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How To Get A Six Pack

Everyone desires to have those great looking 6-pack abs, but unfortunately, there aren’t many people who know what to do to get them! Before I started P90X, I have to admit that I was one of those people, but after doing research, discovering the secrets to getting a six pack, I knew that P90X was the answer because it had everything needed for me to achieve my goals. Now I have people all the time ask me how I got such a great 6-pack, and I am going to share my secrets! I will go through the things that I have found to be most important in getting great abs, everything from what I eat to the types of exercises I do.

You have heard it before, “abs are made in the kitchen,” and it is so very true. Before I started P90X, back when I was in the weight room every day for baseball conditioning, the toughest thing for me to do was get a 6-pack. I would work and work my abs, but never see any results. I had always wanted to know the secret to getting great abs, and it wasn’t until I began P90X when I realized what that secret was, healthy eating! I would do many ab exercises and not see a difference because I didn’t eat right. It’s very frustrating when you’re working so hard and seeing no results. I have learned that shedding fat around the midsection consists of monitoring your calories, lowering the carb intake, and having a balance between cardio and resistance training. Fat is burned when you burn more calories than you take in during the day. Once I eliminated eating 3 servings of cereal per day, including the one that I always ate right before bed, I noticed the biggest changes in my abs. Remember, if you take in carbs at night, the energy is stored as fat when you sleep. Now, I try to stick with 1-2 servings of carbs per day, and take most of them in during breakfast and lunch.

Everyone knows that in order to build muscle, you must have some sort of resistance. For example, if you want your get bigger biceps, you do curls with weights. The abs are just the same: they need resistance to build. What is great about Ab Ripper X is that it uses the legs as “weights” to provide resistance. And with all the reps that the workout makes you do, you get that “ripped” look. Remember, the higher the reps, the more definition you will get, and the lower the reps, the greater the mass. What I have done in the last 3 months or so is added extra weight to my ab workout. I will now use a medicine ball or small 10 pounds free weights for most of my exercises. What this does is make my abs larger, and that’s why I have been said to have “pop-out abs.”

The most important part in creating great abs is in what you eat. You can do all the ab exercises in the world, but if you aren’t eating right and doing cardio to burn fat, you will never see them. So BRING IT in the kitchen just as much as you do with your workouts if you want great abs!


  1. Hey coach, I understand that to get abs you have to eat healthy take in less calories and carbs, but what if I want to gain mass and get abs? Because I remembered you telling me to gain mass you have to take in more calories and carbs. So now im a little confused on what to do.

  2. You have to focus on losing the body fat first, and then you can shift goals to gaining mass. It’s very tough to do both at the same time. The Nutrition Guide is set up this way, and that’s how you need to follow it.

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