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Club Membership

The first thing that I recommend anyone who is just starting P90X or other Beachbody program to do is get the Club Membership. When I first started, I looked at the Nutrition Guide and didn’t really like all of the foods that were listed. Some were hard to make, and others just didn’t sound appetizing. Shortly after that, I created an account on Beachbody and learned about the Club Membership, and ended up signing up a few weeks later. It only costs $2.99 per week, and is well worth the money spent.

The best thing about the Club Membership is the custom meal plans that are created for you. If you are like me, you like to have everything laid out for you when it comes to diet, and that’s exactly what the Club will do. The next best thing is the 10% discount that you receive off on all Beachbody products. This helped me save money with the supplements I bought every month, like the Whey Protein, Protein Bars, and Recovery Formula. Some other things that really helped me were the healthy recipes, trainer diet tips, as well as access to nutrition articles. I remember one recipe in particular that showed us how to make zucchini fries.

The last thing is that I will become your coach by signing up as a Club Member! If you want help from me on a consistent basis, whether it is with the diet or workouts, you will need to have me assigned as your coach, and the Club Membership is a good way to do so.

To sign up as a Club Member, click here!

If you already have a Beachbody Account (with me as your coach) and want to upgrade to the Club Membership, sign into, click on “About,” and then “Join/Upgrade”

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  1. I took the membership plunge today! I already love the meal plan section… it comes with a grocery list. Pro.

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