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Giving Up Too Early!

As I was browsing Facebook the other day, I came across a picture of 2 cartoon characters digging through a mine. The first one had his pick in his hands and was still digging his way forward, hoping to find the diamonds that would make him rich, and the other was carrying his pick and walking away. What the second character didn’t realize that just a few more minutes of digging would have led him to millions of dollars worth of diamonds. He was just minutes away from changing his life, but instead he gave up too early.

When I saw this post, it really made me stop and think about how much this relates to people looking to get into great shape or become successful with a new business venture. I’ve been a Beachbody Coach for almost 3 and a half years now, and one of the most common things I witness is people giving up way too early. You’ve heard it before, but patience IS a virtue and is a key to success, but on top of that, you have to put in hard work, experience failure, learn how to adjust, and ALWAYS push forward! Your life is in your hands. You can change if you want to. It just takes some hard work and persistence on your behalf! No matter what, you can NEVER give up!

It’s interesting to watch the process of people starting P90X or even those in my P90X Challenge Groups. They look forward to day 1, can’t wait to get started, have never been this excited and so determined to accomplish something in their ENTIRE life, and have convinced themselves that NOTHING is going to stand in their way! They push through the first workout, Chest & Back, and suddenly reality hits them that this isn’t going to be easy. They might throw up, they WILL be sore for the next week and a half, but they are still motivated to continue through the entire 90 days, or so they thought. They finish week 1, sore as heck, and are still motivated, but not as much as when they started. Their desire to workout might be less than the previous week, but they still push through the workouts. 2 weeks roll by, they are still ridiculously sore, but now they are starting to get discouraged. Why? They feel they aren’t getting results quick enough. “Am I doing something wrong?”, “Does this even work?” starts going through their heads. They are tired, frustrated, start forming excuses to justify the reasons why they shouldn’t continue through the program. “The diet’s too hard,” “I don’t have the time,” “Skipping one workout isn’t going to hurt me,” “I can’t afford healthy food,” “I probably shouldn’t work out when I’m sore,” are all excuses that run through their minds, helping themselves feel better for what’s to come, and that’s for them to go back to their old lifestyle. For the next few weeks, they might commit 70%, but then it drops down to 50%, then 25%, until the point where they stop everything, go back to living unhealthy, feeling insecure about themselves once again. I know this happens because I witness it on a daily basis! What these people didn’t know was that another 2-4 weeks of committing themselves 100% and they would have started seeing steady results, but instead, they gave up too early.

The problem with our nation is that we live and thrive on instant gratification. Look at fast food. Why do people eat it even though there are studies showing they it’s absolutely TERRIBLE for you? It’s quick and easy to get. It’s convenient, right? The same goes for getting into shape. Everyone starts a program thinking that they will magically go from a sumo wrestler to an Abercrombie model in 2 weeks. I’ve got news for you, it doesn’t work that way! Results with fitness take consistency and hard work day in and day out! It involves pushing forward when you don’t feel like pushing forward anymore, working out when you’re tired, eating healthy even though every single person around you is eating greasy pizza, NOT MAKING EXCUSES, ADJUSTING when you hit a plateau, and truly believing that you can accomplish your goals! Who cares if it takes you a year to achieve what you want to accomplish, as long as you get there right? It absolutely baffles me to watch people go through the process of starting a program, losing motivation, and quitting within the same month. What they don’t understand is that the diamonds, their ideal fitness level, is right in front of them, and all they had to do was just push forward a little longer.

What about business ventures? The same is true. I’m a successful Team Beachbody Coach. I won the Top Beachbody Coach award in 2010, was #4 in the nation this past year, and have been an Elite Coach for the past 2 years, and it’s interesting to watch so many people join this business because they feel that they can get to where I’m at in a month. They believe that they can go from struggling financially to making a six figure income in a 3 month time span, but it doesn’t work that way. It was a process to get to where I’m at today. It was hard, I struggled at times, I had to make constant adjustments, I had to do research, I had to find the best way to make this business work for me, I had to put in many, many hours, but you know what, I was PATIENT and knew that if I pushed forward every single day, if I continued to dig my way through the tunnel, the diamonds would be on the other side. After years of 100% effort day in and day out, I was able to reach my goals. I wasn’t focused on instant gratification because I knew it didn’t exist.

If you think that there is a such thing as instant success, it’s time to throw it out of your head. If you’re in the process of changing your health, make sure you commit yourself every single day to a health diet and working out, and over a period of time you will be able to reach your goals, I PROMISE! If you’ve just started your own business venture, or maybe decided to become a Beachbody Coach, and are struggling to get your business off the ground, if you continue to push forward every single day, make adjustments, learn from your failures, over time you will little by little begin to experience success, until you get to the point where your business explodes! Don’t allow yourself to be that person who gives up when you are just a stones throw away from achieving success.

If you’re going through P90X or any other Beachbody program and want to make me your coach, want to learn about my Challenge Groups, or if you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to email me at


  1. Oh boy! This was me. I’ve attempted P90x umpteen times since early 2010. I never made it past week 2. I finally took it down a notch and did Power 90 for 60 days and dropped 9 lbs. I got content as I got back to my previous clothes size. Now, I’m getting ready to do Power 90 all over again since I prefer shorter workouts. But, you’re right. You have to push through. Our mind gives up faster than our body.

    Awesome post and I’m glad I found your blog!

  2. hey josh, got a few questions for ya.
    first off, im 5’9 and i weigh 165lbs. im 24. i started p90x monday and im on the fat shredder phase. So am i supposed to be eating 1800 calories a day? also, so far ive been eating about 150 grams of protein a day and about 100 grams of carbs(complex) and around 40 grams of fat(mainly from my peanut butter and canola oil). do i need to eat more protein? also when will i start seeing my body fat specifically around my chest are start to diminish? i cant seem to get rid of the fat around my chest. please get back to me, thanks, nate.

  3. @Nate. Hey bro! Before I get to your questions, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here’s the link to do so:

  4. well when i got on beachbody(which was recently) they assigned me a coach, so im not sure how to switch. i definitely will if i can tho, so let me know, nate.

  5. @Nate. All you need to do to make a coach switch is email and tell them that you want to switch coaches to Josh Spencer, Coach ID 47458. Make sure you include your first and last name, and then let me know when you make the switch.

  6. ok, i just sent them an email requesting a coaching change.

  7. @Nate. Great! Let me know when you have any questions!

  8. alright i have some things i wanna get cleared up. Ok, so im 5’9 165lbs ands at about 13% body fat. Im starting p90x today so ill be on the fat shredder phase. Should i be eating 900 calories from protein and 450 each from carbs and fat?

  9. scratch that, im probably like 15% body fat

  10. @Nate. That’s correct!

  11. id like to give you an idea of what ive been eating on a daily basis, just to make sure im on track.

    breakfast- herbalife protein shake with serving peanut butter and a banana OR egg whites and whole grain cereal with a bowl of fruit.

    snacks mid morning and midday- tuna packets(water added) beef jerkey, apple, low fat string cheese…stuff like that

    lunch- either grilled chicken, salmon, or lean turkey breasts, with some veggies…same goes for dinner usually.

    after my workouts i make a shakeology.

    now this is a typical day for me, usually mon-fri when im bust. the weekends ill mix it up a little. now i have been eating the right amounts of protein/carbs/fats in this diet.. i get most my fat from my peanut butter and canola oil.
    this diet seem alright to you?

  12. @Nate. What I want you to do is log all that into and then let me know the amount of calories that is and the nutrition breakdown of fat/carbs/protein.

  13. ok i did that. i said my goal is to weigh 152 lbs and with all the calories i burn a day, it said id lose 2 lbs per week and be at me goal weight by like march 25th or tsomething. but it’s telling me to eat 1680 calories a day. 231g from carbs. 56g from fat. and 63g from protein. is that right if im wanting to burn fat in the first phase of p90x? say the first month?

  14. i think i added in a lot of cardio and said i wanted to be 15 lbs less in weight then i am right now, but obviously if im doing p90x and am currently in the fat shredder phase then i should be eating tons of protein. if im being honest tho, i havent been eating but maybe 120 grams of protein a day over the last 10 days or so. it’s so damn hard to eat 900 calories worth of protein.

  15. @Nate. That’s still low man. I would try to get in at least 1,800 cals per day.

  16. @Nate. It’s tough but important!

  17. I’ve currently started insanity last week. Today is the start of week two, i started to notice minor results as my stomach looking a little better and my chest getting a little developed. I just wanted to know like will it take a full two to three weeks to actually notice more dramatic results?

  18. @Rudy. It takes TIME and EFFORT every day to experience results! Be patient, follow the diet and the workouts, and you will continue to see results. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, make sure you do so that I can be here to help you through the program! Here’s the link:

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