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P90X Motivation

I figured now would be a good time to make a P90X motivation post because there are so many people who started their new fitness journey on Jan. 1, and now is about the time when they will start slacking on the diet, missing a workout here and there, and then finally get to the point where they go back to their old lifestyle. I’ve seen it happen hundreds of times over the course of a few years of being a Beachbody coach!

It’s almost like a 3 or 4 week curse. People start a home workout program like P90X, are super pumped because they are finally ready to change their life, promise everyone and their mother that THIS TIME is for real, but then something changes. A week or so into P90X they realize that this is not fun, they can’t move because of how sore they are, that pizza calls them out by name, and everyone around them says that they should just go back to their old lifestyle. Negative influences are everywhere. Your buddies make fun of you for eating grilled chicken and veggies while they eat pasta and bread, you order a water at the bar when they get beer, and your wife is ticked off because now she has to purchase healthy food on top of the unhealthy food that she eats. It’s unfair, right? Wouldn’t be easier to just go back to living unhealthy?

Everything that I listed above, with the exception of the wife part (I love you Melinda!), are things that I experienced when first going through my first round. I remember how pumped I was to start P90X. I swore that nothing would stop me from achieving my goals, and nothing did, but it was harder than I expected. For some reason, around that 3 or 4 week mark you start to lose motivation. You’re making such a drastic change in your life that it’s a little uncomfortable, and if you’re not mentally strong and focused on your long term goals, then you can easily slip back into your old, unhealthy ways. The one thing that I had on my side was that I hate failing, so I literally won’t stop until I succeed. It doesn’t matter how many times I fail along the way, have to make adjustments, I will get to my end goal, period. Nothing, not negativity, not cravings, not friends or family, was going to get in my way from getting into the best shape of my life.

The main reason why I started P90X was because I absolutely hate the way I looked and felt. I remember looking in the mirror, disgusted with what I saw, and promising myself that I would do whatever it took to change, so that I could be confident in myself again. I can tell you all right now that there is not much better of a feeling than the sense of accomplishment that you experience after you complete your first 90 days of P90X. All that hard work, all that sacrifice, all those times when you drank water instead of beer, was worthwhile just for the sense of accomplishment and how you feel about yourself. When looking back, there is no way I could go back to my pre-P90X days. My life is forever changed because of this program.

Whenever you feel that you’re beginning to lose P90X motivation, take a second and reflect on the reasons why you started the workout program in the first place. More than likely, you were in the same situation as I was. Unfortunately, most people don’t have the mental strength to commit to 90 days of P90X, and quit at the first sign of struggle and being uncomfortable. If you quit, you’re letting yourself down, and you’re proving to the world that you’re weak. The most successful people that I have come across understand the importance of pushing through when things get tough because they see the light at the end of the tunnel. They know where they are going, and know there will be road blocks along the way, but they will do whatever it takes to break through or go around those barriers and achieve success. Don’t let yourself fall into the category that 95% of Americans do at the first sign of struggle and quit. Be that 5% who accomplishes what they set out to accomplish.

As a Beachbody Coach, I help people through the program by encouraging and supporting them. If you would like to make me your Beachbody Coach, click here. By the way, it’s free.


  1. Josh, you are an inspiration to me and I wanted to say thank you! I first began P90X in Nov’09 after seeing your video on YouTube. I had seen the infomercials many times but for some reason kept hesitating to take the plunge. Your results were nothing short of amazing and were what pushed me over the edge.

    I have worked out for most of my adult life, but never got the results I was looking for. Part of the problem for me was that I needed structure and discipline. Without that, it was too easy to skip workouts or create routines that were not balanced. Cardio was always my weak spot. Ok, to be honest I almost never did any cardio at all. I also needed to learn how to mix it up and not always do the same routines. I didn’t realize how much this would help with results and with preventing injury. With P90X, I had the structure I needed and stuck with the program through about week 8 (never missed a single workout and stuck with the nutrition plan) and was making good progress, losing only about 6 pounds overall but over 2 inches off the waist. This means I was maintaining and building some muscle while losing fat. My goal was to lose at least another 2 inches off the waist (which would put it at 32”) and get my body fat as low as possible. Then things got crazy at work and I was there sometimes 12-14 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week so the workout schedule fell apart. At least that was the excuse I used. The vending machine in the office started calling out my name again. On weekends the pizza delivery guy started showing up again. Let’s not discuss the red wine that went along with the pizza or the chocolate that came after the pizza…

    I re-started P90X from the beginning several times during 2010 but never got past the end of phase 1 and kept slipping back to my old ways. Just like you said, it’s almost like there’s a 3 or 4 week curse. But then in Jan’11, I lost my job. This is almost never a good thing, but it was time to make a change anyway and I will probably look back and see it as one of the best things that could have happened. The best part of this is that I suddenly had time to re-evaluate what’s really important in my life. The first thing I did is start spending more time with family and friends, because those relationships have suffered for years due to my crazy work schedule.

    After a week off, I got right back into week 1 of P90X. I’m wrapping up phase 1 now and ready for phase 2. After completing the 90 days, the goal is to modify and bulk up at least 10 pounds which I know will take serious commitment. I will re-read your posts on this. I will also look at mixing up the cardio routines (maybe Turbo Fire?).

    Wish me luck and keep posting updates!

  2. Josh,

    I went to the doc and he said it sould be ok if i do P90X, but he wasnt exactly a true believer in the program, neither are any family/friends, how will i go with it and the nutrition plan if i cant get the exact foods or motivation, it seemed u didnt have much, except for your wife, sound your friends thought you were ridiclous, and others, can you please help me?

    Thanks in advance,


  3. @Jason. A doctor wasn’t a believer in the program? Was he overweight? That really surprises me and makes absolutely no sense. Read this post:

  4. @Mike. It doesn’t matter what happened in the past, and you always have to focus on moving forward. You can complete the entire 90 days, just as long as you set your mind to it. It’s 100% a mental game! Those who are mentally strong have a HUGE reward coming to them, and that’s a new body, confidence, and a healthy lifestyle.

    Also, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by going to this link:

  5. I know, it was sad to see that even the doc was a nonbeliever, although he wasnt overweight he really wasnt underweight either, thanks for the post you sent me to it help a lot.

  6. Josh, I just followed the link and made you my coach. Phase 2 is now in progress and going great. There’s something to that “muscle memory” theory because the results seem to be coming faster than in the past. Also, I never thought I’d say this but some of the routines (including ARX) don’t make me sore at all anymore. I should not complain but will need to find ways to step up the intensity as things progress.

  7. @Mike. If you’re not getting sore, then make some adjustments. I have added a medicine ball and hand weights into my ab workout to continue getting sore.

  8. Aldrich /

    Hey Josh I was just wondering
    I am at the 1st month 2nd week of p90x and
    I’m going on a vacation with the family
    In the middle of the 2nd month of p90x.
    Eating healthy while on a vacation
    would be tough let alone doing
    the exercise. Would p90x still work if
    I freeze my p90x then when I get back
    start where I left of???
    Really need you advice:)

  9. Josh /

    @Aldrich. Yeah, that works. Remember, though, vacation is going to put you behind, so it might take a week or 2 for you to get back to where you were.

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