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Think Your Way to Success!

Many of you have always wondered how I have been so successful with both the coaching business and my P90X transformation. It all comes down to one thing: positive thinking. This quote from David Scwartz, the author of “The Magic of Thinking Big,” sums it all up..

“Think success, don’t think failure. At work, in your home, substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation, think, ”I’ll win,” not ”I’ll probably lose.” When you compete with someone else, think, ”I’m equal to the best,” not ”I’m out-classed.” When opportunity appears, think ”I can do it,” never ”I can’t. Let the master thought ”I-will-succeed” dominate your thinking process. Thinking success conditions your mind to create plans that produce success. Thinking failure does the exact opposite. Failure thinking conditions the mind to think other thoughts that produce failure.”

You know what the problem is with the majority of people? They always think “I’ll lose,” or “I can’t do this.” Years of negative thinking has conditioned their minds to thinking that way permanently. I was falling into that trap until my father opened my eyes. I’ll never forget the moment this happened. He came into my room when I was around 16 years old and threw a book onto my bed. He didn’t ask if I wanted to read it, he told me to read it. I always listened to my father, so instead of sitting there arguing, I picked up the book and started reading it. That was the moment my life changed. Do you know what book it was? It was “The Magic of Thinking Big.” After reading through it, I realized that I had become a negative person. I didn’t like the way I looked, I was always down, I felt sorry for myself, and I had the “I can’t attitude” instead of “I can.” After reading through the book, I now had the “I can” attitude, and it’s stuck with me ever since.

Being a fitness coach, I hear people all the time tell me they “can’t,” when the truth is that they really can. The only thing holding them back is themselves. It’s not their boss, it’s not their family, it’s not their spouse, it’s themselves. People need something or someone to blame for their failures, and that’s why they blame others. You are in control of your life and can achieve anything you want to. If you want to change, then change. There is nothing stopping you. How bad do you want it? Do you want to be unhealthy for the rest of your life? Do you want to struggle with bills for the rest of your life? Nobody wants any of these, so why not start being positive today? You are no different than I am. The only difference is that I truly believe I can succeed where maybe you don’t, but you can change that.

How do you become a positive person? It starts with analyzing the way you think. Are you a negative person? When you talk to other people, do you bring up a negative subject? Do you post negative comments or status updates on your Facebook? When an opportunity arises, do you say, “There is no way I can do this.”?  Chances are, many of you do. Instead of talking about something negative when you get together with someone, talk about a something that’s enjoyable. Instead of posting on Facebook that your life sucks and that you’re having a bad day, why not post something positive, like “Today is going to be a great day!” Instead of automatically assuming that you will fail when presented with an opportunity, why not think, “Well, just maybe I can do this!” ? If you condition your mind to be positive, then you will continue to be positive and succeed with many more things in life!

I can go on and on about this subject, but I’ll stop here so you all can digest what I posted. This is important stuff people! Start thinking positive, and I guarantee you that you’re life will begin to change for the better. Remember, you can do anything you set your mind to!


  1. Well said Josh! I agree 100%! It’s amazing how many people wear their negativity on their sleeve! It’s a shame! I’m awaiting the arrival of the book “The Magic of Thinking Big” you suggested and can’t wait to read it!! Thanks for the post!

  2. Braden Traub /

    “Are you ready to be in a loving and happy relationship? Nobody wants any of these, so why not start being positive today?”

    Might want to edit that. I have a feeling that’s not quite what you meant. 😉

  3. Josh /

    @Braden. Thanks for the heads up. I made the change.

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