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Matt’s P90X Challenge Group Review

P90X Challenge Group Review

For the past 4 months I have been putting together Challenge Groups to help people stay accountable and have great support for the entire duration through whatever program they’re using, and I knew that they would be great, but I had NO IDEA that they would be this great! I’m seeing the people I coach stay committed over a longer period of time, stay motivated, and get more results than I’ve EVER seen before! Matt is someone I coach who is currently taking part in a Challenge Group, and I asked him if he would write a P90X Challenge Group review and talk about how taking part of this group has helped him out! Here’s his review below.

“My experience with the Challenge Group so far (5 weeks) has been very positive. I can honestly say that this is easily the most committed I’ve been in any attempt to get into great shape. I’ve tried P90X and Insanity a couple of times, but would usually fall off within a few weeks because of the lack results I was getting. Since joining a Challenge Group I’ve been able to stay 100% committed, and here are a couple of reasons why.

The accountability factor. My group (and coach) are there to keep me accountable. If I’m not staying committed I feel like I’m not only letting myself down, but the rest of my group as well. I’ll also run the risk of getting called out from my group (team), and I’ll feel guilty. Even moreso than if I were answering only to myself.

Second would be the fact I have a support system of people that I have been able to identify with. Having a group of people following the same routine, a similar diet, and the same general experience as me has been very beneficial. People in my life like my wife are here to support me, but she’s not going through the same experiences that I am right now. If I have any questions about work outs/diet, I’ve been able to ask my group and gotten great feedback from others in the group or my coach, which has helped clear things up or reaffirm to me that I am on the right track.

Lastly, I’m a competitive person. Knowing that the others in the group are working out, eating right, and posting every day keeps me motivated to keep up with them. If I miss a day or 2, then I risk falling behind and not obtaining as good (or better) results than them. At the end of the day it’s up to me, but having a little bit of competition only motivates me that much more.

Overall this has been great for me, and I’m looking forward to continuing on and finally accomplishing my goal of being in great shape. I highly recommend joining a challenge group if you are looking to be in great shape, and just need that extra support and motivation that you may not have going through this journey on your own.”

– Matt

If you’re looking to stay committed and get results, you’re not going to find a BETTER WAY than by taking part of a Challenge Group! To learn more about how to join one, click here!

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