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Little Decisions, Big Success!

Yesterday was, well, not so much of an enjoyable day for me. It seemed as if everything that could have went wrong did go wrong. I had a plan to get things done in a certain time frame, and that plan didn’t end up the way I wanted it to, so I had to improvise, and that includes my workout. It would have been very easy for me to make excuses as to why I couldn’t work through all of the tasks that were on my task list, but that’s not how I do things. When I set out to get something done, no matter how tired I am, how much lack of time I have, it gets done. That my friends, is a BIG KEY to success! Those little decisions that you make play a major role in how quickly you move towards success.

My day started off like any other day, I got up, answered the emails and messages that I received, reached out to all of the people who just made me their Beachbody Coach, and the plan was to then mow the lawn, work out, eat dinner, and spend the rest of the night with Melinda and Madison. It didn’t work out that way. First of all, keep in mind that I just purchased a brand new Toro TimeMaster 30″ cut mower that literally says “Guaranteed to Start” in big letters right on top of the engine. Well, I went outside to mow, pulled the string, and guess what, it didn’t start. Next thing I know the engine is flooded after just one or two pulls. I’m thinking, “What the heck is going on here?” I’ve flooded engines before and know how to fix the problem, so I decided to get to work on it to figure out just what the issue was. I didn’t have the right tools and needed some help, so my dad came up to give me some assistance with it. We cleaned off the spark plug, tried it again, and it still wouldn’t start. Now it’s literally pouring gas out of the muffler, along with some other places as well. Somehow after working on it for a while, we got it to start, but then couldn’t get it started again. We came to discover that there was a flaw in the mower, and there was nothing we could do to fix it, so we had to return it back to the store. It’s now 5:30 PM and I haven’t eaten since breakfast. I’m ticked off.

After we took it back, they had no more in stock so they let us know that we would have to purchase it online. OK, it is what it is. I’ll just accept it and move forward. They refunded me in gift cards and I went back home, got on the computer and ordered another one of the same mowers online. Before I ordered, though, I decided to take my E&E pre-workout because there was no way I was missing a workout today. I went ahead and ordered the mower to be delivered to the house, but for some reason I never got verification like I was supposed to, so I was chatting with a rep to find out what was going on. The chat box freezes and I had to go back and explain exactly what happened to another rep, and then that chat box froze. Now I’m pretty dang irritated, my E&E has worn off because it’s taken me an hour and a half to get this done, I’m exhausted and drained because I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, and I was contemplating working out. I thought, “Man, it would be nice to just eat dinner, have a few glasses of wine and just relax for the rest of the night.” But then I started thinking abut my goals and where I wanted to be with my fitness by the time I go to Tahiti in a few weeks, and I walked into the bedroom, put on my workout clothes, went downstairs and tore up some One on One 30/15. It was ROUGH, but I really pushed myself through it! I didn’t get done with the workout until around 8:45 PM, had dinner, and then relaxed with Melinda for the rest of the night.

I have had success with mostly everything that I’ve done, from the fitness to the business, and this is one of the main reasons why. Sure, I have times where I don’t feel like working out, I’m exhausted, I’m sick, I don’t have enough time, but somehow, someway, I force myself to get done what I set out to accomplish. I eliminate all the excuses. I know that this one little decision is going to help me move towards my goals, ultimately helping me achieve success! Whenever you come to a point where you have to make a decision, whether it be to work out or eat healthy, ask yourself beforehand if the decision you make will help you move towards your goals or away from them. Once you make the RIGHT decision day in and day out, over a period of time you will move quicker towards success than if you choose the wrong decision. Eliminate the excuses and GET THINGS DONE! It’s a key to success.

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  1. Charlie /

    Hey Josh,
    That is so true. Eliminate the excuse and just do it. I am now starting to learn that. I really have you to thank for it.


  2. So, you finished P90X2? Did you take before and after pictures?

  3. @Rick. I didn’t take any before or after pictures, unfortunately. Not this time.

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