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Where I Find Motivation

I have had quite a few people ask me, “How do you bring yourself to workout on days that you just don’t feel like it?” There are always going to be days that we all just don’t feel like working out, but you have to find the motivation within you to BRING IT!

If I had to think back to all the times that I thought about skipping a workout, I would lose track, but if I went back and counted the times I ACTUALLY skipped the workout, I could only say 1 or 2 times out of 7 months of the program. So how do I bring myself to workout on those days?

(1) You coachees! When I signed up to be a coach, I knew that if I was going to preach to all of you about eating healthy and staying committed to the workouts, I had to do that myself. There is no way I could be a hypocrite and do that to all of you. I know that you expect to see my updated pictures to see how my progress is coming along just as I expect to see yours. Any time that I think about not working out, I remind myself that I must practice what I preach!

(2) Million Dollar Transformation Contest! I want to win this contest! During my workouts, I think about how it would feel to win the $10,000, and it makes me push harder and harder! I keep improving my physique every week because of my desire to win!

(3) My Coach! When I first started the program, I know that Barbie could tell you all that there were some times that she had to kick me in the butt to eat clean! I have always found other ways to keep myself motivated to workout, but the diet was a real pain in the a$$! Whenever I needed help getting back on track, she was always a phone call or an email away, and she still is. So if any of you are having problems keeping motivated, email or call me!! We could even set up a time to talk on Skype or Ventrilo, whatever I have to do to make sure you all remain motivated and achieve great success!

(4) Inner or Personal Reasons. I think we all have a certain reason why we want to get into shape so bad, whether it’s to prove someone wrong or even prove to yourself that you can do it. I have my reasons, and I know you have yours. If you begin to struggle with the workouts, and don’t have the motivation to continue, remind yourself of the reason you began the program in the first place.

I will always be here to help any of you if you are struggling to keep up with either the workouts or the diet. Like I said, just contact me and I will help you get back on track!

Coach Josh

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