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I Love It, But I Hate It: P90X Obstacles

For those of you who haven’t yet heard the phrase, “I love it, but I hate it,” don’t worry, you will be repeating this time after time if you are beginning the brutal 90 day program called P90X! This phrase has become rather common among the Beachbody community, and you can thank the X for that one. P90X is by far the best fitness program out there to get you into the best shape of your life, but there is a reason for that. It is called HARD WORK! The “..hate it” part of the phrase is what most people struggle with. So why are people saying this so much? Well that’s what I’m here to explain.

There is no going around it, this program is probably the HARDEST fitness program you will ever go through. You have to do things you are not comfortable with doing, and that’s why people get the results they do. Below are some of the obstacles that many of you will face when going through the program.

(1) THE DIET! I wish I could put little devil horns above that, but I’m not too sure how to. Most, if not all of you just starting the program will have to COMPLETELY change your diet, and if you don’t, you will fail. It takes someone with great mental toughness to be able to do this. This means you can no longer eat the things you all love, like cookies, cake, ice cream, candy bars, and french fries. Again, if you can’t, then forget about getting great results. End of story. BUT if you can remain strong and commit yourself to a new healthy lifestyle, then success is just 90 days away!

(2) TIME. Yes, you have to work out every day, and no, you can’t skip days. Many people don’t like the fact that you have to work out for at least an hour a day. Well I have news for you people, commit yourself to the daily workouts or get “below average” results. The choice is yours. I don’t know about you, but I am not “below average,” and never will be in anything I do. Did you all see my results? Abnormal? Yes. Why? Because I committed myself and pushed harder than most people know how to. Yeah, we all work late, and yeah, we are sometimes completely exhausted from work, but the person who can go home at 10 pm who is completely worn out from the long day at work and workout is the person who is going to get unbelievably ripped in 90 days. That person has the DESIRE to succeed, and that’s what it takes. You have to have that burning desire inside of you in order to get maximum results from this program!

(3) TEMPO. Keeping up with Tony and the gang is pretty close to impossible when just beginning this program, and many of you have and will get discouraged when this happens. Have you seen the people on these DVD’s? They are friggen RIPPED! I am fine with telling you all that I had to pause it about 6 or 7 times during the first ARX. I’m not ashamed at all! It just showed me that I had a lot of room for improvement. Now where am I? I can complete ARX with no problem, and even do 10 reps more on every exercise along with weights. As you progress through the program, the easier it will be to keep up.

(4) PHYSICAL STRESS. There’s no going around it, you will be completely sore and exhausted after week 1 and 2. You have to remember that the body is not used to this type of physical activity, and the soreness is its way of saying, “I’m good, just adjusting to the new workouts.” This is the time when most people quit the program because it just isn’t “worth it.” These are the people who will struggle with everything they do, not only with their fitness level, but everything in life, because they lack the personal drive and confidence to succeed. It takes a strong willed person to complete this program, as I have mentioned many times before. Even though you are completely sore and exhausted, you owe it to yourself to continue on! P90X has changed my life in every way possible, and I know it will do the same for you.

If you are currently struggling with the program, email me and I will help get you back on track! If you are looking for that extra motivation and need coaching, I am here to do that as well.

Coach Josh


  1. I’m on day 3 of my first week…this was just the motivation I needed after doing my first Plyo workout yesterday!

  2. I’m glad that it helped!

  3. Fred Sims /

    Josh man you are truly a blessing. I am a 35 year old out of shape former marine. 510 214lbs 24%bf I started the p90x program today but had to alter my diet about four days ago. Because of being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Seeing the progres you made has made me vow to stick with the workouts and diet. I look forward to sending some before and after pics. Hopefully i can get my girlfriend to do it with me. Watching her eat junk food is torture.

  4. Hey man! I’m looking forward to seeing your updates. Also, try to get your g/f to commit to the program as well so that you have someone to support you. It makes it hard if you’re committed to the diet and workouts and she isn’t.

    You can actually make me your coach by clicking on this link:

    Keep me updated on your progress!

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