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P90X Mass Gaining Transformation

Dang! OK, so the guy in the pictures below is one of my best friends, and he came to me not too long ago and told me he wanted to gain mass with P90X. After talking to him for quite a while, explaining the things he needed to do to get his results and how much commitment and hard work it would take, he gave it a go. Before you check out his P90X before and after pictures, which you’ve already probably done anyways, first let me tell you how proud I am of him for committing himself the way he has. Understand that it is MUCH harder to gain mass than it is to lose weight, and for him to get these results takes outstanding commitment to diet, workouts, and the proper supplements. Slacking on any of these would have slowed down his results drastically. In his 90 days of following the mass gaining routine I showed him, he ended up gaining about 12 lbs, which is INSANE! Here are his P90X mass gaining transformation photos..

What did I have him do? It’s a combination between a lot of things. The first thing I thoroughly explained to him was that he needed to take in a TON of calories! When I say ton, I mean close to 3,500 – 4,000 per day. I had him stick to a fat/carb/protein % (% of total calories) of right around 20/60/20 throughout the entire round. Carbs would be his best friend during his transformation, and I know he enjoyed that very much. However, here’s what you have to understand, just because you’re looking to gain mass with P90X doesn’t mean that you can go out and eat whatever you want. I had him fully commit to eating healthy foods like complex carbohydrates, lean meats, fruits, veggies, and told him to stay away from alcohol the best that he could. I explained to him that the diet was going to be the biggest factor in his results, and he committed himself fully to it, and is why his results are so outstanding!

Next, he had to take in the proper supplements. Because it’s hard for anyone to take in 4,000 calories per day, he needed to take some sort of weight gainer that contained a ton of calories, so I got him on Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass and had him take it after each workout. 1 serving of it contains close to 1,200 calories, and that’s exactly what he needed. Next, I had him take whey protein as well. He would take it once a day, usually in the morning, so that his muscle wouldn’t break down after having no food for 8 hours during sleep. Last, I had him eat something right before bed so that his muscles would heal and develop properly during protein synthesis while he slept.

Now on to the workouts. I told him to stay away from cardio as much as possible because the last thing he needed to do was burn a ton of calories working out. By doing a lot of cardio, he would have had to increase his calories even more because his goal was to have a caloric surplus at the end of the day. You have to constantly feed the muscles when you’re looking to gain mass! What I had him do was focus on all the P90X resistance workouts, following the different phases like you normally would, while also adding in some additional heavy resistance training as well. He would come over to the house and we would add in exercises such as dumbbell press, barbell press, dumbbell flys, etc. After committing himself to the workouts every day, he went from being a rail to Arnold!

Mike’s results proves that it is indeed possible to gain mass with P90X! For those of you who didn’t believe so before, you better be a believer now after seeing his results. Like I said, I’m very proud of him and the commitment that he has put in to get to this point! Mike became a Beachbody Coach like I am and is now helping others gain mass with P90X just as he has. If you would like to make Mike your coach, click here! To contact him or purchase P90X from him, click here.


  1. Sean /

    Can you post his exact diet & workout schedule? I’m 5’7, 146 lbs, & 7.5% body fat. I plan to start a mass routine in two weeks and my goal is to maintain or drop my body fat while adding a good 8-10 pounds of lean muscle. I had planned to eat a little over 2,700 calories @ 50% carbs / 30 % protein / 20% fat. But now I am second guessing my diet after reading this and seeing your friend ate 3500-4000 at 20/60/20, but how tall is he and did he eat this everyday of the week or only on lifting days? Because I had planned to eat a little less on my off day & yoga day so I won’t gain extra fat. Thoughts?

    Also, I thought I should mention, the start of this will be my 3rd round. My first round I dropped from 154 lbs & 14% body fat to 143 lbs & 8.2% body fat on a 2000 cal diet. My current round, that I’m about to finish, I’ve been eating 2400 calories and have gained 3-4ish pounds while dropping my body fat even more. The first two months I was steadily gaining .5lbs a month, but this final month I haven’t gained anymore.

  2. Sean /

    Sorry, I meant .5lbs a week

  3. Great results!

  4. Luke /

    Wow that is an incredible change, and he even managed to stay cut!

  5. Josh /

    @Sean. I’m not going to post his exact diet. He’s about 6’1″ and ate this every day. When you’re looking to gain mass, you’re not worrying about decreasing the calories on lighter lifting days. That’s only if you’re looking to lose body fat.

  6. Carrie /

    Way to go, Mike! Thanks for sharing this. I’m so excited to get back into P90X. So proud of you, Mike!

  7. Brian /

    Is one of the ON flavors better than the rest?

  8. Josh /

    @Brian. Chocolate is good.

  9. Gibson /

    So he took the weight gainer after every single workout? even cardio days? what about recovery days?

  10. Gibson /

    wait nevermind he didnt do cardio at all but what about recover days? also if he didnt do cardio what did he do on the other days while making sure he rested his muscles, there are so many limited muscle groups to work without not resting them

  11. Josh /

    @Gibson. He didn’t do much cardio at all. He took the weight gainer after every workout. He didn’t take it on rest days.

  12. Mark /

    I’d like to gain mass but also get ripped abs. I’m just starting month 2 but figured I would stick with the nutrition phase for the first part thinking that I’ll continue to burn the extra fat around my midsection. But after looking at your friend here it seems that I may not be following the correct plan. Any suggestions? Should I stick it through for this current round and then after my first 3 months try what your friend did?

  13. Josh /

    @Mark. Yeah, lose the body fat first and then focus on gaining mass. It’s tough to do both at the same time.

  14. Iran /

    Hey josh!, I think what you have been doing for people is great! I used to play football in high school and was in great shape, a great lifter, and ran fast at 210 lbs. After my senior year I started working at Chick-fil-A and well enough said working and eating chicken sandwiches almost everyday with brownies etc. Now that im in college I want to walk on for the football team and well I weigh 230 and I am really unproductive. My first year in college went bad. I am now starting P90X as of today. I want to get ripped then gain mass. My friend weighed 250 and was a size 40 waist and now weighs 185! Now he has a little skin or fat left on his abs and he cant get it off lol. I was wondering now that im starting P90X in order to get ripped like you, do I just follow the program and eat what the nutrition book says and I should look like you?… Or do I need to take supplements or anything different?

  15. Josh /

    @Iran. If you commit yourself to BOTH the diet and the workouts, you will get great results! Also, make sure you make me your coach so that I can help you through the program once you start it. Here’s the link (it’s free):

  16. Iran /

    Just signed up and your my coach, now what … coach? hahaha

  17. Jake /

    Josh, I just started using p90x and would like to gain mass. I am on a sports team so I can’t afford to avoid cardio. I am 6’1 and 151 lbs. So I was wondering if you could recommend anything.

  18. Josh /

    @Iran. Let me know when you have any questions or need help with anything. Feel free to email me at

  19. Josh /

    @Jake. You’re going to have to eat a ton of food! Make sure you check out the “gaining mass” section of this site. Also, am I your coach? If not, here’s the link to make me your coach:

  20. Billy /

    Hey bro wanted to get your opinion on sumthin. I jus started my 4th round of the X an Im makin this round and next round mass gaining rounds. I wanted to know if i needed the recovery weeks?? Do you think I could jus add in sum lifting at the gym during the recovery weeks or do I need to jus do the recovery?? Thankz

  21. Josh /

    @Billy. Yeah, it’s still important that you have Recovery Weeks so that you let your muscles heal properly. However, when I take a rest week, it’s not a full week, but rather 3-4 days.

  22. Hi Josh, I’m a fifteen soon to-be sixteen year old boy. I’m about 5′ 4” and I weigh around 100-105 pounds. I guess I was wondering if p90x was an ok thing for a teenager to do. I read about your friend mike and like him, I’m desperately trying to gain weight or “mass” I should say. The problem is, I have the most extreme crazy fast metabolism! I wanted to try p90x to gain some muscle mass, without losing and of my precious wieght. In the end what I want is to get “ripped” but also gain some weight or “mass”. So in conclusion I was wondering if you had any suggestions on how a sixteen year old twig could go about getting muscle and mass?…not to mention height but that’s a whole other subject haha. Thanks!

  23. @Ryan. I think so, but it’s important that you talk to your doctor first. Also, there is a “gaining mass” section that you need to check out!

  24. Hey Coach

    When you guys would lift weights after your normal p90x schedule, how much did you do it?
    Did you do it everynight after resistance days?
    Did you do it for the whole span of 90 days?
    Or did you only do it occasionly?

  25. @Joe. When I was trying to gain mass, I replaced some of my cardio days with my own resistance workouts. It’s important that you make sure you don’t work the same muscle group two days in a row, though. If you check out the “gaining mass” section, it will tell you pretty much what I did.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, make sure you do so that I can be here to answer any more of your questions. It’s free, and here’s the link:

  26. Hey Josh,

    I have done 1 round 0f p90x and im currently on day 45 of round 2 with Insanity, dropped 30 pounds in round 1, round 2 I started 12% BF and now I am 10% i lost 5 pounds altogether, I can see my abs a little bit along with obliques under the right light!!LOL
    I am 6′ 1″ and weigh 160, I am still on fat shredder between 1500 – 1800 calories per day, finding it SO hard to shed last bit of fat around belly button(about 5 – 6 pounds to loose), I thought id be on my bulking diet now, its probably going to take me the rest of this round to get to 6%, would you recommend keep doin what im doing on fat shredder even if it takes me another 45 days?? or will i move to phase 2 level 2 nutrition?? very frustrated! any help i would really appreciate it

    Thanks Josh


  27. @Paul. You are not taking in enough calories! Increase to more around 2,000 – 2,200 per day. Also, follow Phase 2 in the diet as well.

  28. Hey Coach,

    So more carbs and more calories?? I can do that!! will i still be able to shed last bit of fat(get to 6% B.F) on this nutrition plan??

    Thanks for your time


  29. @Paul. It’s going to be tougher to lose body fat since you’re focused on gaining mass. You will probably have to make a few small adjustments to your ratios and calories if you’re still looking to lose fat.

  30. jorge /

    Hello I am a little sad josh wanted to help me is that it is my dqy 48 in p90x and the results are remarkable and I am not overweight nor do p90x diet would like to know if i have to make the diet for changes please help

    PD sorry for my english do not speack much greetings

  31. Josh /

    @Jorge. Yes, you have to follow the P90X diet! It’s the most important part of the program.

  32. Aeron /

    I myself am looking to gain mass, so I would like to know the workouts he did during p90x. And if you wanted to avoid the cardio days what did you do instead? For example on plyometric day would you substitute it to something else?

  33. Josh /

    @Aeron. You can find everything you need to know in the gaining mass section!

  34. Golden /

    Wow! What a great inspirational change! As someone going through a bulk routine right now it’s great to see that it’s possible to stay lean whilst bulking. Good job!

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