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It’s JUST 90 Days of Commitment

People fascinate me. Every day I hear someone complaining about their life and how they wish they could do this and that, and how they are so tired of being out of shape and unhealthy, but have every single excuse in the book as to why nothing ever works out. It’s interesting. I was talking to a potential Beachbody coach the other day, telling him how my life changed in just 90 days of going through P90X, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and occupationally as well. For me, I went through a total transformation! In 90 days, I went from being this out of shape dude who lacked confidence, struggled with my relationships and career, to the best shape of my life, more confident than I had ever been before, and someone who looked at life with a new sense of meaning and purpose. By taking one small risk in ordering P90X after watching an infomercial eating a bowl of ice cream late one night, it triggered a ripple effect that would eventually lead my family and I out of financial trouble and into financial security. All that happened in my life by committing myself for 90 days to a workout program.

90 days is a short amount of time. If you really take a second to think about it, it’s a real short amount of time. 3 months goes by anymore in a blink of an eye. Heck, I can even remember what I was doing 3 months ago, which happens to be in January, the month that I won Top Beachbody Coach 2010. What blows my mind is that I will tell people how much my life has changed by committing myself entirely to one full round of P90X, but yet 95% of people still don’t want to take that risk or don’t believe “it’s for them.” Or then you have some people who start it, get excited, and then 3 weeks go by and it’s just “too hard” so they quit and go back to their miserable lifestyle. I only say miserable because that’s what people tell me. Really? You have something so great going for you and you’re going to throw it away because it’s hard? You can’t commit for JUST 90 DAYS to something that will have a positive effect on your life forever? It truly baffles me! In 3 months of total commitment, you will change your way of thinking about living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life, create more active years for yourself, possibly live much longer, and on top of that, quite possibly change the course of your life in a positive way from that point on. To me it’s a no brainer, and I guess that’s why I have such a hard time understanding why people don’t see it the way I do. There hasn’t been one person who has completed 90 days of P90X and then come back to me saying that their life hasn’t changed for the better.

It all goes back to risk and work ethic. Is P90X fun? At first, no. You will be sore, miserable, not be able to walk for at least a few weeks. Your body is changing for the better, and soreness is what comes along with it. Now instead of giving up when the soreness sets in, what if you sucked it up and pushed yourself through it? What if you committed yourself to the diet, the absolutely toughest part of the program, for 90 days? By doing so, you will learn that you will feel and look healthier, feel more energized and just happier every single day. You will form a habit, a good habit that is, and you won’t ever want to go back to that old, unhealthy lifestyle. What if you maintained an excellent work ethic by completing every single workout and pushing yourself to the max every time? In 90 days you will look amazing, more than likely be in better shape than you were in high school, and your life will forever be changed. I don’t know about you, but if I could accomplish all that in 90 days, there is no way I wouldn’t commit myself. 90 days of sacrifice and hard work is worth a lifetime of happiness and healthy living!

Think about my story for a second. Melinda and I struggled financially, lived in a one bedroom apartment, not knowing how we were going to pay the rent, and because I decided to take a risk and become a Beachbody Coach, our lives were forever changed. If it wasn’t for me watching a P90X infomercial one night back in March of 2008, chances are I would have never come across the Beachbody Business. It took a risk for me to start P90X, commit myself 90 days to the program, not skipping a workout, not cheating on my diet or having any alcohol, and then another risk to get involved in the business, commit myself to another two and a half years of hard work just to get where I am today, and to be honest, I live the life! Melinda and I don’t struggle financially, have what we want, have complete freedom, take vacations when we want, and absolutely live life to the fullest!

The point that I’m trying to get across is that if you can commit yourself to something positive for just 90 days, you have no idea where it will take you. It’s hard, involves a lot of sacrifice and risk, but it’s worth it if it leads to you feeling healthier, happier, help you live longer, and quite possibly open up different opportunities for you. 90 days of commitment can change your life!


  1. Keith /

    Amen. That’s exactly what I tell people who have been interested in the program after seeing my results so far. It’s 90 days. You can do anything for 90 days! I’ve had 6 friends or family members jump on board after hearing those words and seeing the results in person. Great post man. Keep it up

  2. Jason T /

    So true. I am entering week 4 and am seeing amazing results. I started at 202lbs and I’m down to 188. Still have a long way to go but I’m impressed nonetheless. The dieting does get easier. I still crave that burger and fries but it is much easier to pass it up for something healthy. Keep it up Coach. Great info.

  3. Josh /

    @Jason. Awesome bro!

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