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Eating Healthy on Vacation

Most of you know that Melinda and I just got back from a 5 day trip down to Myrtle Beach, and usually I would be posting that I need to get recommitted from slacking some on the diet and workouts, but not this time. No, I decided that I was going to eat 100% healthy and work out every day, regardless of how tough it would be, and believe me, it was tough! Eating healthy on vacation is probably as tough as a fat guy staying away from ice cream at Cold Stone! It’s just not easy at all. However, if you have the will power, it’s definitely possible, and this time I had the will power and motivation.

Normally when people approach me about what they should do when going on vacation, I tell them to enjoy themselves because, well, that’s what vacations are for! I’m not saying that you should go out and eat ice cream and pizza every night, stuffing your face until you feel like someone has to roll you out of the restaurant, but relax on the diet some so that you can enjoy some of the foods that you have been neglecting for the past 3 months (hopefully you have been neglecting them). You deserve it! Once you get into great shape, it’s much easier for you to work off those few days of cheat meals than someone who is 100 lbs overweight. Your metabolism is much faster, your body requires more energy to function properly, so slacking on the diet isn’t going to affect you that much. However, let it get out of control like I have done a few times, and you can easily come back from vacation embarrassed to look in the mirror, 10 lbs heavier than when you left!

There were definitely some obstacles that we had to overcome in order to eat healthy while on vacation, but we overcame them, and I’d like to share just how we did so.

(1) Don’t eat out for every meal. First of all, when you book your hotel room, book one that has a full kitchen in it so that you can prepare your meals. One of the first things we did when we arrived at the beach was head to the grocery store and pick up healthy food ONLY! Don’t purchase anything unhealthy or else you might be tempted to eat them late at night or when you have those cravings. For breakfast, for example, Melinda and I had our normal breakfast, which is 5-6 scrambled egg whites, 3 slices turkey bacon, and a whole wheat bagel with cinnamon and peanut butter, along with our coffee. If possible, eat in as much as you can! Not only will it help you stay healthy, but you will also save some money as well.

(2) Be selective in your restaurants. This is pretty interesting. I did a search in Google for healthy restaurants in Myrtle Beach, and do you want to know what showed up? Burger King, McDonald’s, and yes, even Golden Corral, the mother of all restaurants where people can’t control how much they eat! It’s quite possible to have 3 days worth of meals in one sitting at that place, and I’m not kidding either. When I was a fat guy and ate at Golden Corral, I had one rule, and that’s to not leave the place unless I was on the borderline of throwing up! I would have 3 plates full of food and then go back for a dessert place. No wonder I gained so much weight! Anyways, what we did was research the menu’s of the places that we were going to eat at that evening, making sure they had some sort of healthy selection. When we arrived there, we already knew what we wanted to eat, and didn’t let the waitress talk us into anything additional, like cheesecake afterwards.

(3) Resist temptations. When you go somewhere like Myrtle Beach, there are ice cream parlors at just about every corner. In fact, this is pretty funny, but there was an ice cream place right next to our hotel called “Fat Matt’s Ice Cream,” and it had a cartoon picture of some fat guys’ face in the logo. The key is to resist these temptations and always think about how you will feel AFTER you eat it. Most people will eat something and then immediately regret it. Well instead, just imagine how guilty you will feel afterwards, and more than likely you will stay away from it!

These are just a few tips on how to eat healthy on vacation, and like I said, I’m very glad that I was able to eat 100% healthy on this trip because I feel great! I’m a Beachbody Coach and help others through their fitness journey, and if you would like to make me your coach, just click here (it’s free). I’ll make sure you get that swift kick in the rear so that you stay motivated and committed to your workouts and diet! LOL!


  1. Amen, Brother. Most restaurants will cater to what you need. I was out of town recently and was able to get a breakfast omelet with egg whites, veggies and no oil, a small serving of smoked salmon and a bowl of oatmeal and a banana. For dinner I ordered baked salmon (no butter or oil) with steamed asparagus and a salad. Lunch was a Cobb salad… hold the dressing, bleu cheese and bacon… extra chicken. In short, you can always make substitutions and have your food cooked to order. Don’t be afraid to ask for your food to be prepared the way you like it! Ordering clean may not be exciting, but it keeps the guilt out of eating out on the road, you know what you’re taking in and can easily stay right on track.

  2. Gibson /

    Nice article! will help when i go on vacation! so your breakfast then comes out to like 520 calories,16g fat,52g carbs,38g protein?

  3. Josh /

    @Gibson. I have no idea. I don’t count calories anymore.

  4. Gibson /

    So are you still doing the asylum diet?

  5. Josh /

    @Gibson. Not right now.

  6. that’s the kind of will power it takes to get the kind of results that you have. I love to cook, but I never thought about cooking while on vacation. I’m headed to Galveston soon and I know a hotel with mini kitchens, so I’m going to do this on the trip. I think my wife will be OK with me bringing her breakfast in bed:) Thank’s Josh, good post.

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