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Living With Balance

This is a post that I’ve been wanting to do for the past couple of days now, but I was so busy over the weekend that I didn’t get a chance to get to it. Anyways, it’s probably one of the most important topics that I can talk about, one that many people seem to neglect during their journey to become successful. I can’t say that I wasn’t one of those people, because I was, but I have since changed my ways. I’m talking about the importance of maintaining a balance between your professional and personal life. If you don’t live with balance, you’re going to end up a lonely person with a lot of money, and what’s the point of that? Success is nothing if you have nobody to share it with!

Being a straight up Choleric personality type, my focus is always on creating goals and succeeding, no matter what the cost, and that can be a good thing to a certain point. It’s a good thing because I will never quit and always accomplish my goals and dreams, but it can be a bad thing because I get so focused that I have no clue what’s going on around me. At least that what the old me would do. When I first started succeeding as a Beachbody Coach and realized the potential to not only make it my full-time career, but also achieve awards like Top Beachbody Coach, I was so focused on getting to that point that I would put in countless hours, working till 1-2 AM every day, and not spend any time with Madison or Melinda. However, I talked to Melinda about the sacrifices that it would take to create complete freedom for our family, and thankfully she supported me, but none-the-less it was very tough on us. There were some nights that Melinda would cry because of how much I was working, but we both knew that once I would get the business to a certain point, I could take a step back and spend more time with the family, which is exactly what I’ve done. One or two years of sacrifice is worth a lifetime of happiness and freedom! However, looking back I probably could have taken more breaks to prevent her from getting upset and down.

There is no doubt that succeeding financially takes great commitment and sacrifices, but too many people push that to the limit and sometimes go over the edge. You see so many successful business people getting divorces because they get so caught up succeeding and creating financial independence that they completely neglect the people they are trying to create freedom for, their families. Many people start on the same path that I did, putting in countless hours to succeed, but instead of taking a step back once they achieve financial security, they want more and more to the point where their life is consumed by their work. So what happens is that they end up with all this money, but have nobody to share it with. Money doesn’t create happiness, it’s the experiences you share with the people you are closest with. Sure, money creates independence and allows you to do more things with those people, but money itself can’t make you happy.

Remember, if you’re just starting to build a new business, it’s important that you make some sacrifices and work hard to make the business work, but don’t forget about your family in the process. Always take time to take your wife or husband on a date, take your kids to the park, or just take a break and give them a hug and kiss. They appreciate those little things, and it will allow you to live with balance. Once you are able to take a step back from the business, make sure you do so instead of letting work completely consume you. This doesn’t mean that you can completely neglect your business, though, because you still need focus some attention on it to make it grow, but this does mean that you can should create cut-off times every night where you close the computer and spend time with your family. Since January of this year, my cut-off time every night is 7:00 PM, and from that point on all my attention is focused on Melinda and Madison. Since I’ve done that, our relationship has grown.


  1. The only part of this that I disagree with is where you say you end up lonely with a lot of money. If you have a lot of money, friends a relatives will come from out of nowhere. You’ll never be lonely.

  2. @Jim. LOL very true!

  3. Darryl /

    Great insight! I enjoyed this one a lot Josh.

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