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Supporting Others With P90X

When I was on the phone the other day with a coach in my downline, we got on the topic about having the support of others while going through a program like P90X. It got brought up because he has a customer who is going through P90X, but her husband doesn’t support her healthy eating habits and working out. This is unfortunate because just like a recovering drug addict, if they are constantly around people who do drugs after they return home, chances are they aren’t going to remain clean and go back to their old ways. If you are trying to commit yourself to a healthy diet and stay consistent with your workouts, it’s going to be tough if you have someone right there eating junk food and not working out at all. This is the topic of todays’ post.

I have talked about this before, but there are many people that will do anything to tear you down and make you feel guilty for choosing a healthy lifestyle, and sometimes those people might happen to be the people closest to you, like your husband or wife. First of all, these type of people who can’t support you have issues of their own. The reason they ridicule you or make you feel guilty is not because you are doing something wrong, but rather because they have to do something to make themselves feel better about their unhealthy lifestyle. This makes it very hard for you to remain committed, and can even start many arguments between couples. When you make the decision to change your unhealthy lifestyle by beginning a program like P90X, your husband, wife, or significant other should be there to support you 100%. For one, you are doing this so that you can be around longer for that person and your children if you have any. Second, you are doing this for yourself, so that you can feel confident about the way you look and feel, which can help many areas of your life, like your job and relationships with others. For them to not support you for doing something positive is terrible, and I honestly have no respect for these type of people. Unfortunately, even though I don’t have respect for these people doesn’t mean they won’t be around me, but there are ways that I can deal with them.

Hopefully you aren’t in the point of your relationship that you’re already married and your husband/wife doesn’t support you, which is the worse case scenario. If you’re not in a serious relationship, someone not being able to support you for trying to change your life for the better is a sign of some serious issues to come if you would happen to marry that person in the future. Fortunately, you can easily walk away from the relationship and find someone that will support you with everything you do. However, if you’re married, it makes things a little tougher. Obviously, you’re not going to be able to get away from these people because you live with them, but there are some things that you can do. For one, you can sit down and talk with this person about how you would like them to get on board with you and support you for your decision to change your life. Sometimes people at first don’t understand how important this is to you, and when you can get them to understand how important it really is, then they will usually lighten up or even jump on board with you. If they still don’t understand, then shame on them, and this will lead to many, many issues.

One issue this can lead to is a financial issue. Why? If you’re husband/wife eats unhealthy, they surely aren’t going to want to eat the same foods as you, so you can easily be purchasing double the amount of food, which, obviously, can get very expensive. Another issue, like I mentioned above, is that there can be arguments, which can push you apart from each other. If you are the one who has decided to change your unhealthy ways, then you are going to have a hard time dealing with the fact that your significant other can’t support you. If you hold your feelings in, this can lead to built up tension, and it only takes some time before you just let it out, and usually it’s not pretty when this happens. I know a few people with this issue, and it has led to many problems in the relationship.

Unfortunately, if you are someone that has a significant other that will not support you even after explaining to them how important this is to you, then there is nothing really you can do. If you’re someone that doesn’t support your husband/wife for their change in lifestyle, then you need to take a second and think about how this will affect your relationship. If you still don’t want to accept that they are trying to change themselves for the better, and you can’t support them, then shame on you.


  1. lordsfavor /

    I once heard that the definition of insane is doing the same thing you have always done,but expecting different results. Most people only say ” I’m gonna do some changes,but in reality change isn’t change until it produces change. Anything worth while is going to cost you something. If you want different results than your getting, you will always have to do something you’ve never done before. First you need to belive in your self period. Secondly surround yourself with people who will help you “run with the vision”

    {Matthew 14:22-28}
    When the Lord Jesus came to the deciples walking on the water, all the deciples saw the same thing, yet there was only one who said ” Lord if it be you , bid me come” The Lord’s response was ” Come Peter ”
    Peter visualized himself Walking on the Water and he got out of the boat and walked to Jesus. The other deciples could have responded the same as Peter did, but chose to stay behind. Peter got out of his comfort zone, we should all support each other and encourage one another to “step out of the boat” and if we are there for one another, so what if we sink, we’ll be there to lift each other back up…

    Good wisdom Josh.
    Bless you.

  2. Mark Emery /

    that brings up a lot of good points man. I have a story:

    When I first got insanity, I was doing all of these goofy things in front of the TV, all my little brothers and sisters were laughing (kids, right?) anyway it’s been almost a week and now they are all supporting me and helping me count how many reps I do etc. My little sister even tries to join in with me (cutest thing ever, she’s 6). Same thing with my day 1’s, When I posted them I got nothing but friends saying why would I post that up. Plus a bunch of “squishy” comments. haha. Point is when it all breaks down, you are the man of your own destiny, sooner or later their mind will change because they will notice the difference. You need to push through all doubt. Like you said, Josh. People make fun of you etc. because of how far away their lifestyle is. You get out of your comfort zone and they’ll be there to bash on you the whole way, making it almost unbearable. Such is insanity, the workouts are almost unbearable but you push through anyway. (yes I am waddling like a penguin right now, I can’t even get out of a car or go up stairs without holding on to everything in my path.)

    Point is guys. Don’t worry about what the other people say, in the end all you can rely on is you. Be your own man (or woman) and PUSH THROUGH!

  3. Christina /

    Thank you Josh. I had been gowing through this a few weeks ago and felt like i had no support. I sat down with my husband and explained to him that it was important to me to get back in shape and that if he cared about me he would understand and not put me down for trying to better myself. He is trying to support me and sometimes even works out with me! Thank you for giving me the courage to stand up to him. You are an inspiration and are lucky yo have a fiance that supports you 🙂

  4. Josh /

    Hey Christina! I’m glad to hear that you sat down with him to explain how you felt because most people don’t do so, and just let it build up inside, which obviously isn’t good. A great partner is someone who supports you with everything you do!

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