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P90X Results

If you haven’t seen my P90X results yet, you are going to be amazed! I will be the first to admit that my results from P90X are not typical, only because of how fast my results came along. In fact, I have only seen a few others have such a quick transformation. The reason for my quick results is mostly because of my weightlifting background. There is something called muscle memory in which your muscles develop faster when they have been trained in the past. However, muscle memory wasn’t the main reason why I had great P90X results. My diet and commitment were the major factors! I completely changed my diet and ate 100% healthy and also gave it 110% during the workouts. I can admit that there aren’t many people who can push themselves like I can. Here are some of my P90X before and after photos below:

Day 1 Front Flex

Cayman Trip Josh Pose

Day 1 Back

Day 400 Back

Can you get P90X results like mine? Yes! However, it might take you a little longer, but that doesn’t mean you won’t get there. Here are the key things to getting great P90X Results: (1) Clean, healthy diet! Like I mentioned above, you have to eat clean in order to see great results! That means following the P90X Nutrition Guide how it’s set up, including the proper fat/carb/protein percentages. (2) You need to be able to complete every workout! There is a balance of both cardio and resistance exercises in P90X, all designed perfectly to help you lose body fat and gain strength. You will develop muscles that you never realized you’ve had before! (3) Push yourself 110% during each workout! Too many people give up way too soon, and it’s very important that you push beyond your comfort zone. For example, if you think you can only get 2 more push-ups, push yourself to get 5 or 6 more. Think positive and believe that you can push yourself to get those last few reps and you will! (4) Find ways to keep yourself motivated! One thing that you can do is to periodically read my “Motivation” posts, which should give you a swift kick in the rear when you feel like giving up! (5) Make me your coach and stay in contact with me each week throughout your transformation. Here is the link to make me your coach for free:

It is possible to change your life and get into amazing shape with P90X! You just have to be the one to finally do something about it! So get off that couch, put down those potato chips and BRING IT!!


  1. Spencer /

    Hey Josh, I was just wondering something, I see you played college baseball and well, im a junior in high school and i play varsity baseball too and i was wondering if you had any suggestions on maybe doing p90x in a way that it helps me for baseball. i’m in the second round of p90x and have seen great results, but I dont know what exactly I should focus on as a baseball player. I try to do yoga as much as I can cuz I have flexibility issues and I know thats important in baseball but thats all I really know. Thanks man

  2. To be honest with you, just follow the program how it’s supposed to be followed and your strength, balance, quickness, and flexibility will all increase! Like I say all the time, I wish I knew about the program back when I was in HS and college. However, if you’re looking to increase strength, you could add in a few days of heavy lifting at the gym, which is what I have started to do recently. Make sure you focus on heavy weights and lower reps (8-10).

  3. Hey josh I just started yesterday I think your results are amazing I do have a background in lifting weight so I also know how crazy some diet guides are dosing the P90x nutrition guide work?

  4. Hey josh I just started yesterday I think your results are amazing I do have a background in lifting weight so I also know how crazy some diet guides are dosing the P90x nutrition guide wok

  5. Thanks bro! The P90X Nutrition Guide does work and is what I followed. If you struggle creating your own diet, the Club Membership creates meal plans for you.

  6. Hey Josh!
    What can females expect from doing P90X? I don’t see too many results on women and I was just wondering if I would just lose fat and look more toned?
    Which are still good things.
    Wow you look like a completely different person in your After photo!! Great job!!

  7. I have coached many women through the program who have gotten awesome results! If you go to the Success Stories section of this site, you will find a woman named Jenn who got awesome results!

  8. Hey Josh i want to say great work with P90X. I’m a junior in HS and i just started my phase two of P90X. I used to be extremely over weigh, I was 5’7″ 270lbs. I had started working out everyday on my own and within 6-7 months i dropped exactly 100lbs. Now I’m 5’9″ 170lbs. I want to know if P90X will help me get rid of or tighten the extra skin I have from losing so much?

  9. Hey man! Wow, congrats on the weight loss! Unfortunately, you won’t be able to tighten up the loose skin with P90X, but you will be able to lose any bit of body fat that you have left. If you’re interested in the program, you can purchase it from this site, and doing so will make me your coach and I’ll be here to help you through the program. Let me know if you have other questions man!

  10. hey Josh, Ross McDonald again. i am on my start of the 4th week of the first month of P90X. I love the workouts, all of them except the Yoga X. This is the hardest workout for me and I want to know if i really have to do this workout. I did the yoga for the first week and struggled with it. The weeks after that I had just did the Stretch X workout in place of the yoga and after i did the stretching I would do AB Ripper X along with it. My question is do i really have to do the Yoga or is what I’m doing enough?

  11. Ross, there are a ton of benefits of Yoga, and I highly recommend that you complete the workout. I hated it just as much as you do when I first started the program, but now it’s a workout I really enjoy!

  12. thank you so much for the information you have really been helping me out. I am up to 19 reverse grip pull ups now.

  13. Congrats man!

  14. Hey Josh, great results man. I just got p90x and I’m going to start the program soon! I know the nutrition guide is extremely helpful in reaching the results I want, but there’s problem..I am a vegetarian. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can eat in order to gain weight. (I am not overweight, just rather skinny)

  15. Josh /

    @Jai. Thanks bro. Since you’re a vegetarian, you’re going to have to make adjustments to most of the protein foods. Instead of getting your protein from meats, you’re going to have to get it from soy and whey protein. You can find quite a few soy products in the grocery store.

  16. Matteo /

    Hi, i am recovery from a broken foot injury early this summer. When i am done with physical therapy, i want to start P90x. Do you think there will be any issues with my foot?

  17. @Matteo. It all depends on how it heals bro. Plus, you want to make sure you talk to your doctor before beginning the program as well.

  18. Hey Josh, I have been using p90X for a while now and lost 72 pounds but, dont have the 6 pack abs yet. Ive been doing ab ripper X all 349 ab excersizes the hard way, and dont get sore anymore any tips on how to imporve my abs?
    Also i dont use any supplements, do you and are they beach body supplments if no what are they?
    Just for fun how weight do you lift during the Back and Bicepts rutines?

  19. @Tom. To answer your questions..

    (1) Start adding in more resistance to the workouts. I use either a medicine ball or small dumbbells.

    (2) You can find a list of supplements that I use and recommend in the “Q&A” section of this site.

    (3) I’m currently using 45 lbs dumbbells for all my bicep exercises.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here is the link to do so:

  20. Hey Josh, congrats! I im 14 and just started p90x. what workouts should I do each day and for how long to get best results?

  21. @Jake. You’re going to want to follow the normal schedule for P90X, which you will find in the Fitness Guide that you received.

  22. Hey Josh, those results are amazing! How many rounds of p90x did you do to get to those results??

  23. @Hugo. I lost 25 lbs and 10% body fat during my first round of P90X.

  24. Hey, I’m gonna be having my foot broken soon because it broke awhile back but healed wrong, or it messed up I don’t know the full story, but how long should I wait to Do p90X? Like how long after it heals? I think it takes like 8 weeks to heal.

  25. @Ryan. That’s something you will have to talk to your doctor about bro.

  26. Hey dude, I’m about to start with the program and one of my main concerns is about mixing it with heavy weights, to gain a little more mass I guess. I wanna know if during your first 90 days with the program you did this at all? And if you think it’s really worth it the first 90 days. I just got done with HS football and I’m 17. I’m used to lifting the bigger weights and I just wanna know… haha you’re body’s ridiculous man and I want it.

    Also during the whole program, what’s the heaviest in dumbbells you’ve had to use? Again like I said, I’m used to the heavy weights and I’d like to know so I have a good idea on what amount of weight to get (since I don’t have any).

    Thanks in advance bro

  27. @Rob. Hey bro! I actually didn’t add in any extra lifting on top of P90X during my first round of P90X. I waited until my second round to focus on gaining mass. If you’re looking to gain some mass, though, check out the gaining mass section, which will help you out. The heaviest weight I’ve used for the program is 95 lbs dumbbells, and that’s for the lawn mowers.

    Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, just click here to do so!

  28. Daniel Sanchez /

    I was wondering which workout did you follow the classic,lean or double?

  29. Josh /

    @Daniel. I followed the Classic for the first few months of my first round and then switched to Doubles during the remaining month.

  30. Hey josh, it’s the same rob from months ago, lol!

    Between certain things, and complications mostly… I was never able to start P90x. Long story short, I broke my hand and was put on recovery for a while. School was ending too and my focus had to shift for a bit. Things piled up and I physically haven’t had the chance to start. In this whole time though I’ve gotten a lot of the things I need to get going (dumbbell set [100 lbs each], pull up bar, and the obvious DVD set) but not all, so here’s where my questions come in.

    My main concerns are the supplements. I always had planned on doing doubles my first round, and taking creatine after the first 30 days in. I’ve taken before so I know one I’m comfortable with. My question is the protein, I used to take one called monster milk and I was really happy with, but i’m sure there’s something better suited for this routine.

    All in all, based off what I’ve told you, I wanna know what I need left; what am I missing and what do I need to do first to get started on this (it’s been a while since I bought the DVD’s and when I wanted to start, so I’m a little lost).

    I more motivated than ever, like you can’t understand lol, and I can’t wait to really change my life around.

    And yes, I will make you my coach lol.

  31. Josh /

    @Rob. Sorry to hear about your hand brother! I had that happen a few years back and it knocked me out of commission for a good 3 months. I had to have surgery on mine, though. To answer your questions..

    You need to get a high quality whey protein isolate, and Isopure is what I use. Also, I’m a little confused about what else you’re asking.

  32. Rob /

    Don’t worry, I figured my words got a little jumbled up.

    I just wanted to know (a bit of laziness of my part for not looking elsewhere) before I pop a DVD in for the first time, what else do I need to do before getting started..?

    Ex: My diet, any physical tests I gotta do, set up a type of schedule…

    What should my game plan be going into this; what did you do before you first got started? And this was the second time I broke it, first needed surgery, same story different day, I feel ya!

  33. Josh /

    @Rob. You will need a pull-up bar and either some free weights or dumbbells. Also, you’re going to want to follow the Nutrition Guide that comes with the program. As far as anything else, just be ready to BRING IT! Also, whenever you have any other questions, shoot me a message on Facebook since it’s much easier to communicate on there. Just “Like” the page and then message me!

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