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Post Ultimate Reset Review

Post Ultimate Reset Review

OK, so many of you are probably wondering, “What in the heck happened with Josh during the Ultimate Reset?” It’s true, I was blogging about it every day for the first few weeks and then BAM, nothing. What went on? You want the truth? I hated it. I mean seriously, I was miserable and despised the whole program. I had no desire to write about it or even talk about it at first, but then things began to change. Here’s the story.

From the other Ultimate Reset reviews you saw me post, you all knew that I struggled with it because of my allergies. Well they got 100X worse after I stopped posting, and it finally got to a point where I had to make a decision. I was to either suffer and sneeze all day long, not leaving the house or opening up any windows or doors, or modify the Reset for the final week, so I decided to modify it. I wasn’t going to put myself through that for another week, so I started taking my allergy medicine and added some eggs and chicken back into my diet. Things got a little better with my allergies during the final week, but it wasn’t until I completely stopped the Reset and the supplements that my allergies went back to normal. After talking to some people afterwards, I figured I must have had some sort of allergic reaction to either one of the foods or supplements. That’s not normal, either. In fact, most people told me their allergies GOT BETTER! Yeah, I was jealous and a little ticked off.

When you have an experience like that, the first reaction is to despise the program, which of course I did. I wanted nothing to do with it and definitely wasn’t recommending it to any of the people I coach. However, as time went on (I’m about a month post-Reset now), I started viewing it differently. A week after the Reset I noticed myself feeling healthier, more energized every day, and many changes started to take place. I no longer craved caffeine, no longer had a desire to eat red meat, and started viewing food in a whole new manner. The things I learned from the Reset were unbelievable, and I would say that my diet is now the best it ever has been before. When we grocery shop, we spend the majority of our time in the produce section and get as much organic food as we possibly can. We have eliminated artificially flavored foods, and foods that have ingredients we don’t understand. We figured if we don’t know what it is, it can’t be good for us. We have also stopped eating out at restaurants as much and when we do eat out, we bring our own seasonings and salad dressings so that we know exactly what we are putting into our bodies. WE are taking control of what we consume now and feel AMAZING about it!

Also, I was told that I wasn’t going to lose muscle mass during the Reset, and to be honest, I did lose a little bit, but not as much as I expected. However, I was also told that I would be able to put on muscle much better after the Reset, and that was the absolute truth! Not only did I gain everything back in a week and a half, but I went ABOVE what I was doing before the Reset and am now the strongest I’ve been in a LONG time! The results I’m noticing right now are out of this world, results that I haven’t seen since going through my first round of P90X, and it’s exciting. It’s almost like I broke through a plateau by going through the Reset! I’m anxious to go through Body Beast to see just how much mass I can put on!

Today, I sit here confident that the Ultimate Reset can have an impact on thousands of lives, and is now something I DO recommend! I’m happy to say that I haven’t eaten any red meat since the Reset and don’t plan on doing so again. I have no desire to anymore. I also won’t be drinking coffee but every once in a while, and it’s going to be a RARE occurrence. I don’t feel like I need coffee to get me through the day, and will rely on the food I’m eating to sustain my energy. Also, I’ve had the chance to talk to many, many people about their Ultimate Reset Results and am completely blown away! Many of my friends have lost weight, dropped their cholesterol DRASTICALLY, and increased their testosterone from going through the Reset. In fact, I don’t know anyone who has gone through it and NOT gotten results!

That’s my Ultimate Reset review and hopefully it helped out some. I would have told you while going through the Reset that it was one of the worst experiences of my life, but now I would definitely say that it was one of the BEST experiences! The Reset has definitely changed our lives forever and Melinda and I have even talked about going through it again, but modifying it slightly. If you have any questions about the Beachbody Ultimate Reset, feel free to reach out to me at

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