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Diet Tips for Eating Out

We all know how tough it can be to eat healthy while eating out, especially if we are really watching what we eat and following a strict diet like the P90X Nutrition Guide. Restaurants suck anymore, and even the healthy stuff isn’t all that healthy. It’s almost like they try to trick you into thinking it’s healthy so that you will still com and eat there, when in reality some of it is just as bad as the “bad” stuff. Ticks me off really that restaurants can get away with that, but what can you do, right? You just have to adjust and hope that the waitress doesn’t get ticked off enough to spit in your food when you ask for a special order.

Anyways, since I have been special ordering my food for the last 3 years, I’ve got some great diet tips for eating out that will help make your journey to the restaurant a little more enjoyable, and you won’t have to worry about going back home and running 2 miles just to work it off.

(1) Stay away from the appetizers. I don’t know if I have ever come across a healthy appetizer other than grilled shrimp, but even that usually is soaked in butter. Regardless, it’s just extra calories that you’re putting into your body, and if you’re trying to limit what you eat, it’s better to just stay away from it all together.

(2) Don’t fall for the bread. Most restaurants will set a basket full of warm, soft, deliciously smelling garlic and butter soaked bread right in front of your face before your main meal actually comes out. The restaurants that I have found to be the worst for this is Texas Road House, Longhorn Steakhouse, and most of the Italian restaurants like Bravo, Macaroni Grille, and Carrabbas. You can easily get your day’s worth of carbs and sometimes even calories in one sitting at places like these. It’s best that you stay away from the bread.

(3) Stick with water. Pop, or soda as you southerners call it, is terrible for you. One glass of pop can easily pack 40-50 grams of sugar, which obviously isn’t good for you. Stay away from the pop and stick with water. It will save a few bucks anyways.

(4) Ask for no butter. Restaurants love to butter everything, and when I say everything, I mean everything. Even if you’re ordering a healthy meal like grilled chicken and veggies, they will soak them in butter to make them taste better, making your healthy meal into an unhealthy one very quickly. Always ask for no butter and that they steam your veggies.

(5) Be careful of the salads. I remember the days when salads used to be healthy! Now, salads can be just as bad if not worse for you than a cheeseburger and fries. What they will do is load the salad with cheese, butter soaked croutons, oil, bacon, and anything else they can think of that will ruin your healthy meal. On top of that, the salad dressings usually pack a ton of sugar and fat. You even have to be careful of the “lite” or “fat free” ones because if they remove an ingredient, they have to make up for it elsewhere.

I hope these diet tips for eating out have helped! If you would like to continue receiving tips, make sure you make me your coach (it’s free). Click here to do so!


  1. jamie /

    hey josh…..are cliff bars okay to eat? i dont know if your familiar with them they seem to have quite a good amount of carbs and fiber, but are high on sugars? dont know if they would be recommended right after a workout or early in the day? they are real good

  2. @Jaime. You have to be careful about protein bars because they usually contain a ton of sugar. I think that Cliff Bars aren’t really that good for you, but I’m not sure. Just check out the nutrition info before you purchase.

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