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Obesity Problem

Right now I’m on my way out to L.A. for the rehearsals for the new P90X:MC2 workout program that will be coming out towards the end of this year. For those of you who don’t know, I tried out for P90X:MC2 (P90X 2) while out in Dallas, and got notification about a month ago that I would be in the cast. Anyways, as I’m sitting here and watching the people around me, it’s unbelievable to see what a major problem obesity has become here in the United States. I remember when I was young and traveling, and never do I remember people being so overweight. When you would go to the beach, people would be relatively thin, but now being overweight or obese is the norm. Really, it’s very sad, and something that needs to be taken care of immediately. What’s really sad is seeing young children obese and already having health issues. We are destroying their lives, and creating bad habits that will just pass on from generation to generation. What the heck went wrong?

When I think about what might have caused this major obesity problem here in the U.S., there are quite a few factors that come to mind. There are in no particular order.

(1) Fast food. Fast food is bad for you, period. Since the emergence of fast food in the country, we have grown astronomically, and not in a good way. Fast food is loaded with sugar, fat, and a lot of it is processed food, which all lead to obesity and health issues. Instead of taking the time to create a healthy, organic, whole foods meal that has the proper nutrients and vitamins that help us stay healthy, people would rather order in Chinese food, pizza, or head over to McDonald’s or Wendy’s. They have absolutely no idea what they are doing to their bodies, and really, it can decrease their way of living and even their life span by quite a bit. Instead of being 55 and healthy, they are taking meds for high blood pressure and cholesterol, and sitting around the house all day. In a few short years, their health will diminish so much that they will be forced to go into a nursing home and have someone take care of them. I don’t know about you all, but I want and am going to be golfing when I’m 80. Needless to say, if you want to be healthy, you have to stop eating at fast food restaurants.

(2) Laziness. This one drives me nuts. Americans have become so lazy it’s disgusting. Instead of being active, they rather sit inside, watch TV, drink beer, and eat pizza and potato chips. When I was young, I was forced to go outside and play, but now parents let their kids play video games all day to keep them occupied. Because of the lack of exercise and poor food choices, out children are becoming obese. Those children grow up, have kids of their own, and pass down bad health choices. In my opinion, laziness is one of the reasons the economy is struggling so bad right now. If we want this obesity problem to change, we have to stop being lazy, teach our kids healthy habits, and start being more active by exercising more. There are so many programs out there that can help, such as P90X, but it just takes effort and commitment, something that many people don’t know how to do.

(3) Lack of knowledge. We have no idea what is healthy or not anymore. There are so many food companies out there that will advertise their product as “healthy,” but in reality it’s just as bad for you as a bowl full of ice cream. For example, low fat products are usually super high in sugar, and vice versa. Breads that advertise as “whole wheat” or “whole grain” are in fact only partly whole. The only way to be sure that you’re taking in healthy breads is to look for 100% whole grain or whole wheat. On top of that, we have no idea how to be healthy. I’m guilty of this because when I was growing up, I had no idea what was healthy for me or not, so I would just eat what I thought was healthy, which was a mistake. It wasn’t until I found P90X, read and understood the Nutrition Guide that I really started to understand how to live a healthy lifestyle. We need to do a better job in this country in informing kids and teenagers about the importance of eating healthy and making healthy choices. When I was in school, we had health class, but that’s not good enough. We need to change this trend!

I could go on and on about this subject, but the fact is that the obesity problem is huge, and we really need to do something quickly to change this around. It’s a bad situation, much worse than people think, and it’s shortening life spans and decreasing quality of life. Once we stop being lazy, start making healthy decisions, and start teaching people how to live healthy, then things will begin to change. Then you also have companies like Beachbody and coaches like me who are really making an effort to end the trend. As a coach, I help inform people about living healthy and provide support and encouragement to those going through Beachbody programs. I’m helping end the trend, are you?

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  1. jamie /

    Congrats on making the cast on that! you have to be so thankful that p90x has came into your life man, sounds like it has changed your life. Has to feel good to inspire people to become healthy both physically and mentally! i know it is working for me, i just have to learn to be patient

  2. I’m writing a post right along lines with this one Josh. You’re right on with this. Sadly, obesity has become the norm and we are being conditioned to accept it! Nonsense! We have to end it now!

  3. Loggerjohn /

    Josh, we’re with you all the way. I’m in full agreement with everything you’ve mentioned. The other issue that goes makes me spit nails is to listen to our politicians spout on about dealing with our healthcare crises. We do not have healthcare in the country- we have SICK CARE and the costs are literally killing us. The stress of paying our health insurance premiums is enough to make you sick.
    This country needs a leader who will initiate a “Manhattan Project” that would educate the public in clear no nonsence terms that would cause all the fast “food” (I use that word loselly) joints in the country to close. Not by a government mandate but by pure lack of interest on the part of an educated public.
    Thanks to you, Josh, and everyone else out there that is leading by example !!!!

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