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Taking Control of Your Life: Part 2

cayman-islandsThe other day I made a post called “Taking Control of Your Life,” and it got so long that I decided to break it into two parts. Like I talked about in the last post, so many people have lost control of their lives, and most to the point where they feel there is no hope to improve. It doesn’t matter how deep of a hole you have dug yourself in, there is ALWAYS hope! You just have to believe there is hope. Once you discover that belief, that is when your mind will pave the way for you to succeed. There is nobody else out there that can get you out of trouble, whether it be with debt, relationships, or your job, other than yourself. YOU are in complete control of the outcome, whether it be success or failure.

I ended the post last week talking about a few things that you could do to begin improving different aspects of your life, starting with reading personal development books. The next thing that you can do is start creating specific short term, medium term, and long term goals for yourself and WRITING THEM DOWN. Let’s start with short term. Short term goals are goals that you can complete in a day or even a week. For my short term goals, I create something called a “To-Do-List.” I believe that EVERYONE should have a to-do-list, regardless if you are already successful or not. A mentor of mine sat down and talked to me about the importance of this, and since they day I have created a to-do-list every day. The first thing I did was head over to Office Max and purchased a 3’X2′ dry-erase board and hung it in my living room so that I could see it every day. I write down my short term goals on it, one’s that I must complete within the day and week. By creating short term goals and completing them every single day and week, there is no way that I am not moving forward with my business. Remember, it’s working on improving every aspect of your life every single day that’s going to determine whether your future is a bright one or not.

Next, you need to create something I call medium term goals. Medium term goals are goals that can be completed from  1-6 months. For example, in 6 months from now I have a goal to be a 15 Star Diamond Beachbody Coach, and by creating that goal and writing it down, I stay focused on reaching that goal. Another example could be a weight loss goal. Let’s say in 3 months (length of P90X) your goal is to lose 35 lbs. By writing it down, your mind will pave the way for you to accomplish it. When I was going through my first round of P90X, my medium term goal was to complete the 90 days without cheating on the diet or missing a work out. I completed that goal and got outstanding results.

Last, you need to write down your long term goals. Long term goals are goals that can be completed in greater than 6 months to many years. For example, you can create a goal for yourself to completely get out of debt in 2 years. I encourage you to write down your long term goals in BIG letters on your dry-erase board and NEVER erase them! 7 months ago I created the goal to be Top Beachbody Coach of 2010, wrote it down on my dry-erase board, and it’s still there to this day! Wouldn’t you know it, right now I’m in first place in the Top Coach Contest. Whether I make Top Coach or not, writing down that goal kept me focused on what I had to do every day in order to reach it.

These are things that you can begin doing now if you’re struggling with things and looking for a way to finally take control of your life. Remember, focus on personal development and always, always write down your short term, medium term, and long term goals! If you start doing these things, I can assure you that your life will begin to change for the better.

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  1. Josh,

    Awesome suggestions to write your goals down. I’ve been hearing this for years and have finally listened. I’ve started to write down my short term and long terms goals and review them daily. I’ve even taken it as far as to clip out photos of things that represent my goals for my Physique and Business. I will totally recommend this post. Thanks!

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