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Fat Burning Routine

Whenever I’m trying to get ready to go on vacation, preparing for a Beachbody Event, or just looking to lose some body fat fairly quickly, I have a certain fat burning routine that I follow. After experimenting for a few years, this routine is what I have found works the best for my body, but keep in mind that even though this works for me, it might not work for you, but can give you an idea on some things that you can do to get prepared to head to the beach. Nobody wants to look like a chubbo, especially not me, so 2-3 weeks beforehand I start committing 100% to a strict diet and workout routine. Right now I’m doing this because I head to Cabo in about 3 weeks. Here is my fat burning routine..

(1) Diet. When I’m not doing my fat burning routine, I’m usually taking in a diet that consist of a fat/carb/protein ratio of about 20/40/40 and about 2,200 – 2,400 calories. That’s a great diet for me to maintain my muscle mass, but still stay rather lean at the same time. When it’s time to head to the beach, though, there are a few adjustments that I make to really get that lean look. The first thing I do is cut my calories by a few hundred to around 1,800 – 1,900 per day. Remember, I’m just a short guy at 5’7″, so if you’re taller you’re going to want to take in more than this. Then, I follow a diet similar to the Fat Shredder plan in the P90X Nutrition Guide, taking in a fat/carb/protein ratio of nearly 20/30/50, maybe even slightly less carbs. This is very tough for me because immediately when I decrease my carbs I lose energy, and it’s very hard to get in a good workout. However, I push through it by taking pre-workout supplements like NO-Explode, which gives me just enough energy to complete the workout and feel like I was able to really push myself.

My diet will consist of a lot of chicken, beef jerky, string cheese, almonds, lean beef, Shakeology, and a small amount of complex carbs such as brown rice, veggies, and 100% whole grain or whole wheat bread. The less carbs I take in, the more body fat I will lose. Also, I do my best to cut out any snacks before bed, but if I do have a snack, it’s something packed with protein. What I recommend doing to make sure you’re on track with your diet is log what you eat every single day into a site like My Fitness Pal, which is what both Melinda and I use.

(2) Workouts. I adjust my workouts slightly as well. I don’t know why my body is like this, but I lose the most body fat when focusing solely on resistance training. Most people lose fat the quickest with cardio, but not me. When I am lifting every day and cut the carbs and cals slightly, I see a significant decrease in body fat very quickly. What I have been doing lately is switching back and forth between the P90X resistance workouts and the P90X One on One resistance workouts. Since I am lifting every day, though, it’s important that I make sure I have an adequate amount of rest for each body part, and that’s usually 2-3 days.

(3) Supplements. When I’m not in cut mode, I’m usually taking whey protein 2-3 times per day, the P90X Recovery Drink post workout, my pre-workout supplement (right now it’s NO-Explode), and of course my Shakeology for lunch. For some reason, though, whey protein leads to a lot of water weight gain for me, so when I’m trying to get prepared for the beach, I have to lay off of it for a while. I will still use Shakeology for lunch, but only blend it with water or almond milk since I’m looking to limit the carbs. I also still take my pre-workout supplement and the Recovery Formula directly following the workout.

With this plan, I usually end up dropping about 5-7 lbs in 2-3 weeks and drop to around 5-6% body fat. If you’re in excellent shape, though, I don’t recommend that you follow this for very long, and only do this when you’re looking to lose a little extra body fat before you go on a trip. I hope this fat burning routine helps, and if you have any questions, you can email me at or make me your coach (it’s free) by clicking here.


  1. Gibson /

    Hey josh,
    so how long do you wait before you cut back thous couple hundred cals, you say 3 weeks before the beach you do the 20/40/40 diet and then you said when i go to the beach you do 20/30/50 ratio, so do you do that ratio like on the day you go to the beach or what? and if i were to do this are you able to share your nutrition plan for it or tell me how to make sure that im following the ratio exactly.

  2. Gibson /

    i mean like in each meal should i just have the same amount of carbs and protein and low fat? if so how many protein and carb grams per meal? im 5 foot 7 to so this would really help

  3. @Gibson. You’re getting confused. 3 weeks before I head to the beach is when I start lowering my cals and carbs.

  4. Gibson /

    oh haha my bad k thanks

  5. Nelson /

    josh, thank you for sharing your tips with all of us.

  6. austin /

    do you think i will lose more body fat by doing 3 days insanity and 3 days resistance, or just 6 days of insanity

  7. Josh /

    @Austin. It all depends on what you’re body responds best to.

  8. Travis /

    The one thing that confuses me about the p90x diet is where do fruits and veggies fall in the fat/carbs/protein spectrum? In one of your other articles you wrote that you will drop your carbs to under 100 grams for a few days to boost your metabolism, but I have a hard time of that b/c of fruits and veggies.

  9. Josh /

    @Travis. All of that is actually explained in the P90X Nutrition Guide.

  10. Disco /

    Gotta agree.

    3 weeks ago I found out at school there was a body fat test today. I was around 11% after being 8% last time I got it checked in the fall. So I wanted to get back to single digits.

    I’m the same height as you, but weigh less. Ate 1800-2000 cal with the same ratios. 8.6% body fat as of this afternoon. Perfect body fat percentage to start my bulk in May with.

  11. Jorge /

    hey josh im new here..and i was wondering if you can help me
    i was 185 pounds down to 160 pounds and got ripped!
    im a real tall guy and 160 and ripped at the same time.. not what i really want
    so i was wondering is there a way i can slowly gain a few pounds? (healthy)
    without gaining body fat? Thanks!

  12. @Jorge. What you need to do is check out the “gaining mass” section on this site, which will help you out!

  13. Billy /

    Hey Man How Much Do You Weigh Now? Jw

  14. @Billy. I just weighed myself yesterday and am down to 158 lbs.

  15. Tyler /

    Im a 15 year old and i started p90x weighing about 185. I’m just now starting phase 2 and i just realized i accidentally did the level one portion control diet for the entire first phase when i should’ve done level two. However, i did lose 15 pounds. Should I continue doing level one for the rest of the program or switch to level two??

  16. Josh /

    @Tyler. If you have hit a plateau or have lost energy, move to Phase 2.

  17. Ryan /

    I just finished my first round of p90x and I’m planning on starting round two next week. My only question is, what should i do with my diet?? I did the portion approach for round 1, and I was wondering if i should stay with the phase three diet (which I’m on right now after finishing pase 3 of round 1)or start over with the phase 1 diet as i begin round 2. Lol i hope all that makes sense. Any thoughts?

  18. Josh /

    @Ryan. You’re not going to want to go back to Phase 1 because it’s too low of carbs. Stick with either Phase 2 or 3, all depending on what your goals are now. If you’re looking to lose a little more body fat, go to 2, but if not, stick with 3.

  19. Ryan /

    Thanks bro, that helped a ton! I think I’m gonna stick with phase 2 (got a little more fat to lose).

  20. Coach real quick question pertaining to ARX.. I usually do the ARX before the workouts instead of after. Does it really matter WHEN you do it, be it after or before?

  21. @Josh. That’s fine, but just make sure you stretch beforehand!

  22. Hey Josh! I was just wondering what workout routine you followed when you do just p90x and one on one resistance workouts? Im curious because i want to do the same thing but i dont want to have overlapping days when i work the same muscle group back to back because i know that will hurt my progress.

  23. @John. Hey bro! Have you checked out the “gaining mass” section of this site yet? It has a lot of info about what I did to gain some mass. Also, have you made me your coach yet? If not, here’s the link to do so!

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