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Finding Time to Eat Healthy!

Instead of writing a post tonight, I asked Melinda to write one for me. She decided to write about not using the excuse “I don’t have time to prepare a healthy meal!” Here’s Melinda’s post below..

So, this is one I hear all the time: “I don’t have time to make a healthy meal.” A lot of you may work late at night and the last thing you want to do is cook a healthy dinner. I have a few alternatives for you. It doesn’t have to take you an hour to cook a healthy meal every night. You also won’t want to make those quick stops to the pizza shop or the burger joint. Below I will give you a few tips and meal ideas that are quick and easy and will help you to forget the pizza shop down the road.

1. Try making meals ahead of time. It isn’t hard to pre-make your meals and store them in the fridge or freezer, so when you come home after a long hard day all you have to do is pop them into the microwave or oven, and WALA you have a healthy yummy dinner that you know what is put in it and don’t have to feel horrible afterwards.

2. Side dishes are a piece of cake. Most veggies that are frozen can be steamed in the microwave in about 5-10 minutes. Brown rice is also an easy one to make in the microwave and can be done in 10-minutes hence the name 10-minute-rice.

3. A lot of delis make pre-made rotisserie chicken or roasted turkeys, but just make sure not to eat the fatty skin on it. You can also get a premade salad mix, chop up the chicken or turkey, and you have a yummy chicken or turkey salad! Make sure you add a fat free or light dressing to it.

4. Homemade veggie pizza is yummy! They make a delicious whole wheat crust at the grocery store. Just add a light pasta sauce, all your favorite veggies, and fat free mozzarella. Pop it in the oven on 450 degrees and in 8-10 minutes you will have a scrumptious pizza that is good for you and a lot better for you than at the pizza shop down the street.

 5. When eating out is totally unavoidable, just make sure you make a healthy choice. Make sure instead of getting the double cheeseburger or french fries, get a grilled chicken sandwich and apples instead. Subway is also a great choice! Make sure to get whole wheat bread, and grilled chicken or turkey. When at Chinese restaurants, make sure you get something like steamed shrimp and veggies, and make sure not to add any sauce to it.

I hope these are some helpful tips for you and you won’t run into the “I just don’t have time to make anything healthy” excuse. Well now you have some great ideas. Let’s eat healthy and continue to do our workouts so we can watch the pounds fall right off!

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