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What It Means to be Choleric

Ah yes, the personality that people love to have, but don’t enjoy to be around too often. I will admit it, I’m a full-blown Choleric, and it’s a great personality to have for certain things, but bad for others, and I will talk about this in a minute. But first, what the heck am I even talking about? There is a book out there called “Personality Plus,” written by Florence Littauer, and I decided to read it about a year ago so that I could figure out (1) What personality type I am, and (2) So that I could understand why certain people do the things they do. The book breaks down personalities into 4 types; Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy, and Phlegmatic, and talks about the pro’s and con’s of each. After I took the personality test, I came out to be about 90% Choleric and 10% Sanguine. I’m not going to talk about what it means to be the other personality types, but will talk about what it means to be Choleric.

So what does it mean to be choleric? One of them is being extremely driven and focused on succeeding. Yep, that’s me. Ever since I was young, I’ve always been the one to create a goal and NEVER STOP until I reach it! That ambition is one of the reasons why I’ve gotten to where I am today, having a very successful college baseball career and becoming the Top Beachbody Coach. However, being that focused on succeeding comes with a price, and one of the downfalls is that us Cholerics can become a little TOO FOCUSED, and completely block out everything that is around us. This can be very tough on relationships because all we think about is succeeding, and sometimes we put our families on the back burner, which is not how it should be.

Another quality of a Choleric is their work ethic. Since we are so driven, we will do what we have to, put in as many hours as possible, so that we can succeed in the shortest amount of time possible. This is great because it takes a lot of hard work and effort to succeed, but it can take an emotional and physical toll on us. We can quickly get burnt out and completely exhausted because we don’t like to get enough sleep each night. We work late and then get up early to get back to work. Sometimes this causes us to lose focus of our priorities, such as health and family time, and is something that a Choleric must continuously work on to make better.

A few other traits that we possess are that we like to be in control of everything and are the decision makers. Whenever things go wrong, we are usually the one’s who think about the different ways to make them better, develop a plan, and put that plan into action. We aren’t big fans of people who try to tell us what to do, and like to do a lot on our own. However, we are great leaders and enjoy showing people the path to success. We are also VERY stubborn and always believe we’re right, even when we’re wrong. Obviously this is a downfall, and something a Choleric must work on improving every day.

Like I mentioned, some of these traits that us Cholerics possess aren’t the best of traits, and it’s important that we focus on improving these every single day. A few years ago when I was going for Top Beachbody Coach 2010, I found myself putting in way too many hours, becoming completely worn out, and not focusing nearly enough time on my family and friends. It was important for me to push that hard to succeed at the time, but it’s not something that I would do again. It caused stress on Melinda and my relationship, and honestly, it’s not worth it. Family is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in my life, so I have continuously worked on creating more time for them for the past 2 years, and I believe I have been able to do so successfully. I have established a cut-off time each night from working, and focus all my attention on Melinda and my daughter afterwards, and it has made a huge difference. I have worked very hard on creating more balance in my life!

Another trait that I have worked on over the past 2 years is my stubbornness. I’m not going to lie, I used to be one of the most stubborn dudes you would ever come across, but I have changed quite drastically since then. Now, I (*gulp*) apologize when I know I’m wrong, and am always asking others for ideas on how to improve things. I know I can’t tackle the world on my own, and have put a lot of responsibility in the hands of others.

If you want to learn more about yourself and what personality you are, I really encourage you to read “Personality Plus.” It will help you learn more about the things that you do well, but also the things that you can improve on, and it tells you how to do so. Being Choleric obviously has it’s advantages and disadvantages, but I constantly work on improving those bad qualities about my personality type every day! Once you discover which personality type you are, make sure you do the same!


  1. Paul Hett /

    Good post Josh. Thanks for the book suggestion, I just ordered it from Amazon and can’t wait to read it.

  2. Ajayi Osaretin /

    Thanks am choleric too

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