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Jen’s P90X Challenge Group Review

Challenge Group Review

Jen’s P90X Challenge Group Review

“Have you ever looked in the mirror at your own reflection and felt incomplete? I know have millions of times. I committed to the P90X challenge group because I was inspired by everyone who has changed their life simply by staying focused on making a positive change. I’ve seen some pretty amazing transformations and I wanted someone to be able to look at my journey from start to finish and feel the same way. I needed that extra help and motivation from everyone going through it with me. I wanted to be an active role model and help motivate others to do what I was about to do. I too needed to make a major change in my life. I need it to be physical,mental and emotional. I wanted to feel good about the way I looked when I stepped in front of a mirror or when shopping for new clothes. I needed the emotional strength to raise my self-esteem, and i needed the mental toughness to push through every workout and turn away from bad eating habits. It is never easy to kick old bad habits, especially when they are so easy to fall back into.

I’ve been lifting weights since I was about 14 years old. I never received proper nutrition guidance or even proper work out techniques to burn fat. Although building muscle has always been easy for me to accomplish, body fat is always something I’ve struggled with and having a belly and being over weight my whole life is something i’ve always hated. I have always been into watching and playing sports, especially snowboarding, football, and baseball. A few years ago I decided I wanted to try out for the police academy and I started training really hard and eating healthy. I was really focused on my goal of losing weight and passing the physical agilities test to have a chance to be in the academy. I stopped eating fast food, drinking soda, and changed my workout regularly so that I wouldn’t plateau. I lost 52lbs in just around 3 months. I didn’t take supplements or pills or anything, just ate right and worked out hard. I felt great, I lost 2 pant sizes and was happy when I saw my reflection, not to mention, my social life became a lot busier. I had lots of people asking me how I lost so much weight in such little time. They couldn’t believe it was something as simple as what I had done.

I thought about that, It is exactly that simple to fuel your body with the right foods it needs to burn stored fat and use it as energy. P90X is perfect for that, but looking back at everything it was going to take to change, it really hit me that the most important change that I made in order to succeed was the mental change. As long as you focus, anything is possible. I made it to the academy but it was short-lived due to an injury to my knee tearing the cartilage in two places. I decided to map out a new path for my future and I realized as long as I’m helping others, the career choice will be a good one. At the time of the injury and the end of the police academy I was a lifeguard and swim coach. That had been my job for the past 4 years. That was one of the best jobs I ever had, and though school I continued on with it for the next 3 years. The feeling I had every time one of my students progressed and celebrated with excitement was everything to me. I had to give that job up when it was time to have my knee operation to fix my cartilage. After I was healed and going through physical therapy, I continued school to get my Bachelors Degree in Kinesiology. I studied the human anatomy and human physiology to learn what really makes our bodies work right and decided I wanted to focus on Athletic Training and Nutrition Science.

I was really into learning everything I could about it. The problem was, from the time I stopped the police academy in 2008 until Feb. 2011, I was learning everything I could about the way our bodies function but I wasn’t actively taking care of my own. I had let myself go and I fell back into old bad habits gaining back everything I had worked so hard to lose. I didn’t make the commitment to myself to always make health and fitness a high priority in my life and now i’m having to start back over. At first I was very disappointed in myself for letting that happen. Now I am in a different place and I have learned to change that disappointment into a hard life lesson. I met my beachbody coach online (Josh Spencer) after seeing his amazing transformation. He truly inspired me to want to make the commitment to change my life for good. After seeing his and his fiancée’s hard work, I collected myself and made the commitment to start P90X. Not just start it, but join one of Josh’s challenge groups. It was the best decision i made because i needed that help to stay focused. I have my goals and dreams set in place for motivation. One of them is my wedding in August 2012. It’s easy to make goals but to push and follow through with them is the challenging part. When I was tired or wanted to skip a day, that challenge group was there and seeing every post made me feel guilty for even thinking about not working out. So I sucked it up and did it. I’m finally getting into the body I’ve always wanted and I hope everyone who reads this will follow everyone else in their advice and make the commitment in doing the same. Thank you so much to Josh Spencer and my whole group for keeping up the commitment and motivation.

Forever committed and inspired,



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