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Wayne’s P90X Transformation

I’ve got to admit that I might have found a better 90 day transformation than my own! Yeah, Wayne’s P90X transformation is THAT GOOD! For those of you wondering if P90X really works, you have to check out Wayne’s P90X video below. He is a true example of what can happen when you put in 110% commitment to BOTH the workouts and the diet! Congrats Wayne!

Wayne’s P90X Story: “I was always a big strong guy. I wished I could have that ripped look that some guys have, but I just figured I couldn’t achieve it, so why try. Life as a middle aged father of 5 was going fine. But my idea of staying in shape involved “dieting” (a.k.a. skipping meals) whenever my dress slacks started getting too tight. Then, once they started fitting good again, it was back to the usual routine of Mexican food, candy, ice cream, pop, etc. You all know what I’m talking about! I hated to be seen without a shirt at the pool, or even in my own house around the kids and my wife. It was embarrassing being so “fluffy” (that’s what my kids called it)

Well, I finally got fed up of being overweight, out of shape, and always feeling too tired to chase the kids around. I decided to do something about it. I had seen the P90X infomercial several times in the past, and I was drawn to the idea of a 90 day all-out test of my physical and mental toughness. I finally decided to pull the trigger and COMMIT! Little did I know what a huge difference this decision would make 90 days later!

I didn’t know much about how to get started other then to just push play and go. This is what I did for most of the first month. I read everything that came with the program. I followed the nutrition guide 100%, never skipped a workout, and never ever gave in to those constant cravings from my evil sweet-tooth! Things were starting to change (and that evil sweet tooth started to realize that I was serious this time).

Then, I came across Josh Spencer’s transformation video and I was truly inspired to a whole new level. I found out about his website, where I started reading all his blogs about nutrition, supplements, and workout tips, and it totally revved me up to a whole new intensity level. I began incorporating his advice on supplements to help with muscle recovery and strength (creatine, glutamine, and pre-workout supplements), and I figured that with all the rage about Shakeology, that I’d give that a trial run too. My transformation seemed to take off even more over the next two months. I’m hooked on Shakeology now.

I check Josh’s blog daily for encouragement. I’ve ordered several helpful products through his website that have taken my game to a new level. And when I’m feeling tired, unmotivated, or tempted to give in to that evil sweet-tooth, a visit to always does the trick! As a former athlete, I know that the key to being successful is to surround yourself with successful people, and to listen to the people who are where you want to be. Josh is exactly what I needed in a coach to get the most out of my 90 days. Thanks Josh!

Now I’m ready to start Round 2, with my wife this time! She was so impressed with the change in me that she is on board for the next round. During Round 1, I started substituting Insanity Cardio routines twice per week for the KenpoX and the PlyoX. For Round 2, I will try a full-blown hybrid workout involving P90X as the main part of the program, with some Insanity, P90X+, and 1-on1’s mixed in to spice things up and cater the program to my particular strengths and weaknesses. Oh, and I almost forgot, I promised my wife that if we do this together, I’d incorporate a couple days of Brazil Butt Lift into the weekly schedule for her. That should be interesting!!! No, I won’t post any videos of me doing the “Bum Bum”! Haha!

Thanks again Josh and the folks at Beachbody for putting together a full line-up of programs, equipment, and supplements to meet the needs of anyone who is ready to decide … commit … and SUCCEED!!”

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  1. John /

    WOW!!! I am speechless at his transformation!

    Josh, you and Wayne are huge inspirations to me and really help me to push myself!!! I woke up this morning and really just felt lazy not wanting to workout. Came on here and after seeing this got really pumped! I just pushed myself as hard as I could doing the chest and back earlier. You guys make me strive to not only better myself but to attempt to compete with you guys πŸ˜› Keep it going Josh you are a huge inspiration and motivation to us all!


  2. jstnthrguy /

    Way to go Wayne!!! Both you and Josh are an inspiration for all of us to BRING IT and never give πŸ™‚

  3. jstnthrguy /

    Way to go Wayne!!! Both you and Josh are an inspiration for all of us to BRING IT and never give up πŸ™‚

  4. GOODD GAWDDDDD. AWESOME RESULTS DUDE!!!!!!!!!!! Did you do the Classic and what happened to your chest if you dont mind me asking, and what was your diet like to cut fat, straight out of the nutrition guide or did you add your own touches, and since you were a big guy like me. Did you take creatine right when you started P90X or when you lost a bit of weight.

  5. Teagen Bowen /

    Wow! What an inspiration!! Very awesome results!!! Yea Josh I think he might have you beat, haha he sure is raising the bar!

  6. shaun /

    holy wow, speechless…. god job

  7. Mark /

    That was a great video for sure! The end was perfect with all the fixing for ice cream but then there is Wayne having his Shakeology hahah PERFECT.

    Those are the same Dumbbells i have too they work out great and are a nice price.

    Great Job Wayne!!

    Truly an inspiration.

  8. Eddy /

    Woow .. look that peck ! great result man !

  9. Josh Turner /

    Where do you get those type of dumbells??? They look very easy to use and adjust

  10. Awesome Wayne!!!! You look great!

  11. Wayne /

    @gd = I followed the fat shredder % for the first 2 months, then went up a little on the carbs (to like 35%) for the last month. I tracked EVERY calorie I ate and logged it. It takes time but thats the key to keep yourself accountable. I ran a calorie deficit the whole time (I averaged about 1900 cals per day — several hundred less than the nutrition guide suggests — but I was looking to cut fat more than anything else)

  12. Wayne /

    @ Josh Turner = they are LifeSmart dumbells from Academy. They cost $175 for the pair and adjust from 5-55 lbs. They aren’t as nice as selecttech but they work just fine and are durable.
    @gd = I almost forgot, I didn’t start creatine till the second month

    Thanks everyone for the compliments. My results are no different than what each of us can achieve if we truly commit to the diet 100% (no cheating…. EVER!!) and push to failure on all the workouts. Thanks again!

  13. Scott /

    Hey Wayne,

    Truly inspirational. I am a father of four little ones. I too have thought that I will never be ripped, as I was a serious lifter in my twenties who gained size and strength, but never serious definition. I too accepted the fact that I will never get it. My wife and I purchased the program and wanted to start next week. Your post was exactly what I needed to read. I especially like the accountability verses.


  14. Eddy /

    Hey wayne bye the i like the verse psalm 127 : 3-5 πŸ™‚

    God bless ! πŸ˜€

    nice work

  15. Rudy /

    Hey Wayne
    I just wanted to know since I’m only 16 and can’t really pay for the food and I’m about to start p90x I just needed to know if you had any tips on what I should eat because I really want the best results

  16. Rafael /

    Awesome results man Im exactly your height and weight. Seeing your results motivates me to a whole new level. Finally a big guy with crazy results!!!!!!!

  17. Wayne /

    @Rafael = Yeah baby, us big guys can BRING IT too!! 212 lbs with a six pack. How do ya like that!! Haha.
    @Rudy = Listen to Coach Josh. He’s got all the nutrition info you need, including grocery lists and everything. All I did for 90 days is listen to my coach and follow his recommendations. It worked!!!
    @Eddy = Thanks and God bless you brother!
    @Scott = Bring it! AND follow the nutrition guide! … and you’ll be amazed at the results!

  18. Rafael /

    Wayne, september 7th ima be next 6’4 255lbs to 6’4 212 too !!!!! im joining the big guy ripped club lol

  19. Rudy /

    Ok Wayne thanks and man I’m fat I weigh 175 and I’m only 5’5 but since I’m still a kid I’m hoping I get good results because I’m going to start today

  20. Darryl /

    Congratulations on your amazing results! Exactly what I’m striving for as I’m currently heading into the first recovery phase. My only issue is that you went to UofA:) I just happen to live in the valley, and I’m a big Sun Devil fan:) Keep bringing it!

    Hebrews 12:11-12

  21. Hektor /

    Hey Wayne, that video was amazing! What supplements are you taking? What brands? I’m looking into taking a new protein shake and start creatine.

  22. Hey wayne. Ive been looking for those lifesmart dumbells for awhile now and i cant find them. Noone in town seems to carry them. What do you suggest i do???

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