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Using Time as an Excuse

ClockOne of the most common excuses that I hear is “I have no time to work out!” Before I even get into what I think about this, most of you should already know how I feel if you read my posts on a daily basis. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of excuses, and feel that the world would be much better off if nobody made them! However, that’s not reality and people still do make excuses. For those of you who use time as an excuse not to work out (and many of you do), it’s time to understand that you do have time, you just don’t make it! After reading this post, you will no longer be able to use time as an excuse!

When I was going through my first round of P90X, I was a Financial Adviser at the time and worked 12-14 hours a day. There were some nights that I wouldn’t get home until 10 or 11 PM, and I still hadn’t eaten dinner or worked out. Even though I could have easily used time as an excuse, working out was a priority and I made sure I completed my workout, even if it was late at night. I remember some nights that I didn’t even get to work out until 1 AM! When I started P90X, I vowed not to skip any days and commit myself 100% to the program, and I was not going to let anything stop me from doing so.

Most of you have time, but you just think you don’t. One of the problems is that many people don’t know how to prioritize their schedules. What you need to do is sit down and write down all the things that you do throughout the day. You will quickly find out that you have a lot of wasted time. Next, you need to write down what your priorities are and fit them into your daily routine. Go out and purchase a scheduler and plan your days ahead of time. Melinda and I sit down every night and plan out tomorrows’ agenda. Once I started doing this, I accomplished much more throughout the day! Working out IS a priority, and something that should be incorporated into your schedule every day.

There are very, very few people that truly don’t have much time to workout, whether it be because of kids and work or whatever reason, but just a short amount of time is good enough. Tony Horton came out quick workout called 10 Minute Trainer for those of you who really don’t have much time to work out during the day. Now I don’t know about you all, but if you can’t find 10 minutes to work out, then there is something wrong! 10 Minute Trainer is an excellent program for those who have busy lives and just can’t take an hour or so to work out each day. Some of you might have newborn babies that make it tough to work out for an hour, and TMT is perfect for that!

If you feel there is no time to work out, no matter how busy your lives are, there are ways to find time to work out. You might have to make a few adjustments to your schedule or shorten your workouts, but not having enough time is not a legitimate excuse! Make exercising part of your routine!

Learn more about 10 Minute Trainer by clicking below!

10 Minute Trainer


  1. Great post man, I’ve heard this excuse so much – it seems like every time I tell people about P90X, they tell me how “lucky” I am that I have the time to work out….what??!? Who are these people that literally do not have any time to work out? Do they all work for NASA, watching out for asteroids 24/7?? But in their defense, they really don’t know that they have time. They think that they don’t have time because they won’t be done with Chest and Back by the time “24” is on or they think that because they get home at 7PM that excludes them because, come on, I’m not gonna work out after dinner time!
    People have these preconceptions about working out, that it is this huge interruption in their day, a major investment of time that messes with their schedule. However, it should be PART of everyone’s schedule, a fluid part of daily life. Every day, people pay less and less attention to their weight and health until it just slips their mind, because for some reason it isn’t considered a necessity. It’s really a shame that most people don’t know what they’re capable of simply because they lack the discipline to TRY.

  2. Excellent post Josh. The basic fact is that when you make up your mind to do whatever it takes to get into shape and workout, then time is no longer a barrier, it’s just another obstacle that you will find a way to get around.

  3. Laura Fransen /

    I hear my friends and family say they don’t have time to workout. But yet they are on facebook half the night playing games and always know what happened on last night’s TV show. If you have time to watch TV or waste an hour on facebook – you could have been using that time to exercise! You can still watch TV and exercise – do some exercise during the commercial breaks.

  4. Josh, I searched this post out because I have a specific question. I don’t have a problem finding time, nor does my fiance who is doing the program with me. But in order to do it together, so we can motivate each other, we have to do it after dinner. Is it okay to eat dinner, wait an hour, then do the exercise and take the recovery drink? Or should we be doing the exercise first and then eating? I don’t like working so hard on diet/workouts just to be counter productive with when we are eating our dinner.

  5. @Travis. There’s nothing wrong with working out after dinner just as long as you wait long enough for the food to digest, but I do my workouts before dinner so you don’t have to wait. Just work out, take your post workout recovery drinks, and then eat.

  6. Dude, I did the same thing during my first round of P90X. So tired from working during the day and at the end of it, I’d push play. Those were the early days of not taking no for an answer.

    It’s amazing how the more we develop those new habits, they’re weird at first and then we start finding reserves we never though we had. We keep building upon those experiences and now it’s amazing what we’re capable of.

    Great post. Oh, and by the way… when I was doing my first round of P90X, trying to meet deadlines to turn in music, guess what I was writing for? Ten Minute Trainer! haaaaaaaaaa Yeah baby! At the end of the workouts whose name comes up as the music writer? Who’s your daddy?!!!! haaaaaa J

  7. @Jason. Hahaha nice..

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