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Leading By Example

As a Beachbody Coach, it’s my responsibility to help others through Beachbody programs by answering questions, offering support, and providing motivation so that they have more of a chance to succeed. That extra support plays quite a major role in the odds of being successful, and I’m not talking about with just Beachbody programs either. Having someone there to support you with your job, relationships, or anything for that matter can help you accomplish a whole lot more in life. It’s my job to lead you down the right path while on your fitness journey, but it’s also my job to lead by example.

Whenever I give out advice about diet, motivation, positive thinking, etc., you better believe that I practice what I preach. I’m not going to be a hypocrite and tell people that they need to eat 100% clean when I’m not doing it myself. That’s just not the way I do things. I have committed myself to a healthy diet since the start of P90X, which was back in March of 2008, and I haven’t gone astray since. I know what it takes to get outstanding results with P90X, and everything I recommend is everything that I’ve done. Committing to a healthy diet has played a major role in my results, so I make sure I relay that information to all of the people that I coach. My goal is to provide you all with the knowledge/tools that you need to change your life. I’m a firm believer in leading by example, so whenever I do recommend something or offer advice, I’m doing that same thing myself.

The same goes with the products that I recommend. If you’re someone that I coach, you know that I don’t recommend products that I haven’t used. Everything that I recommend is products that I have used and gotten results with, and I’m just trying to relay that information to you all so that you can experience the same results that I did. There have been many products that I have tried and didn’t like, and I let you all know about them. The one that immediately comes to mind is the pre-workout supplement called Black Powder. I didn’t notice any results from it, and therefore never recommend it to anyone. Whenever I do try a product, I make sure I post a review on this site to inform you all about whether or not it worked for me. You can find all the supplement reviews in the “Supplements” section. If you haven’t checked it out, make sure you do so because there is some great information in there. For those of you who don’t know about the main products I recommend, they are Shakeology, whey protein, Beachbody Vitamins, Recovery Formula, and 1.M.R. (best pre-workout supplement I’ve tried). I have gotten results with every one of those products.

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you have to lead people, make sure you are leading by example. It never works to recommend something and then not do it yourself.

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