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How to Resist Food Temptations!

AHH! They’re everywhere!” Yeah, I know, this is something both you and I have said to ourselves many times before. But it’s very true: temptations are everywhere we go and come from everyone we know. There isn’t a day that goes by where I don’t find myself craving those wonderful sweets we all love and adore. So how do we deal with these temptations?

You never realize how crappy you really did use to eat until after you start P90X. For me, my diet consisted of ice cream every other day, french fries, potato skins, cake, cookies, fried chicken fingers, and I couldn’t stand eating fish and vegetables. In fact, I believe that before the X I had only tried fish once or twice in my entire life! So needless to say, my diet sucked! However, something changed when I began the program: I realized that healthy eating from that point on was the only option for success.

So I did a complete 360 with my diet! Fish and vegetables are now the main foods in my diet. Everything is peachy now, right? WRONG! Every day I am faced with a situation where I could eat something that would destroy my diet! Let’s take yesterday, for example. I went out to dinner with my family, and afterwards they thought it would be great if we all went to Friendly’s to get ice cream! When we got there, I sat down and suddenly I had the little devil pop up on my shoulder and say, “Josh, you know you want some! That peanut butter cup ice cream is your favorite!” My mouth started watering, but then the little angel popped up on my other shoulder, and said, “Now Josh, you know this won’t be good for you. You are trying to be a leader by example, so resist the temptation.” What did I do? I flicked the little devil off my other shoulder! So, here I am, sitting at a table of 7, watching everyone around me eat these huge, I mean HUGE, cups of ice cream, while I sip on my water. And of course, everyone in my entire family asked me if I wanted a bite because they felt bad for me! I was able to stay strong and resist!

Why should we resist temptations? The little story above is just one of MANY times that I face temptations. You all have faced the same kind of things, but were you able to refuse? I was, because I have a goal to reach, and I understand that in order to reach that goal, I must eat healthy. Determination is a key factor. If you are determined to succeed, then you will, and will also be able to resist those temptations, but if you are not as determined, then you will give in. You have to be strong. Eating healthy is THE HARDEST part of the program, but is the one that ultimately determines whether or not you get the results you want.

What category do you want to fall into? Do you want to be the one who stays consistent with your diet and succeed at the end of 90 days, or are you going to be the one who gives in to unhealthy eating because it’s too “hard” to resist? Being a coachee of mine, I would hope you would pick the first one, but I realize that some fall into the second. If you are one of those who have a hard time resisting temptations, you need to take a step back and evaluate yourself. You need to realize that all you are doing is slowing the change process. Unfortunately, if you constantly give in to temptations, more than likely you will quit the program because you aren’t getting the results you want and find it too “hard.” In my opinion, it shows a lot about you and your character.

So next time you are faced with temptations, ask yourself, “Is it really worth it?” You have to remain strong, because I want you all to get great results like I did. I did it by consistently eating healthy, and I know you can too! If you want AMAZING results, you must eat healthy, and it’s as simple as that! So now, go out and BRING IT in the kitchen as well as you do with your workouts!

Coach Josh


  1. Alberto De Andrade /

    Very nice post, but what about after finishing the Program? I mean, if you get ripped, i think you can incorporate some of that foods or desserts we like, it wont be that bad, because you are ripped, and later you can bring it on your house, im i right? Thanks for answering.

  2. @Alberto. Why work so hard to get into great shape to go back to old habits? Doesn’t make much sense to me. Of course having a cheat meal every once in a while is fine, but you need to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

  3. Josh man I am having serious problems I am a teenager and doing P90x but my family refueses to remove junk from the house so I am forced to temptation.

  4. @Karan. That’s a tough situation bud, but try to resist the bad foods and eat something healthy anyways.

  5. Eddie /

    Yo Josh,
    If you did a complete 360, you are heading in
    the same direction! I’m sure you meant to use “180” because then you would be heading in the opposite direction. Doofus!

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