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Timing of Results

I saw this on the thread this evening, so I thought it would be a great topic to discuss, and that is the speed of noticing changes in your body.

As you all noticed, and even talked about already, I experienced EXTREMELY quick changes in my body, and there are quite a few reasons for that.

(1) Way before I started the X, when I was playing college baseball, I worked out every day, including lifting and cardio. However, I never got great results with working out, and that was because I plateaued and never knew how to get beyond that. Yes, I gained quite a bit of mass from heavy lifting, but I never got “ripped.” As someone said in the thread tonight, once your body has experienced muscle growth from constant exercise and then fall out of shape, the muscles “remember” the previous exercising and tend to develop a little faster. Let me remind you all that my results are abnormal, and most people will not experience this!

(2) Even though I had “muscle memory” on my side, I still had to put in a RIDICULOUS amount of hard work and dedication! Getting into this kind of shape was not easy for me, far from it. I went above and beyond what was expected of me, and that’s why I got great results. I consistently ate clean, doubled up my workouts, and remained committed every day to the program. I am where I am today because of the goals I set for myself, and the amount of time and effort I spent in reaching them.

Like I mentioned, most of you are not going to experience quick results like I did. Change is a process, and you have to remain committed to the program if you want to succeed, and yes, that means EATING CLEAN and keeping dedicated to the workouts. If you can commit yourself 100%, then you will eventually get to where I am today, but it may just take you a little longer. So if you don’t experience a 30 day transformation like I did, don’t get down on yourself! Remain positive, and keep focused on working towards your goals!

Coach Josh

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