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Success Brings Negativity

It’s pretty interesting really, the more you succeed, the more than people want to try to tear you down and get under your skin. Recently, I’ve had a number of people contact me, saying that they have decided to make a positive change in their lives by choosing to work out and eat healthy every day, but the negativity that’s surrounding them keeps increasing. Many of them are saying that their family doesn’t support their new healthy habits, their friends are making fun of them and trying to get them to revert back to their old unhealthy ways, and that they just don’t know what to do, and that’s when they come to me for help. It’s easy for me to help them out, though, because I’ve been in the exact same situation, but not just with the health side of it either, but also with our business success as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing something good for yourself or not, there are always going to be people who try to tear you down. What they don’t know, though, is that you’re not going to let it bother you! Why? I’ll explain below.

Let’s start with friends and a family tearing you down for you new choice to make a positive change for your health. Let’s say you begin P90X, commit yourself entirely to the workouts and the diet, you begin losing weight and looking and feeling better, but your third week in your friends start to make fun of you, trying to get you to go drink beer and eat pizza while playing late night video games. Why are they doing this? What do you do? It’s easy to explain, really. It’s called JEALOUSY! When your friends start to notice that you’re getting into good shape and that they aren’t, they begin to become jealous. They want what you have, but aren’t willing to put the commitment in to make the change, so what do they do? They have to tear you down, try to get you to go back to being unhealthy so that they feel better themselves. You’re going to find that your true friends will stick out in these circumstances and support you 100%. When situations like this arise, what you do is say something like, “Hey man, I’m finally looking and feeling great and doing something good for myself, how about you stop ripping on me and start supporting me because either way, I’m not changing.”

Let’s say that you live at home and want to make a change, but your parents don’t support your choice to get into shape. What do you do? This is a tough one, and what I suggest is that you sit your parents down and explain to them the reasons you’re doing this. That you don’t want to have health problems when you’re older, you want to be able to live an active lifestyle, and the only way for you to be able to do so is with their support. Also, try to talk to them about joining you because you want them to be able to live healthy and enjoy life with you, and that you worry about the path that they are heading down. I did this with both of my parents, and now they are doing P90X, using Shakeology every day, and are extremely healthy people! In fact, my dad ended up losing about 40 lbs once he committed himself! Talk to them and if they are good parents, they will listen to and support you.

Last, this is one I want to talk about because it’s constantly happening to Melinda and I, and it seems to increase the more and more successful we become. Melinda and I have both become very successful Beachbody Coaches and don’t have to worry about anything financially, but the more we succeed, the more there are people out there attempting to tear us down and bring us down to their level. What they don’t know, though, is that we are a STRONG, SUPPORTIVE family, and just brush these instances off like they are nothing. We understand why they do what they do and accept it. We don’t let it bother us in any way whatsoever, and honestly, just laugh when it happens. I don’t care what they attempt to do, NOTHING will come in the way of my family and I, and they WON’T be able to bring us down. We are doing something we are passionate about doing, are helping people in the process doing GOOD in the world, and if they have an issue with that and try to bring us down to their level, then I really do feel sorry for them because they must be living sad, lonely lives. Nothing they say, nothing they do, will be able to affect us negatively, and that’s the approach that you have to take when dealing with issues like these.

What it all comes down to is that negatively will happen, will surround you the more you succeed, but you just have to understand the reasons why people do what they do. Just let it go in one ear and out the other, not letting it bother you in any way. Don’t give these people the satisfaction of knowing that they got to you because that’s what they want. Believe and know that what you’re doing is the right thing, and if so, nothing will be able to take you off that path.

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  1. Alihan Yildirim /

    This is such a great post!

    I’ve ditched all my lousy friends who were dragging me along with them into an unhealthy lifestyle. My parents threw away my protein and creatine every time I bought them because they were “harmful”. I kept fighting back and kept buying the supplements. I did this about 4 times before my parents finally gave up and I knew those guys weren’t my true friends because they never called to check up and see how I was or never came round to hang out.

    Now that the arrogance with my parents has died now and my friends carry on hating, my mum has given up smoking, my dad always makes it a priority to start his day off with a smoothie and they both exercise regurlarly. I actually found new friends who I play sports with regularly and on top of that, all the positivity and confidence won me a scholarship to go to one of the best universities in the UK. Oh and I also have a 6 pack which I have never had in my life 😉

    Moral of the story??

    Keep climbing the mountain and when you get high enough, the negativity will just echo into the distance because you will too high up to hear it 😉

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