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My New P90X Goals

I always tell the people that I coach that it’s super important to create specific goals for you to reach by the end of each round of P90X. As most of you already know, I broke my hand a few months back and haven’t been able to workout since. However, I go to the doctor today and expect to be cleared to get back to working out, so it’s time for me to create more goals. Hopefully I will be starting P90X tonight! P90X goals below..

(1) Gain mass and lose some body fat. I know, I know, I am always saying that it’s very hard to gain mass and lose body fat at the same time, but it’s possible if you are already in decent shape and have a lifting background. Since I haven’t worked out for two months, I have inevitably gained a small amount of body fat, which I expect to lose in 3 weeks. I am going to be doing something called “carb cycling” in which I increase the carbs during resistance days and decrease during cardio days. I am not going to go into detail about carb cycling now, but be on the lookout for a detailed description on this in the future. My goal is to lose 3% body fat and gain 5 lbs muscle. I’m currently right around 170 lbs and 9% body fat, so I expect to be around 175lbs and 6% body fat by the end of this 90 days.

(2) This goes along with the first goal, but it’s more specific. I want to gain an inch and a half on my arms and 3 inches on my chest. This is a high goal, but the higher you set them, the more you are going to push yourself to reach them.

(3) Develop larger obliques. I have never had obliques before P90X, but with Ab Ripper X I know have ripped abs all around my entire core (well it’s a tiny bit soft now, but won’t be soon). My goal is to develop the obliques more to give me more definition.

(4) Keep track of my progress each week and post them through blog posts, so be on the lookout!

(5) Create a video containing JRX exercises (the abs workout I created), and make it available to the people that I coach.

(6) Focus more on the forearms. For some reason, I’m fascinated with developing veins in my forearms, probably because it’s a good indication that I’m gaining mass. I am going to be putting together a list of forearm exercises because I feel P90X doesn’t focus enough attention on this muscle group.

(7) Be able to bench press 3 sets of 8 of 115lbs dumbbells. My most in the past was 110lbs, and I expect to pass it by the end of my 90 days.

(8) Get 35 wide grip pull-ups with proper form. My most ever is 28, and I expect to pass that by the end of this round.

So now you all know my specific goals and can hold me accountable. If you’re just starting the program, feel free to email me your specific goals so I can hold you accountable as well. 90 days to success!


  1. good stuff man. Everyone’s definitely needs to make goals.

    You mentioned 115lbs dumbells? Is this 115 lbs per dumbell? (total of 230lbs?! And you’re doing this at home?

  2. Yeah that’s 115lbs per dumbbell. And yeah, I do this at home.

  3. Dude your the man! 170? You look way bigger in your video and I am sorry you got hurt.

  4. Dustin /

    I think I read on here somewhere that you was interested in making your veins show more. If so, have you had any luck in that? because im also very interested in this.
    Thanks alot man. Your results are amazing!

  5. I actually have been able to get the veins to “pop out” more. Really, it just involves adding on some muscle. Focus on the proper diet and pre and post workout nutrition and supplements, and you will start to see the veins more.

  6. Dustin /

    Thanks man. I really appericiate it.

  7. Hey josh, i was wondering about using a combination of carb cycling and zig zag dieting to cut down some more body fat. I’m at about 8% now and i’m 6 foot and i weigh 145 and am doing a p90x/insanity hybrid. I was thinking of cycling carbs with 3 low days of 50/30/20 ratio and about 1800 calories and 1 high day with 40/40/20 and about 2300 calories. Do you think this would help me get my fat percentage down to the lowest i can obtain around 5-6%? Or if you have any ideas on how to make that better, i’m open for ideas.

  8. @Justin. It might help, but it just depends on how your body responds. Everybody is different!

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