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Resisting Temptations

beerI decided to write a post on resisting temptations because it’s one of the hardest trials that you’ll go through when trying to commit to a workout program. In fact, it just plain sucks. There’s really no other way to put it because it’s very tough to go from eating like crap every single day to eating 100% clean without cheating on your diet at all. I would know because I went through it while going through my first round of P90X. Before P90X, I was that guy who ate a bowl of cookie dough ice cream 3 times a week, and it was a heaping bowl topped with half a bottle of Hershey’s chocolate hard shell. Real healthy for me, I know. Every time I went out to eat I got fried chicken fingers and french fries, and if I ever got anything else, it was either pizza or white pasta like fettuccine alfredo. We were also always on the go because of traveling so much for baseball, so fast food was my best friend. My point? I sat 3 years ago where you might be now sitting today, and look at the changes I made for myself.

I am happy to say that I committed 100% to the P90X Nutrition Guide during my first round of P90X and didn’t cheat. I pretty much quit eating junk food cold turkey, and it was tough because it was such a drastic change for me. I was just tired of the way I looked and felt, and knew the only way to change that was by committing myself to the entire P90X program, and that’s exactly what I did. When you go from eating crap all day every day for years to eating nothing but healthy food, your body gets confused at what the heck is going on. I would have countless cravings of sugar, and the only thing I could do is eat a piece of fruit or just ignore it. I usually chose the latter because I had already had my fruit serving for the day, and it was not an enjoyable experience, but I did it for myself. The cravings lasted for a few months, but once I started seeing more and more results, I had less and less cravings. I guess my body adjusted to my new healthy lifestyle. I still have cravings every once in a while, but now I have Shakeology to help with that.

One issue that you will face is temptations from friends and family. If you’re anything like me, you enjoy eating out, and we like to eat out every Friday as a family. One thing that you will discover is that you will constantly be made fun of, ridiculed, because of your new lifestyle change, even from friends and family, which is unfortunate. 98% of people won’t understand why you’re “putting yourself through it.” You’ll have buddies order a pizza just to rub it in your face, friends call you a sissy for ordering a water at the bar, and family try to get you to eat unhealthy food so that you can be “normal” again. How do I know? Because every single one of these has happened to me, and continue to happen to me. You’re going to learn that when you begin doing something great for yourself, such as living a healthy lifestyle, there are always going to be people who will try to ruin it. They don’t do it because they think you’re doing the wrong thing, they do it because you’re going in a different direction than them. I’ve even seen some people post undeserved remarks about others on Facebook and Twitter because of this. They will do anything they can to make your life miserable and bring you back down to their level. However, instead of letting it get to you, laugh, shrug it off, and understand why these people do the things they do, and that’s to make themselves feel better. Really, if anything, you should feel bad that they have nothing else better to do than try to bring you down.

Resisting temptations is tough, but something that you will have to do if you want to make a positive change in your life, especially regarding health and fitness. If you want something bad enough, you will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. If I can go from eating nothing but crap food every single day to eating 100% clean, then so can you. It’s all mental, and if you truly believe that you can reach your goal, your mind will pave the way to success. Don’t let anything or anybody stop you from accomplishing what you believe is right.

If you would like to talk about resisting temptations and need help, you can make me your coach by clicking here.


  1. Coach,
    Great post!! You should write a book someday!! I’ll definitely buy it!!!

  2. Great post, and something I’ve definitely struggled with recently. This is also yet another reason to stop drinking during P90X – whenever I drink (which usually runs me around 1500-2000 calories a night), it is inevitably followed by a trip to the local burger place. Temptation includes more than just ignoring the random cookie/candy/soda you see, but also means you can’t put yourself in a position where you’ll be likely to cheat on your diet.

  3. This was a very touching post. Thanks coach! I needed the motivation 🙂

  4. @Alan. Glad it helped!

  5. @Luke. Glad the post helped bro!

  6. @Adam. Thanks bro! I might just have to do that!

  7. hey man i had started p90x january 1st and have been following nutrition plan (fat shredder for all phases) i started 6’2′ 218 pounds and im down to 195 so i know its working but my muscles aren’t hardening real well. I get plenty of protein and bring it during the workouts. i started the program in decent shape but just need to know will the results really start to come out in phase 3? once it gets warmer here im going to mountain bike along with the workouts because although im losin weight i still have a beer belly, but hopefully with time it will happen? so just please words of advice and encouragement. if i continue to follow the program through june 1st exactly how it is will i see big results because im going to dominican republic? thanks josh

  8. @Jaime. What is your diet like? Are you following the P90X Nutrition Guide 100%? If not, you need to be. Also, am I your coach? If not, you can make me your coach by going to this link:

  9. i will add you as my coach but it consists usually of course mix it up but morning…….egg whites, protein shake, banana, v8 low sodium…….snack usually beef jerky and low fat string cheese…….lunch turkey sandwich on wheat with carrots……snack yogurt lowfat………dinner usually chicken with vegetable and protein before i go to bed with also drinking recovery drink after workout?

  10. @Jamie. How many calories is that? And what is the ratio of fat/carbs/protein?

  11. about 1800 calories with it consisting of 20/20/60 right now. by the way the p90x recovery drink is AWESOME anyone who doesnt have it order it from here! i will order it from your site now tastes amazing

  12. i mean dont get me wrong losing 25 pounds in less than two months is great i think i just have a small layer of fat over my abs that im tryin to get rid of……my endurance is high enough do you think i should do doubles for the last phase if i really want to start seein more definition and keeping my ration like that? honestly i have only had a cheat meal two or three times since i started in january other than that ive been straight up following the program

  13. @Jamie. You can try doing Doubles, but usually it takes just adjustments to your diet to get out of that plateau. Really, you might want to increase the carbs slightly. Are you low on energy throughout the day?

  14. jamie /

    honestly man i feel pretty energetic, i use to rely on mt dew daily, now im feelin good. but ya i will try to get a few more carbs in me. as i stated earlier im in the best shape that i’ve been in for awhile but i think you see someone like yourself get crazy results after 40 days and you wonder when your time is coming. I just need to keep pushing play and stay strict and i think it will come. My whole thing is i’ve gotten a lot more defined through the arms, but my chest hasn’t cuffed like i would like and again i have that small layer of fat over my stomach. but thanks again for all your motivation man

  15. Mike /

    Great Post that was my problem resisting all the crap but im getting better at resisting temptation. I am starting P90x tomorrow and going the whole way and also do you have any motivation tips to keep me going through the three months Thanks.

  16. Josh /

    @Mike. I’ve got a TON of motivation articles already on this site that I wrote. Check these out:

    Also, make sure you follow me on Facebook!

  17. Olive /

    I’ve been through alll of that, and I keep caving in.
    But now that I’ve read this I’ve somehow JUST FOUND a strong will.
    I’m in highschool, all my friends eat unhealthy things like McDonald’s, BurgerKing, Taco Bell- fast food, fast food, fast food.
    I’m on my 4th week and saw some results that I was happy with, but now, thinking, I regret caving in on the slice of pizza, piece of cake and that sip of Coke.. I could had MUCH better result. This is an eye-opener.
    Thank you for this, every time a temptation comes up, I’ll think of this and say no.

  18. Josh /

    @Olive. Great to hear! COMMIT!

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