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Motivation or Workout Toughness?

This is pretty interesting, but not really that big of a surprise. Yesterday I made a post on Facebook asking the question, “Which do you think is tougher, staying motivated or the actual workouts?”, and out of about 20 people that responded, 17 said that they struggled more with motivation. I say it’s interesting because we’re talking about extreme programs like P90X, Turbofire, and Insanity, workouts that really test your ability to push yourself beyond your comfort zone. This really makes me rethink my whole belief about why we are so obese here in the U.S. Maybe it’s not so much that we are a lazy country, but rather people don’t have the discipline and drive to commit to something 100% over a longer period of time. The more I think about this, the more I think it’s true because I don’t know how many people come to me, letting me know they just ordered or started P90X or Insanity, but 2 weeks later they quit and I never hear from them again. This shows me that the majority of Americans are willing to work hard for something, and even put in extreme effort, but once they lose interest or aren’t seeing results fast enough, they immediately quit, going back to their old ways.

One thing that I’ve felt I’ve done a pretty good job with as a Beachbody Coach is help people stay motivated. I do so by creating many motivational posts here on my site, and emailing the people that I coach on a weekly basis. Accountability and constant personal development are 2 important keys to success with anything that you do in life, not just with fitness. But why do I focus so much attention on the helping people stay motivated? Because it’s something that I even struggle with from time to time. Back when I started P90X, I wasn’t afraid of the toughness of the workouts at all, but rather more how I was going to be able to stay motivated for the entire 90 days. We all know it’s true, people get overly excited when they first start P90X because they believe that they can make a change in their lives, but when 2 weeks pass and they’re tired, seeing slow results, and annoyed with getting up to work out every day, they begin to slowly lose motivation to the point where they quit all together. Now, let’s say that these people do make it through the entire 90 days and get absolutely outstanding results, but now they come to another motivational crossroads. Why? Now that they have the results, what else is there to work hard for? What happens is that many people will begin slacking on the workouts, maybe working out 4-5 times per week instead of 7, and decide to have a cheat meal 1-2 times per week. As time goes on, the amount of times they workout slowly decreases, and the amount of cheat meals they allow themselves slowly increases, to the point where they find themselves out of shape again and ready to start another round of P90X.

I’ve been doing P90X and other Beachbody programs for over 3 and a half years now, and I feel I’ve done a pretty good job in staying motivated the entire time. I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy committing yourself entirely, and there are many weeks where I might only get in 4-5 workouts, but here’s the key, once I notice that begins to happen, I find something that will help me become motivated again, and then recommit 100%. What is that something? It might be rewarding myself for committing 100% to a clean diet and not skipping a workout for 2 weeks, or beginning a clean eating challenge on Facebook with the people that I coach, or planning a vacation a month and a half away, or maybe just talking to the coaches on my team or my coach for accountability. I also might pick up a personal development book like “The Magic of Thinking Big” and begin reading it again, getting my mind right. Whatever it is, I find a way to motivate myself again. However, I have to admit, I’m very different than most people because I am a highly self-driven individual, never stopping until I reach a goal, and most people aren’t geared that way. Rather, they need someone else to give them a kick in the pants, which is just fine at first, but they need to get to a point where they are able to self-motivate.

Like I said above, one of the things that I really focus on with the people that I coach and the coaches on my team is helping them stay motivated because I understand the importance of it. When I take a step back and analyze the success of Team Beachbody, it all makes complete sense because Beachbody Coaches are the key to ending the trend of obesity here in this country! How? Before, people would order a workout program off the T.V., work hard for 2 weeks, and then quit, but now there are Beachbody coaches encouraging and supporting people through the programs, breaking through that two week barrier, allowing people to not only get results, but make a complete lifestyle change! This added support, encouragement, and motivation is allowing more people to lose weight and become healthy. What’s great about being a Beachbody Coach is that because we are supporting so many people, we too have additional motivation because we don’t want to be saying one thing and then doing the other. We’re constantly motivated to the point that eating healthy and working out becomes part of our daily routine, and because of that, we’re going to live a long, healthy life!

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  1. Justin /

    Great post. I think everyone deals with the whole lack of motivation thing, and the ONLY difference in the successful people and the 95% of people who quit is that the successful people have learned to find tricks around these trial periods. The way I look at it is that when I feel my most unmotivated, that’s when it’s most important to stay committed. Anyone can workout hard and eat healthy when they are feeling highly motivated to do so. But being able to do it during those times when you literally can’t think of anything you’d rather be doing less than warming up for Legs And Back/ARX after working 14 hours is what really determines your success. Personally, I know I’m not going to feel so cruddy for more than a few days, so I just have to push through it until I find that spark again…. and so on. Anyways, great stuff man! Like always. Keep up the good work!

  2. For me it’s motivation also. workouts offer rewards, you feel better, you look better and your healthy. Motivation offers no reward of it’s own, it’s just necessary to achieve the rewards of the workout.

  3. staying motivated is the hardest for me until i remind myself of all the people who are counting on me and looking up to me for guidance.

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