working as hard as everyone else, you’re going to make as much as everyone else, but if you are working 25% harder than everyone else, guess what, you’re going to make 25% more than everyone else. Make sense? Your income is in direct proportion to your effort level. The same goes for getting into great shape. If you are eating unhealthy, not working out, you’re going to quickly fall out of shape, but if you eat healthy, push yourself outside your comfort zone and work out when you don’t want to work out, and do this on a CONSISTENT BASIS, over time you will find that you will become healthy and get into excellent shape. On top of that, if you’re able to push yourself during the workouts, maybe getting 3-4 reps after you don’t feel like you can get any more, you can speed up the success process and get into UNBELIEVABLE shape!

Let’s take my life, for example. I’m 26 years old, in the best shape of my life, and have established complete financial security for my family and I. However, go back 4 years and I was 25 pounds heavier, out of shape, and living paycheck to paycheck with $50 in my account at a time. There were times where I wasn’t sure how I was going to be able to pay my rent, car payment, and sometimes even groceries. Just a few years ago my wife and I were living in a one bedroom apartment and sleeping on the couch every day just so our daughter could sleep in the one room that we did have. Life was tough, but we did what we needed to do to make it through. However, I couldn’t accept mediocrity. It literally ate at me every day, and I finally got to the point where I made the decision to change. First came my health. I searched for something that could help me get back into shape, to increase my confidence once again, and came across a P90X infomercial. I knew it was the program for me because of how they advertised it as hard to do. I have always worked hard with everything that I’ve done, and once I commit, I go at it 100%, not letting anything get in my way, and that’s exactly what I did with P90X. After committing myself to BOTH the workouts and the diet EVERY DAY for 90 days, not skipping a workout or cheating on the diet once, I got into the best shape of my life. It was hard, but I did it.

Shortly after, the opportunity to become a Beachbody Coach was presented to me. At first, I didn’t want anything to do with the actual business side of it and just joined to help others, but I quickly found out that there was an opportunity to make it a full time career. When that realization hit, that’s when I hit the ground running. After putting in many hours, I was able to make it my full time job in January of 2010. That same year I created a goal to win Top Beachbody Coach 2010 out of over 50,000 coaches, and after putting in at least 14 hours a day, making many sacrifices, and moving forward with my business every single day, I was able to accomplish that goal. If I wanted to be better than everyone else, I knew I had to work harder than everyone else. Now, like I said above, I no longer have to worry about financial issues, and in fact, we just bought a new house, and I have created both time and financial freedom for my family and I. We are living the dream, all because we have put in the necessary work to get here.

Before I end this post, there is one more example I want to talk about, and that’s my baseball career. When I first started playing travel ball when I was 12 years old, I wasn’t the best athlete on the field. Sure, I was athletic, but looking back I felt like I was an average player at best. In order to become above average, though, my parents taught me that I needed to work twice as hard as everyone else on the field, so that’s exactly what I did. I took batting lessons each week, hit 1,000 balls off the tee every single night, got up at 5 AM to take ground balls and fly balls in an indoor facility, just so that I could improve my game. I went above and beyond what everyone else was doing, and that’s why I progressed at a quicker rate than them and eventually passed many of them up. Here’s an interesting story. One day while at a hitting camp, the instructor asked us to raise our hand if we could hit 50 balls off the tee without hitting it once. Out of the entire group, one kid raised their hand, and it was me. Surprised, he called me up and told me to show him, so that’s exactly what I did. I hit 50 balls off the tee without hitting it once. Impressed, he then told me to close my eyes and hit another 50 off the tee without hitting it once. I did it. Even more surprised, he told me to turn around to the other side of the tee and hit left handed. Now me being the one surprised, but confident, I did exactly what he told me and switched to the other side, hitting off the tee without hitting it once. He then told me he was going to turn me into a switch hitter. The only reason he had me do so was because he knew that I would work extremely hard every single day to get where I needed to be to become a switch hitter. After hitting thousands and thousands of balls off the tee from both the right and left sides, I became a switch hitter, and eventually turned into a complete left handed hitter my junior and senior years in college (I got a scholarship to play). When it was all said and done, I won national, regional, and conference first team honors my last 2 years of college.

I wanted to share my stories because I wanted to show you all that in order for me to achieve success in everything I’ve done, I’ve had to work EXTREMELY hard at it! Nothing came easy, but with consistent hard effort every day over a period of time, I was able to accomplish many great things. Remember, if you do what everyone else is doing, you will be like everyone else, but if you go above and beyond, you will take your success to the next level. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses, dig deep within yourself, push far outside your comfort zone on a daily basis, and maintain a positive attitude and you will not believe what you can achieve!



  1. Great post Josh, you are a true example of someone I look up to and I remind myself daily that I must push myself more with everything I do.

  2. Thanks man!
    Congrats on the success (and the house!)

  3. As always words of true inspiration! Thanks Josh!

  4. Trevor /

    I fully agree with you Josh, great post. It seems you have truly found your calling. And how great is it to be able to help so many others on their way?!

  5. @Trevor. That’s the best part about it bro! It’s all about changing lives.

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