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Caffeine and Workouts

I was talking on the phone tonight, and we got onto the topic of coffee and how it gives you that “jolt” of energy in the morning. I got to thinking about that, and remembered that I read an article the other day on why caffeine is important for your workouts. and now I’m going to share it with you all.

As you all know by now, caffeine is the main ingredient in NO-Explode, the pre-workout supplement that I preach by. But why is it the the main ingredient? Because of all the benefits!

Benefits of caffeine on performance:
(1) Increase in endurance. Studies have shown that athletes who take caffeine before workouts or running will have an increase in endurance.
(2) It assists in fat loss. It is proven that when taking caffeine prior to working out, you will burn more fat because it increases the free flowing fatty acids from fat storage areas, which allows you to access the fat for energy instead of carbs or muscle.
(3) Increase in energy. This one is a no brainer, enough said.

Now, along with the benefits always come the downfalls:
(1) Restlessness
(2) Increased heart rate
(3) It is a diuretic, meaning you need to drink plenty of water!
(4) Addictive

If you have any additional questions about caffeine, email me and I will get back to you..

Coach Josh

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