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Positive Little Things for Success!

As most of you already know, I attended the Game Plan event in Chicago this past weekend. When the event was over, we all were given a book to read called The Slight Edge. Since I had over a 7 hour car ride back home, I decided to read through most the book, and there was one particular part stuck out in my mind, and that’s doing small little positive things now that lead to a successful future. I already brushed the surface about this during one of the previous posts called “Patience is a Virtue,” but I didn’t really go into detail like I will now.

One of the problems with our society is that we focus on what is happening now, instead of what will happen in the future with every action that we take. For example, when just starting a new workout or diet program like P90X, the majority of people will expect to see results right away. This narrow minded thinking causes people to quickly get discouraged, quit the program, and go on with their unhealthy ways. As a coach, I’ve seen it hundreds of times. However, take a second and think about the people that have had great success with P90X, like Tommy Mygrant, Jeffrey Armbruster, Mark Briggs, Robert Hudgens, Barbie Decker, and on and on. Each of these people who have had tremendous success all have one thing in common, and that’s that they have focused on the bigger picture instead of what was happening now. Tommy at his heaviest was around 280lbs, which is about the time he started P90X. As an obese but determined man, do you think he started P90X and thought to himself after the first day that since he didn’t see amazing results he should quit? Hell no! Tommy knew that it would take a lot of dedication and hard work to both the diet and workouts on a consistent basis if he wanted to make a great change for the future. Tommy and I are a lot alike in that we set super high goals, and understand that it takes time to reach those goals! He truly believed that he would be one of the most successful weight loss stories ever, and guess what, he did it! He knew and understood that it might take him a year to reach his goal, but he was going to do little positive things every day to reach it.

It isn’t a surprise that everyone I mentioned above and myself have all have success with the Beachbody coaching business either. Are you starting to notice a pattern? The people who have had great success with their transformations have built a successful business as well! Why? First of all, starting your own business is highly comparable to starting your own fitness journey, or a program like P90X. You start out at the complete bottom and then work your way to the top. Your determination, hard work, commitment, and ability to make sacrifices every single day all have an affect on how quickly you reach the top. We are a rarity. We completely understand the amount of effort it takes to reach the top, and don’t let any obstacle or any negativity keep us from reaching that goal. Will we fail along the way? Yes, of course. However, we learn from our failures and move on, making the necessary adjustments to make sure that that particular failure doesn’t happen again. Most people get discouraged when they fail, and don’t have the mental toughness to move forward. We are different.

Second, we pay no attention to immediate results because they don’t exist. From working eight to ten hours today on coaching, I won’t see any results in my income or growth tomorrow. So why work eight to ten hours? Because I know that it will have a HUGE impact on how successful I am in a year, two years, 5 or 10 years from now! If you eat a Big Mac every day will you notice a difference the next day? Probably not. However, in a year or two you might find that your cholestorol and weight have increased. These tiny negative actions lead to a bigger negative outcome in the future. I have super high goals for myself, and will do little positive things every single day to build up a successful future, and you need to do the same. I don’t picture what my life will be like tomorrow, but what it will be like in the future, and that’s why I’ve had success with everything that I’ve done, from my fitness transformation to my Beachbody Coaching Business.

If you are someone who focuses on immediate results, take a second to think about this post and how it can affect what you do from now on. I can tell you right now that if you stop focusing on what is happening now, and focus on imroving little things from day to day, you will have success wtih everything that you do. Again, you will fail from time to time, but stay mentally tough and learn from your mistakes. You are in control of your future!


  1. Pondsy /

    Rather timely post Josh, as far as it applies to my situation at both work and fitness. It’s been a rough couple of months. Being self employed, I’ve learned the hard way just what it can take to break through some obstacles. Keep up the good work and congrats on your success with Beach Body!

  2. Christina /

    Josh, you are such an inspiration and success story. I notice that your results are atypical and not many people get them as fast as you. I believe that it is because you truly followed a diet plan and most people don’t. I’m struggling with this aspect of p90x the most. I am only 18 have a husband and a 3 month old. My husband tends to love fried unhealthy foods and i have a difficult time cooking two different meals. What would you recomend that I do? He loves southern country meals and I’m puerto rican so i love rice, salmon, red beans. I have stopped drinking pop and now love raw spinach salad but as far as eating healthy that’s all I do.

  3. The most important thing to remember is to adjust what you’re doing to figure out what works. Too many people stay on the same path, which just leads to failure. I’m glad my post helped.

  4. It’s very tough to be in a situation where you want to lead a healthy lifestyle and your partner doesn’t. I am very fortunate in that my fiance wants to eat just as healthy as I do. If you’re serious about getting into shape, you will have to follow a healthy diet. If not, you will get discouraged and fall back to your old ways. Really, all I can tell you is to try to get your husband to understand your goals, and if he can’t then shame on him. If you truly love someone, you should support them with anything they want to do.

  5. Josh,

    Well said…I just completed Day 9 and can honestly say that I just saw the Light. Let me explain…

    In what now seems like a previous life, I was in rather great shape and very active in football and basketball and my eight years in the Army kept me very fit. I have been out of the Army for about 5 years now and over the years, I began gaining weight. When this would happen I would work out for a while and it would come off. Never really changing the core problem, more or less just stuck in a cycle! However, after hitting 30 over a year ago the ability to “quickly” take off the weight seemed to just stop working.

    Anyway, as it relates to your post…on day 6 I weighed in and felt somewhat discouraged that I had only lost 2 pounds. I know that seems silly but as one who used to see faster results, it sucked. But I decided to keep pushing play, trying to focus on more reps and greater intensity.

    My first try at Plyo in week 1 didn’t go that well, I had to push pause so many times it almost became a two hour workout. My revelation occurred this evening when I completed Plyo and realized that I didn’t hit pause once, didn’t stop once, and did every single movement step for step with the video! As I stood there in a good sweat, it hit me that this is what the X is all about, these small accomplishments that will ultimately lead you to where you want to go! Instead of focusing on the now….I’m just going to enjoy the ride getting there and keep improving with each and every day!

  6. I’m glad to hear that my post had an impact on you, because that’s exactly what I was aiming for when I wrote it. It’s so important to understand that results will not come over night, but rather by doing consistent positive little things that when all added up will help you reach your goals. As long as you commit yourself to the workouts, push yourself, dedicate to the diet, and stay positive, you will see results. Most people fail because they can’t do all of these things together, or get too caught up in immediate results. I’m glad to hear that you have discovered “it!” Keep me updated!

  7. Kimberly /

    Hey Josh,

    I saw your video on youtube and congrats on your success with P90x! Definitely an inspiration. I’m just starting out and I purchased the the chin up bar along with my program. It fits my door frame, but I was wondering do you have to use the anchors to help stabilize it in the door frame? I’d prefer not to screw anything into the door frame if possible. Also do you have a recommendation on which set of push up bars I should purchase? Is the basic push up stands good or would I do better with the power stands?


  8. No, you don’t have to screw the anchors into the frame. I don’t. Also, the PowerStands provide a little more balance and allow for a greater range of motion, so I would go with those. You can purchase those from this site. Let me know if you have other questions.

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